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Dracula in Rhapsody

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A posting at actor Christopher Lee’s website reads: “Mr. Lee will be joining the world famous metal band RHAPSODY for the production of their next album. A classically trained opera signer, he will be providing powerful narrations, as well as featuring as the main singer in a dramatic orchestration epic. Mr. Lee will start recording from the second week of November.

Via: Hard News

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  • andy

    oh brother. That band has written the most cheesiest lyrics in the history of music…next to that Symphony X band. What song is Lee on? “The Last Winged Unicorn Pt 2”?

  • Their albums always send my brother running screaming from the room.

    Rhapsody go right through cheesy and come out the other side. I describe them as making Queen sound like XTC. You can certainly hear the twenty sided dice rolling….

  • Andy

    I really dig the music, and I’m not against the whole “fantasy” thing, but I just can’t take entire albums about the Kings of the Northern Twilight or the Dawn of Victory.

  • Give me Ancient Forests of Elves over the whiny teenage angst we get from too many other bands any day!

  • andy

    haha ok there. That song title alone makes it beyond cheese. Now I kinda want to go home and listen to Rhapsody.

  • Eric Olsen

    I’ve never seen cheese on an elf, have you? And, is there no angst in fantasy? Or is it all jigs around Stonehenge?

  • andy

    it’s angst that the last winged unicorn was killed the barbarians of the northern lands of Zansibar.

  • Eric Olsen

    Ah, so there is trouble in paradise