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Dr Gene Scott Partying in Heaven

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They’re probably having a hell of a party in heaven about now. Famous teacher and televangelist Dr Gene Scott died on Monday, February 21, 2005 at age 75. You could really see him having a good old time arguing philosophy and theology with the saints. St Peter’s probably picking up some new theological insights right now.
Lengthy 1994 Los Angeles Times profile

Gene Scott was the only preacher on tv worth watching. Over 30 years on the tube, he grew long hair and a big shaggy beard, and was usually chewing on a cigar. He came off as more of a really nutty professor rather than a preacher per se, given to reading extensively on air from obscure historical works and history books- with commentary, of course.

Then for a break, he’d talk about his fancy cars and race horses. Queue up the video, and he’d be out in the barn inspecting his prize race horses- with a couple of big-breasted model types on his arm.

This purely boyish delight in showing off his goodies and getting the goats of all the church ladies (religious and secular) naturally enraged all kinds of self-appointed guardians of public morality. He had run-ins with different official types, trying to make some kind of case of fraud or financial impropriety. The California Attorney General’s office screwed with him for a couple of years in the 70s before legislative reform finally trimmed their harassment abilities.

They never got anywhere, most likely because he was clean and above board. Also, he was famously resistant to auditors. Robin Williams once imitated him, saying, “The word ‘audit’ does not appear in the Bible.” I’d presume that Williams made that up, but it’s not far from stuff I heard him actually say on a regular basis. It was also hard to really justify being indignant when his followers were sending in donations marked with statements like, “Gene Scott can do whatever he wants with this money.”

Really, these attorney generals and tax folk just provided grist for his mill. Among other things, this Renaissance man was a painter. (He’s said to have his own paintings displayed in his private museum alongside original Rembrandt and Monet.) At one point in the early ’90s, I saw him hawking prints of an impressionist painting he’d done called “A Bureaucrat (And what to do with him).”

“A skinflint may get to Heaven, but what awaits him are a rusty old halo, a skinny old cloud, and a robe so worn it scratches. First-class salvation costs money.”

Among his many interests, he played saxophone. Obviously he liked to share that gift on air. I believe he was also a songwriter. I don’t know who else could possibly have written such a song as his perennial favorite “Kill a Pissant for Jesus.” He was also considered a world-class stamp collector. (For being the author of a couple of dozen books, a stamp book was the only thing I could find for him on Amazon.)

Here’s a particularly fun bio of Dr Scott from Rotten.com. This makes a good example of a fairly common phenomenon: Even people dead set on hating “televangelists” can’t quite help but admire him, and revel in his rebel charm.

I’ve seen several stories such as this Rotten.com piece describe Dr Gene as perpetually “angry.” That’s really not right at all. Now, he could certainly get annoyed with whatever jackass crossed his path that day, but such displays were seemingly more for the entertainment of his audience than from any deep feelings of resentment. His anger was mostly skin deep. He really seriously ENJOYED his work, and it came through. Gene Scott gave FUN rants, not hate rants.

As to the shaking down of the congregation for some bucks, he had rather a different outlook than most. He generally didn’t come begging on how the church needs money, or some Third World food bank he was sponsoring needed help, or any of those typical approaches.

As he viewed it, his students OWED him money for his teaching. If you’re learning from his broadcasts, then you should be paying the teacher. “Get on the telephone!” he liked to bellow in that gravelly voice. “I’m not selling forty-pound Bibles, or water from Jordan, or 4,000 plastic crosses made by the Japanese and sold to Arabs. I don’t send out ‘healing cloths’ or tear up my shirt. I say: what’s what I’ve done worth? Whatever the meal I’ve fed you is worth, pay up.”

He was born in Idaho in 1929, the son of an itinerant preacher. As a young boy, his infant brother died in the bed next to him, resulting in this explanation from his mother Inez Leona Graves Scott in a 1980 interview, “I saw a stairway begin to roll down from heaven and come right down to the side of my bed. Two angels walked down and they stopped in front of Gene. I said, ‘Oh no, Lord, you can’t take Gene!’ and they just went around him and picked the baby up.”

