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Dreaming In 3D: A Virtual Classic Concerts Wish List

Since we’ve already begun to dream in 3D, let’s just imagine for a moment… What if you could virtually re-create and voyage back to the most memorable concerts you’ve been to, or voyage back in time to the most historic concerts like Woodstock, The Moondog Coronation Ball, The Grateful Dead’s first and last show, The Rolling Stone’s show at Altamont, or the very first hip hop block parties in Brooklyn or the Bronx.

The more I think about it, the more I get excited about the possibilities of having a virtual 3D live music time machine at my finger tips. For starters, having the chance to buy a 3D TV Blu-ray DVD of a previous concert could revolutionize the meaning of “remastered.”

Just think of it. What if you really could re-experience your favorite concerts, or historic concerts you always wanted to be at, as a completely interactive Choose Your Own Concert Adventure right in your home on a 3D TV?

And what if this 3D TV Blu-ray remastered version had tons of interactive features like a virtual narration by bands, fans or venues owners who were there at that historic concert. Wouldn’t it be amazing to travel through that virtual concert and have the ability to not only experience the music in HD, but also unlock previously unknown facts about that performance or venue as told to you by people who were actually there? And what if that type of experience was an interactive game that allowed you to win tickets or downloaded music.

For example, when you successfully unlocked, say a few historical facts, you also unlocked a coupon that you could use to buy exclusive concert tickets or a code to download the band’s new album or some type of unique content from that album. Or what if you could rack up a certain amount of concert fan gaming points to win other prizes and content too? These types of embedded features are already a reality in CDs or other music releases, so why not make it a part of the 3D TV Blu-ray experience too?

I know I would rather buy that kind of “remastered” and fully interactive 3D Blu-ray DVD version of my favorite concert or a specific historical concert like Woodstock or Altamont, than the regular concert DVD that only has the standard experience and special features. Wouldn’t you?

Okay, now that we’ve started to dream a bit, it time to think about what concerts or live music moments would be the best to voyage back to via a 3D TV and “remastered” Blu-ray DVD experience.

The following list is by no means complete. And remember, we’re dreaming here. But if we could make our 3D TV Blu-ray concert DVD dreams a reality, these concerts and live music moments would be at the top of my list.

Woodstock: The Movie

This is a no-brainer. What concert fan wouldn’t want to re-live the classic Woodstock movie in 3D? The Woodstock music experience alone would be awesome to virtually re-explore, and I wonder what it would be like to re-imagine other elements too. Like the Monterrey Pop Festival before it, Woodstock created the template for the modern music festival experience, and I’m sure a 3D TV experience would take concert fans into the next communal and interactive frontier.

Moondog Coronation Ball

As one of the first officially documented Rock ‘N Roll concerts, the Moondog Coronation Ball is one of those events that has always intrigued me. The pioneering and payola-plagued rock DJ Alan Freed was at the helm of the crazy event. And though the concert turned into a disaster quickly because it was oversold, it would still be cool to go back to re-explore all the rockin’ mayhem in 3D.

Grateful Dead: Their First Shows and Last Show at Solider Field

I’ll admit that I’ve come to better appreciate the communal vibe of the jam-band concert atmosphere. And I’ve often wished that I could experience the very first Grateful Dead shows at the Fillmore in San Francisco, and the very last one at Solider Field in Chicago 1995. My wife was there and she said it was one of her favorite concerts ever. And to go back to those concerts virtually would be nothing short of awesome. And what about those controversial and revolutionary acid test shows? Would a 3D virtual experience complete the psychedelic dreams of Timothy Leary?

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