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Draft Day Shocker: The Houston Texans Sign Mario Williams And Not Reggie Bush

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In the NFL Draft — any professional draft for that matter — there is no such thing as a sure thing. However, Reggie Bush is as close to a sure thing as there has ever been. By choosing defensive end Mario Williams over Bush, the Texans have made one of the classic blunders of all time; they’ve broken a rule on a par with “never get into a land war in Asia”, and “never bet against a Sicilian with death on the line”.

A slightly less known blunder — but a blunder nevertheless — is never NOT pick the best player in the draft when that player is a Heisman Trophy-winning running back. The Texans will pay for this mistake – with their fans and on the field – for years to come. From a perception standpoint this move is a loser; it is guaranteed that the Texans fans are not going to hold this move in high regard, which means that Williams is going to have an even tougher job than usual acclimating to the pros. Also, no matter how successful Williams is, his progress will forever be tied to and compared to Bush’s. With each of Bush’s amazing runs and 100-yard games, critics of the Texans will inevitably bring up what Williams has or hasn’t accomplished.

This is not meant as a slight against Williams, who is one of the top three players in the draft. But the bottom line is that given the Texans’ situation, the number one pick in this year’s draft should have been Reggie Bush.

This makes things much more interesting for the rest of the teams that have the top five or six picks. And it also sets things up so that another teams can make the wrong move. Who will benefit most from this blunder? Which team will make the next mistake? The Saints, the Titans, the Jets or will a middle-of-the-pack team pull off a draft day trade and shock everyone?

And speaking of blunders, does anyone think that the controversy surrounding Bush’s family’s housing situation had an impact on the Texans’ decision? Remember these days teams look at EVERYTHING a kid does from the 40-yard dash to the bench press to the size of his hands. If you think teams don’t worry about character, you haven’t been paying attention. The NFL teams worry about everything.

I will tell you this much, if Vince Yong and Matt Leinhart are both available when the Jets pick, and if they don’t take one of them, the Jets’ fans may burn down Radio City Music Hall. If Bush slips this far…well I’m not even going to think about that.

It will be a very interesting first round. Stay tuned.

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  • RedTard

    It has been assumed and repeated held as gospel that Reggie Bush is the greatest thing since sliced bread. I think he can only disappoint.

    Running backs are not the foundation of an NFL team, they’re the capstone. I don’t think he’ll garner any stats or records at New Orleans. Their line is terrible. Regardless of how good you are if there are 4 defenders boxing you in before you leave the backfield you’re not going anywhere.

    Williams, on the other hand, could turn out to be a star wherever he goes. Ends don’t need a team to be great. It’s a 1 on 1 or 1 on 2 competition.

  • sal m

    with regards to bush, that is so incorrect it boggles the mind. there have been no assumptions about bush. his reputation of greatness and the unanimous opinion that he’ll be a great pro is predicated upon what he has done on the playing field at every level.

    great running backs are not like other great skill position players.

    bush should let the saints know that he has no intention of signing with them…pull and elway or eli manning.

    new orleans is a mess both as a franchise and as a city. he’ll ultimately make more money going lower, especially if the jets get off of their butt and make an offer.


    HOUSTON’S reasoning for not taking Reggie Bush is the same reasoning that lead them to the great season they had last year. !!!!!!!!!!

  • Before there was an ESPN comparison of Mario Williams to Reggie White. I’m not defending the pick but that’s not a bad pickup.

    The Sam Bowie comparisons can come starting next season.

  • If they were going to pass on Bush, I’m surprised that Houston didn’t pick Young. No slight to Carr since the team’s failing aren’t his fault alone, but it would have done well at the box office.

    Bush and Brees in NO will at least make the team interesting to watch this next season.

    I was surprised by Leinart’s tumble to AZ. I thought reuniting with Norman Chow would be ideal, but Tenn’s pass might suggest why Chow didn’t return last year to what seemed like an ideal situation. Of course, great in college doesn’t translate to great in pros, but how could the Jets, Buffalo and Oakland all pass on him. Pennington seems to have peaked in ability and is prone to injury, but they must have greater needs. Buffalo has more offensive than defensive needs. But Oakland? That’s the oddest because, regardless of its location, Oakland is a Southern Cal team.