You can well imagine how such a background- coupled with genius intelligence- might result in an exceptionally interesting character. It did.

He got a PhD in 1957 from Stanford University for “philosophies of education,” whatever that exactly means. He sure seemed to have created his own special philosophy of education as a tv preacher.

He was some kind of freaky evangelical. He was involved somewhere in the creation of Oral Roberts University. His background and original affiliation was Assemblies of God, which he resigned before he took over as pastor of the Faith Center in the 70s, leading to the 15K member congregation and television presence of his glory days.

I’m not sure the state of his empire at the time of his death, but he was broadcasting on his own satellite University Network channel 24/7, and was translated into at least eight languages broadcast on tv and radio in over 180 countries. The dude was a machine.

As a theologian, he de-emphasized what he might have viewed as relatively trivial lifestyle issues. “I take you as you are, as God takes me as I am.” He was not known for wagging the finger at sinners for typical petty sins of the flesh. I don’t think I ever heard him preach against drugs and fornication.

What he preached FOR was a staunch belief in the Resurrection, and the power of believing in Jesus Christ of Nazareth. That, and the therapeutic power of screwing with bureaucrats.

He mostly liked to carry on with his bad boy image, but he was also major philanthropist, giving and raising money for many charitable causes over the years. Among other things, he was on the board of the Richard Pryor Burn Center.

Maybe Dr Scott can learn some of them old popes and saints and such a thing or two about the Bible and God and law. It’d sure be fun to watch him try.

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  • RJ

    The only TV preacher I ever watch is Arnold Murray.

    And only because he’s such a lovable asshole. 😉

  • Nick Jones

    Geez, we’ve got another Celebrity Death Cluster going – Sandra Dee, HST and Dr. Gene Scott. Didn’t we have one just two weeks ago (Ossie Davis, John Vernon, Max Schmeling)?

  • Eric Olsen

    yes Al, he is the guy I thought he was – RIP

  • I really loved watching Robert Tilton about 15 years ago. His speaking in tongues shtick was a regular laff riot. Scott ranked up there, but Tilton held my attention as much as any televangelist could at 3am.

  • Shark

    He’ll be quickly forgotten as a scholar and a televangelist, but if I have anything to do with it, he’ll be remembered as the Christian’s Cy Twombly.

    Forget his paintings. I always thought Scott’s illustrated blackboards were some of the greatest abstract and/or DADA art ever made. I used to watch just for a glimpse of his wacked-out drawings. Great stuff.

  • All together, then, guys: one more chorus of “Kill a Pissant for Jesus.”

  • gatosammy

    This guy was the best bible teacher in several generations. His quirks that made people hate him were designed to make the fools change the channel. If you waited out his folly you’d see and hear the greatest lessons in a generation. Things that the run of the mill bible thumpin piss ants could never understand or teach.

  • Amen, Gatosammy, preach it!

  • abe

    Dr. Scott’s barrage of languages couldn’t even be understood by most of his followers.

    Give me that plain spoken, easy-to-understand, to the heart preacher..I believe His name is Jesus Christ, and His words are translated in more languages than Dr. Scott could ever have fit on those white boards.

  • Oh Abe, don’t be a party pooper. Besides, Jesus isn’t volunteering to come down and actually talk to us like Dr Scott.

  • Marlene

    Dr. Gene Scott was a lost man who thought he was going to heaven upon his death…I bet he’s suprised at where he really ended up. How sad that he was so blinded by his own genius and even sadder, how he deceived so many followers. The man was a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

  • Really Marlene, you presume to know how God would judge Gene Scott? I don’t want to accuse you of Extreme Arrogance or anything, but that does seem just a wee bit presumptuous- and somewhat hateful- of you.

  • Larry

    Dr Gene Scott the only real TV Preacher we ever had or will have,his teaching were the best i ever heard. He was way a head of his time and will be greatly missed. I know he is in Heaven. His teaching will live for many years to come.

