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Drawn: Dark Flight: Interviewing Two of the Men Behind the Game

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Games are a popular gift for Christmas and there are many out there that have been released just in time for the holidays.  While often forgotten among a myriad of console and handheld titles, computer games can be more affordable and should not be overlooked.  Big Fish Games is one the companies out there who have a huge range of games from arcade to brain-teasers with over 10 categories to play including puzzles. Their latest — and what seems to be one of their most ambitious games yet — is Drawn: Dark Flight. With a strong storyline, this is one of those games that allows you to immerse yourself in a new world and see something new every time you sit down to play  Not only that, but it is unique in its artistic presentation visually and musically.  

The distinctiveness of this game has to do with the creative pacing that has gone the distance with an incredible musical score that both pushes the drama and dynamic gameplay. Clean Cuts is the production house behind the score and they closely collaborated with the game development team. More than just having songs change with the player’s actions, Clean Cuts helped craft musical puzzles within the game itself. 

Drawn: Dark Flight is about helping Iris (the future queen) solve the mysteries of the beacons in order to regain her throne and revive the kingdom of Stonebriar. While I have yet to finish playing this game, I like what I am seeing because it’s incredibly complex and you have an interactive, immersive experience that’s particularly female-driven, nicely paced, and has amazing music.

I do find with the title that if I don’t pay attention to what I am doing and seeing within the game that I have to go retrace my steps to find the clues to solve puzzles. While the best games often make you do that, it can be frustrating.  However, here it is definitely worthwhile because the “reveal” of the objects needed to solve puzzles can be pretty interesting. 

I have been able to interview the two co-producers/creative directors of Drawn:  Dark Flight — Brian Thompson and Chris Campbell — and it was definitely an interesting interview.

Drawn: Dark Flight makes an exceptional gift for anyone (and is easily downloaded to a computer).  Of course, if you don’t believe me, Big Fish lets you test drive it for free to see if you like it.  The title is also available in an “Collector’s Edition” which features concept art, the original soundtrack, a smart guide, and unique achievements.  Even in the regular version though Drawn: Dark Flight is an impressive game.

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