    Lastly, a little housekeeping:

    VIZZINI: You fell victim to one of the classic blunders. The most famous is “Never get involved in a land war in Asia.” But only slightly less well known is this: “Never go in against a Sicilian when death is on the line.”

  • sal m

    muy bien, el bicho…

    in 4 years everyone will be saying, “how did all those teams pass up on leinart.”

    the nfl over-analyzes everything…and it’s getting annoying.

    lastly, i was paraphrasing off the top of my head, but it’s good to know that there’s another princess bride fan out there.

  • the nfl over-analyzes everything…and it’s getting annoying.

    There are so many positions. So people can talk on so many aspects. The key is to talk on what matters but people like talking even on the irrelevant.

  • sal m

    i should have made myself clearer on the over-analyzing…i was referring to how closely the teams look at the players…and how the league in general treats everything as if it’s a science…i have no problem with the pundits being pundits…

  • Okay right. We differ slightly on this but any way.

  • Well, the Lions blew it AGAIN, by choosing a defensive player over Matt Leinhart, who went with the 10th overall pick…

  • Detroit needs to stop picking quarterbacks, from Andre Ware to Joey Harrington, it hasn’t been pretty.

    Call me crazy, but I thought Kitna revived his career a bit in the year before Carson Palmer took control of the Bengals. I think with some good players around him he can manage an offense that can get 8 wins.

  • MCH

    Give the Lions the first 10 picks before anyone else even chooses and they still finish under .500 again….


    The Detroit Lions, at one time or another, have had the Heisman Trophy winners from 1988 to 1991 (Barry Sanders, Andre Ware, Ty Detmer, and Desmond Howard) on their roster. And they still sucked (except for in 1991, when Barry Sanders was in his prime, and the Lions actually won a playoff game)…

  • sal m

    i’ve always followed the lions since i read the book paper lion – and saw the movie – as a kid.

    matt millen or isiah thomas, which guy is the worst executive in all of pro sports?

  • From Deadspin:

    Isiah Thomas gets more attention, but Matt Millen is by far the worst general manager in sports. Both guys run horrible franchises, but Thomas took over a horrible franchise and has only had a couple of years of his futile attempt to turn it around. Millen took over a team with a winning record and is now in his sixth year of running it into the ground.

    Check. And mate.

  • patrick mekaio

    why not pick from new zealand where the samoans playing rugby are bigger and faster at 320-450lbs

  • i’m on holiday here in new zealand and i watched a game of rugby, this big samoan guy weighing in at least 350lbs sprinting and jogging around the rugby field with no problems at all, something that any linemen in the NFL could not do.

  • Kiwis are awesome at Rugby, yes.

  • sal m

    that’s because nfl linemen don’t have to sprint and jog…that’s like saying why not draft all nba guys because they can run and jump…apples and oranges…why don’t the soccer teams take them?

    if the rugby skill set crossed over to football A) the nfl scouts would be all over those guys and B) those guys would be all over the nfl because they’d make way more money.

  • That’s why a lot of people think Haloti Ngata is going to be a spectacular defensive tackle for the Ravens, granted he’s Tongan but it’s all Polynesia to me.

  • Screw the Jets.

    How did Big Blue fare in the draft, Sal?

  • sal m

    giants made a very questionable first round pick…the de from boston college wasn’t ranked better than a mid-second rounder at best, by anyone…coughlin is an ex-bc’er so perhaps that had something to do with it.

    their second round pick was a good one, as they picked moss a burner wide receiver/kick returner from miami which gives their offense another weapon.

    i still don’t understand how they haven’t picked an heir to tiki barber in the past two drafts, especially since d’angelo williams from memphis state was available for the giants with their orignal first round pick.

    i don’t think you can judge the lower round picks until they get into camp and you see who makes the roster.

  • Luckless Pedestrian

    According to ESPN (Clayton, I think?), if Reggie had been more ready to make a deal, Houston would have taken him. Sounds like he played hardball and they walked away. You could infer from this that Reggie didn’t really want to go to the Texans and was willing to make less in New Orleans. True? Who knows.

  • sal m

    these guys are so crazy…the only thing i would infer is that bush wanted more and thought that by saying “no” the texans would up their price…other than that, i’m at a loss!

  • Justin

    Boy you guys sure know your football.