  • Only in California! Gene Scott simply validates Pt. Barnum’s declaration about a sucker being born every minute. Except the birth rate has dramatically increased in recent years.

  • Demosethena

    you mean to tell me, naysayers and detractors you never understood what the heck scott taught? Ya all’ still bond up in the”law”; of “do do this and don’t do that’s”! The actual teaching at a University level just doesn’t pander to the silly secular, flesh peddling pissants pretending they are Christians.! Those who have ears to hear and eyes to see…Most so-called christians and non christian detractors, and artists in adipose orificery; arn’t in correspondence with reality to begin with!

  • thomas doubting

    Demosethena: Beuatufiuly said. Today is a sad day. Peace will be his in the heaven he preached for so long i hope.

  • Marlene, I don’t know what standard you’re presuming to use to determine Scott’s final resting place, but everything I’ve seen indicates that he preached (among many other wild and crazy things) salvation by grace alone by faith in Jesus Christ alone, which tells me that he’ll end up where he thought he would, idiosyncracies and all. Are you claiming to be perfect? Are you claiming perfection matters?

    In my book, what Jesus has done matters and nothing we do really does, in the end.

  • Well put, Phillip. Gene Scott sure seemed to be a true believing Christian, even if he was sometimes egotistical and highly eccentric.

  • Thomas Doubting

    Frankly, i thought, like i think of all heroic creatures of the creator, that he was indectructible, (but yet again he is and we are ulitimatly aren’t we?) So i found out today he had finaly left us, and it seems a bit unbelivable.

    Anyhow, where do these that think that he’s just a clown get their rocks off? a clown don’t preach the the way he preached brothers, the way he hit on target wha’ts most salient to us christians…e.i. the true nature of christ and his fathamable/unfathamable works and destiny vis a vis history.

    Gene Scott a toast to you and your teachings of wayward topics like B.A. (Biblical Astrology) Godspeed with tears in my eyes towards your reward..Leononian/Virgo/Scorpio brother. Sorta like Saint Charles Bukowski was…he preached it too, in his own manner, another combo 5-6-8 in destiny’s script, i hope.

    Love to Scott, Buk and all, TD.

  • Amen, Brother Thomas Doubting. Rev Scott of course liked to clown around some- he obviously didn’t take himself entirely seriously, but he was clearly ultimately serious about his beliefs and teachings. I don’t think there’s anything inherently sacrilegious about a preacher actually having a working sense of humor.

  • Marlin

    In the years to come Dr. Scott’s teaching will live on through the rebroadcasts and printed transcripts. Preachers will plagerize his sermons on Sunday’s and hail him as a saint like other great preachers of the past.

    He will become more mainstream as the years go by and memories of his “cigar” and “independent” style fade. But they were what made the man real. They will try to “sanitize” him like all the great ones who at the time didn’t fit in with the religious establishment at the time.

    The truth is in the teaching. Rest in peace Dr. Scott, and thanks for the encouragement to put trust in God while you were here.

  • Thomas Doubting

    Following a great uplifting quote….

    He bestowed upon my heart. the gift of limitless faith.

    So that in these final days i could carry out his divine work.

    & even tho i have not led a life of perfection. i am not ashamed in his sight, & give unceasing thanks to him.

    for he has been lenient with me, a careless fool, and lifted me up beyond all measure, even thou i was unworthy and the least of his servants.

    i, patrick, a sinner, a most unlearned man, tirelessly i give thanks to god, whom in his divine power, has shown himself to me, the least amoung his faithfull, and an unworthy man, despised by many.

    Quote from St. Patrick. Patron Saint of Ireland.

    Title of the film St. Patrick Patron Saint of Ireland as i saw it on EWTN.

    Eternal Word Television Network. Catholic Cable Channel.

    The approximately 40min. film will repeat this Saturday March 12′ 05 from 8:00-9:00PM on EWTN.

