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Dr. Laura Used Very Poor Judgment

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After listening to the dialogue between Dr. Laura and Jade, I came to the conclusion that Dr. Laura used very poor judgment. First of all, Jade did not call to have Dr. Laura rant about Obama or other people using the N-word. The poor woman wanted to get advice on how to deal with her husband’s racist friends. In my opinion, Dr. Laura should have been more savvy and have enough compassion to understand that Jade was seeking advice. It almost appeared that Dr. Laura had an axe to grind, and she took the opportunity to expose her true inner feelings about race relations. There is no question; Dr. Laura was way out of line for berating Jade.

A simple suggestion would have set Jade’s heart at peace. Dr. Laura could have easily explained to Jade to sit down and have a serious talk with her husband concerning friends making derogatory comments about Blacks. To accuse Jade of being hypersensitive was a low blow on Dr. Laura’s part.

I can empathize with Jade and her concerns with her husband’s friends. I think her husband should make new friends. No true friend would feel comfortable making rude comments about someone else’s wife.

On the other hand, I have been around people who have made stupid comments about race because they thought it was okay. I remember a church friend making the statement about basketball players in his hometown of Oklahoma, and the locals called the gym where the players practiced Coons Lagoon. That friend later said sorry for making such a stupid comment. He genuinely felt very badly.

How Dr. Laura handled the call was definitely wrong, she portrayed herself as a person who wanted to spew and rant about some internal feelings that had been dormant deep inside of her heart. Yes! Dr. Laura used very bad judgment, but should she be raked over the coals a million times over? Should she be banned from doing her show? I think everyone deserves a second chance. Just my opinion!


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  • Clifford M

    Dr Laura tried to make the point that the N-word is used on HBO with freedom, so she said the word eleven times to prove her point. HBo also says the F-word with freedom. I think she should say the F-word eleven times because it is used with freedome on HBO…If she wont say the
    F-word with the same freedom, I think she should go f**k herself

  • LindaH

    Doctor Laura has every right to her freedom of speech and if the government had come in and suggested that she be banned for what she said, I would be fighting for her right to stay on the air. However, what you are proposing is that ONLY Dr. Laura gets freedom of speech. Anyone who is offended, insulted or outraged by her words should be cut out of the conversation because only Dr.Laura counts. I have ever right to express my disgust at her remarks to the network that carried her, the sponsors that supported her show and to any public group I want to address. Then her network and her sponsors get to decide what benefits them more, keeping Dr. Laura, or keeping a certain group of listeners. Freedom of speech does not mean freedom from criticism it just means the government can’t stop you from talking. In fact, no one really stopped Dr. Laura from talking, they were simply quite clear that they would not support any entity that allowed her to spew her bile. Them’s the breaks.

    Oh and repeating the “n” word 6 times is not a tiny little mistake, it is a full court press to try and put a black woman who dared to marry outside her race in her place.

  • Dr. Laura has gotten a second and a third chance since this happened, and I don’t think she has made the most of it. As someone who is supposed to “advise” or “counsel” others, I think she should realize that she too needs help!