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Dream Theater returns…thinking

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Train of Thought
Dream Theater

The band’s last album, the two-CD Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence, was about as easy to get into as a Mosque in Mecca is for a non-Muslim. It was just a bit too turgid and unininviting for all but the most ardent DT fan. ToT returns to a bit more accesible prog music and the result is a pleasant 7 track affair which is rather good. It ranges from flowing proggy tunes to the more metally ‘Honor thy Father’ which would not be outplace on a Metallica album (well not the last one).

To begin with is the excellent ‘As I Am’ and proceedings are ended with the equally good ‘In the Name of God’. While not being as stunning as “Scenes from a Memory’ this is a truly good album from a very talented band. It seems the band have rid themselves of their truly navel-gazing episode and are now back to producing fairly accesible prog-albums. I suspect, like with almost every DT album, this one will only improve with time.

Rating 4.5

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  • “Six Degrees…” is in my player right now.

    man, they play a fricken’ bazillion notes on this thing.

    there are some good moments on it but it’s a little excessive.

  • JR

    Too many notes, eh? I’ll have to check it out!

  • it’s pretty heavy duty.

    it’s just that, with a double-cd, you end up losing your place after a while…if you know what i mean.

  • They lost me with Six Degree – too many riffs ripped off from other bands to form entire songs (especially Tool on the one song – it sounds exactly like them.) And the concept disc was ridiculous, with that overblown Disney-esque overture. However, I have to say that I’ve actually quite enjoyed Train Of Thought, riff-ripage and all. I just wish these guys could get back to playing something that really sounded original – the last time they did that was Falling Into Infinity. They make too big a show now of showing off the pieces of other great songs they’ve learned.

  • there’s a lotta stuff here that reminds me of QueenReich

  • The one with the Dark Gift

    Little excessive use of the word “truly” in your review don’t you think?

  • The metal album that no metal band could ever hope to pull off.

    Rock on DT!