  • MikeyP

    To read more about Dr. Gene Scott, and participate in more discussion, try this site

  • Thanks Mikey, I’ll have to check that out.

    Any idea where I could get an mp3 of “Kill a Pissant for Jesus”?

  • John Charles

    I had the great opportunity of working for Dr. Gene Scott in the “Purple” church in Orville, CA called Westscott Christian Center. I enjoyed Dr. Scott’s teaching and was happy to get him to get his sax out of the moth balls and start jamming with his Dad (Pop Scott) and me on Sunday mornings. Gene, his wife Betty and Mom & Dad Scott made me feel very much a part of the team.

    The Sunday that Dr. Scott announces that Betty had filed for divorce was my last Sunday for a few years. Then one of his staff called me offering me a multi task job as the Music Director,Christian Book store keeper, TV art/backdrop (painted at the Sun Set Mosaliem) and piano player/singer for TV tapings in San Jose.

    The last time I saw Gene was at Pop Scott’s memorial at the SSM where we joked with each other about our weight gain. I loved his smile – he was always very kind to me.
    John Charles (formerly Cram)

  • Eric

    Hello all. I just want to say that Dr. Scott was a great teacher and I’am sad to have heard of he passing. God Bless


  • Good on you Marlene… Judge and be Judged, ever hear of that one…

    Gene Scott’s greatness was that he loved Jesus and had a relationship with him in every part of his life, not just on Sundays..

    The cigar smoking, red wine drinking, race horse owner….

    Gone but not forgotten…


  • Sr. Magdalen Antonia, SSAE

    The first message I heard Dr. Scott preach was Psalm 84 – “Blessed men (and women) go thru valleys of weeping…” And it struck a cord with me as I was just coming out an abusive church experience in 1991. I stayed home for the next five years & the only TV on in my house was Dr. Scott. Dr. Scott is the one who cracked open the Greek language for me with his late night discourses and gave me an enduring love of Biblical languages. All the while he was talking on the set, I was busy writing down the titles of all those rare, hard-to-find books he had stacked around his chair. Most of those books in my library today. Being very busy in ministry I have not had many opportunities to listen recently to Dr. Scott’s teachings, but he is with me always. In the various studies I teach today I hear him, in my voice, telling my students about the A,B,C’s of faith, and the Valley of Weeping (Psalm 84), and Fret Not (Psalm 37), and about the iron and brass shoes (Deut. 33), and others. Because of him I had the courage to write my own verse by verse expositional study of Ephesians. And because of what the Holy Spirit awoke inside me using Gene Scott as his instrument, I am now living life as a consecrated Religious, having made my first profession of vows on January 17 of this year. I thank God every day of my life for Dr. Gene Scott’s influence on my spiritual life.

  • j. fowler

    Dr. Scott was the beginning of a wonderful life for me. I still find great joy in his recorded programs. I hope they go on for many, many years because I know there are alot of people searching for one such as him to show them the way. No nonsense, just real good commonsense. I shall always treasure the things he taught me.
    Thank you God for great & human teacher.

  • Lori

    I dont know if I’ve lived in a cave for 40 years, but I do know that I was trying to find my way out of spiritual darkness for most of those years. I didnt even know who Gene Scott was until about 6 weeks ago when my husband and I tuned in to his Sunday morning broadcast. I was immediately taken by the passion with which he spoke, the knowledge he possessed, and the certainty of his faith. To me there is nothing more humbling than the faith of a learned man. Listening to Dr. Gene Scott speak his faith truly gave me permission to experience mine with renewed joy and vigor. The loss I feel at his death is deep. I feel as though I finally found the voice that coaxed me out of the darkness of my cave, only to hear the echo of ‘good-bye’. With a tear of sadness at the loss I feel, I smile for him that his race is over. A race that was run with honesty, personality, humor, and integrity. Until we meet, so-long Dr Gene.

  • I’m really touched by these eloquent little testimonials to the late Rev Scott.

    As a non-believer, I tended to take his broadcasts as (high end) camp, though I hate to say it that way.

    However, Dr Scott was truly a learned and thoughtful man with deep good humor, and an abiding faith in Jesus Christ of Nazareth as his personal Lord and Savior.

  • Toni C.

    Can someone tell me who the woman is that I see in Dr. Scott’s place on TV? Thanks.

  • Well, Rotten.com has quite a write-up on Dr. Scott (gasp!) himself. (Sorry for the gratuitious Rocky Horror reference….) But nothing about his replacement.

    Even his own site is still touting LIVE Sunday Service: “Join Pastor Scott from The Los Angeles University Cathedral for the weekly teaching on FAITH.” Though they do warn that programs are subject to change without notice.

  • Russ Tice

    Dr. Scott, yes.. Melissa Scott, NO. Dr. Scott was a wonderful teacher. Melissa married Dr. Scott not too long ago. I see no real credit in her running the church. She is by no means qualified.

  • Yeah, but who could possibly fill Gene Scott’s boots? I haven’t seen her preach. Just that this guy picked her out for marrying makes me a little curious what she’s about.

  • TD

    Every time i see Doc on television preaching every Sunday, still can’t bealive he’s gone from us to the above.

    Anyhow, on a cultural note, does anyone know if Bukowski ever saw Doc on tv in L.A? it just occured to me the other day that they were both based in L.A., i’m curious to know because i truly bealive in “astrology” and thus mutal signs attract same or compatible signs,and how these two were both the sign of the lion.

    If Bukowski happened to see Doc on tv at any time and if he ever opined on Doc, i also, in my belief mode (i’m officialy an agnostic, but when i’m in my christic beliving mode i fully bealieve) think that Bukowski has made it up to heaven, as i find him very spriritual and uplifting in a lot of instances and ways.

  • Must see Gene Scott video. Watch him cuss out some two bit punks!

  • I actually called the “voices of faith” and asked why pastor Melissa Scott wasn’t teaching.I guess she has caved in to the critics.I’m in tears.I support her and I know she got my message.She has gotten a hugh load to do,that’s for sure.She is so beautiful and her mannerisms are so lovingly expressive.Can’t you see the gift that Dr.Scott has given us to
    ponder,admire and share with?I was so thrilled to hear her speak after “Doc”
    passed.She had always only sang.Her tributes to her husband were so real and natural,even with the old videos.I know some of the insides of the ministry and as my daddy said to me,”Son,you can’t live your whole life on B.S.”,so tell me how did this ministry survive?Try by truth.

    Posted by: gerald krug | July 7, 2005 03:38 PM

  • Melissa Scott (televangelist),aka Barbie Bridges, 3rd wife of Gene Scott, uses her adult modelling & acting skills for double entendres during her sermons. Inapproriate for
    children’s ears, Melissa calls her LA
    congregants on their lack of enthusiasm after Dr Scott’s death. County and State records document her experience as a principal in Barbie Bridges Ent, formerly wed to Paul Pastore, who sells the explicit videos on the internet. Pastor Melissa pleads
    with viewers to send money instead of
    liquidating the prize horses, stamps, wines and ranches that are unnecessary for a church to own and maintain.

  • LF

    I am happy for Dr. Scott’s home going.
    I came to the knowledge of the truth through his ministry and I am now a pastor myself.
    He seperated the word of God in a real way that I could understand it. And if you like him or dis-like him one thing I can honestly say. He taught the truth of God’s grace through faith in its purity. And he didn’t compromise what he believed. He also acted in faith on what he believed and that example will live on through the disciples that he raised up including myself and many more across the world.
    We’re still here and Dr. Scott’s re-runs aren’t going anywhere either.
    I will miss him down here in this world, but he is much better off than any of us down here. And the truth lives on. So get on the telephone.
    Voices of faith are standing by at

  • Pastor Melissa Scott,Barbie Bridges,adult model & stripper, is showing her boring, abusive visions, sitting on a pile of cash. She begs & harrasses viewers into enslaving themselves to her luxurious power, but it’s not working. By her own announcements, 250 inside dissenters have left, and there are less than 200 regular LA participants, taking her
    moronic abuse. She has lost credibility on all
    fronts and is circling the drain to oblivion.

  • Melissa Scott partying in L.A. on church expense account! She’s entertainment staff men in the mansion, in her admittedly carnal
    desires. This widow is getting back
    on a new horse to ride into the ground.

  • Eugene Scott,God scammer,rolls aghast, his rip offs & abuse wasting by Melissa Scott, Barbie Bridges, his Jezabel. Her guilt trip begging & snide whipping style make Gene grin.
    It will be a bad dream in 6 months.

  • Eugene Scott’s cash cow to be seized in double jeopardy IRS move, assessed as private corp income & creditors paid. First in line is Uncle Sam. L.A. could fund roads & teachers. Melissa Scott, porn producer, won’t be needing horse ranches, stamps and bibles.

  • IBdaMAN

    Heres the deal, God gifted us all to have Dr.Gene Scott in our lifetime to bring his word to life. Gene’s gone, but Gods word still is here, there are 1000’s of taped broadcast of him, and we need to put aside the petty BS, and make sure that till Jesus comes God’s word is kept alive by Dr, Scotts messeges. Regaurdless of whos in the drivers seat! Why do you think Dr. Scott taped all his teachings? He was no fool, he made them, so Gods word could be heard long after he was gone. Lets keep the voice of light alive, and do our part. Heres something for you arrogant idiots aka:piss ants” He was one of the few, maybe the only teachers, pastors, and reverands to say ” I don’t need your money”, but you need to give you money if you been taught in the word. It was his job to make sure that people that had light to see gave in the proper way. If you been taught in the word you have to give to the one who taught you. Dr. Scott used that money to keep Gods word alive for millions to have access to, unlike what you morons believe, that he was useing it for himself. HE DIDN’T NEED OUR MONEY HE ALREADY WAS RICH BEFORE HE CAME TO FAITH CENTER. He did it, so that WE might jointly partisipate in the fruits of his ministry. IT WAS GODS ORDER TO US TO PAY TITHES AND OFFERINGS!! GENE DIDN’T ASK FOR IT FOR HIM OR BECAUSE HE NEEDED IT!! once you morons get past the HUMAN part of your brains, and start thinking on a spiritual level(well doubt that will happen) you will see this to be true. But alas like Doc has pointed out many times, not everyone has the GIFT to see light…Thanks be to God i can, as well as all my brothers and sisters in Christ. So what if malissa has a past, so what if she continues, OUR job is to keep the voice of Doc alive, and make sure Gods word stays ALIVE. God bless to my family of faithers, and to hell with all you piss ants!!

  • Sojourner

    Does anyone know when the archives might be back up on Dr. Scott’s web site? Thanks for any info.

  • Melissa stole the archives and will put them up again when hell freezes over.

    IBdaMan, get your head eamined, if you can pull it out of Melissa’s arse before it is too late.

    What the F**** do you think you are participating in? There are no church members, never were, and never will be. It’s one big private money machine, cha ching, funneled into Melissa’s offshore accounts.

    God struck Gene down. Watch what He has in store for the whore house
    false teacher bazaar hagglers on the
    steps of Christ’s body.

    All the BS you regurgitated are false
    facts, straight from, you guessed it
    the ass’s mouth Gene Scott. None of the public documents verify the stupid claims that Gene had money before he
    lined his pockets with Faith Center rebuilding.

    See talkaboutpeople.com, Gene Scott,
    ResearcherGuy and MrX posts of links to court and public documents March through August 2005.

    Open your eyes. God is entering in.
    He took Gene out for His puposes.

  • Black widow Melissa Scott, aka Barbie Bridges, scrambles to cover porn, stash cash & stay alive while tax bills hit the fan. She should install
    a pole & get grinding like she knows how to do. Now that she’s stepping out for carnal service, her whips on the insiders drive them out of her sess pool closer to Jesus.

    With no moral compass or theology besides “give me the money” “give me
    your time, life, and shut up” there’s
    no where to go but down, down, down
    back to the dung pile she thrived in.

    She’s the queen of mean, chief siren
    and false teacher Gene Scott predicted, to come from the pulpit with a Catholic background and roots
    from the northern tribes. That’s she
    devil Melissa.






  • Doggone, but there’s some distinctly UNchristian hatin’ goin’ on here today.

    As a non-believer, I don’t want to get too preachy. However, I will remind you Christians that judgement belongs to Jesus. I’m not real impressed with people presuming to explain on God’s behalf that he struck Gene down for some and such reasons. For one thing, did it occur to you that he was getting OLD, and all old folks eventually die?

    Further, I’m not going to be real interested in hearing about supposed financial scandals with the late reverend. Jumpin’ Jehosaphat, he had people sending in checks marked “Gene Scott can do whatever he wants with this money.” After that, if he wanted to spend it on cocaine and hookers, it would have been between him and Yahweh so far as I’m concerned.

    And Markymark, this is kinda nutsy: “There are no church members, never were” Are you telling me there was no church building, and those audiences he showed were some kind of CGI effects?

  • IBdaMAN

    All I can say is may God have mercy on you that judge a man HE sent to us, to teach us in HIS word. Gene always said I DON’T WANT YOUR MONEY! UNLESS YOU BEEN TAUGHT IN THE WORD! apparently you were not one of those chosen few that were taught, and by the sounds of it i doubt you ever will. Gene lived five years passed the designated 70 years GOD alotted to us to live, FIVE being the number of GRACE! Thank GOD for his grace, and for allowing me to witness one of HIS ELECT! I am gratfull to GOD for giving me the oppritunity to partisapate in Genes ministry, and for giving me eyes to see light!

  • Speaking again as non-believer, I’ll just say that the good Rev Scott did more to make me want to believe than any other guy I ever saw on a tv.

  • BIdaMan, God Judges souls with a capital J, as Dr. Scott taught. Man can judge contests and character of
    fellow humans, with a lower case j.
    We congregants and former GS followers have valid, serious criticism of Melissa Scott’s deceit and lack of
    pastoring heart to serve the church, which the bible defines as the people, the body of Christ.

    The organization is a series of privately held and controlled corporations for the good of the Scotts. They have straw boards of themselves, with a couple of their stoolies and hired hands. Melissa has screaned into the cameras that there are no church members. They just show up and cheer there, but have no vote in any kind of polity or church governance. She bans anyone who she she just doesn’t like. Mind you, they don’t criticize her, they just don’t give enough of their time and money to her private businesses. There are no shareholders in the corporation. Many old guard have given every penny to the Scotts and are now on the doorstep of retirement with nothing but outdated tape recordings.

  • And whose fault is that if someone has given all their money to ANY televangelist? But especially this one. Rev Scott had people sending him checks specifically marked “Gene Scott can do whatever he wants with this money.” How does “whatever” not cover this? Plus, 1 Corinthians 9:9 – For it is written in the law of Moses, thou shalt not muzzle the mouth of the ox that treadeth out the corn. Doth God take care for oxen?

    The main thing that someone might broadly expect would be that he would keep preaching, and keep the satellite broadcasts rolling. He did that right to the end. What’s the beef?

    And not giving members of the congregation a vote does NOT mean that there was no congregation. Just means that it’s not a democracy. Why would you expect that of a church?

    When did Gene Scott ever for one second imply that he would do what some board or group of any kind voted? Were you watching a whole different preacher than me who made some indication that he was taking orders from another mortal man? This was, ya know, GENE SCOTT here.

  • Subsequent marriages include a twenty year marriage to Christine E. Shaw, divorced in 1998, and to wife number three, Melissa Pastore, in August 2000, 39years his junior, after coupling in 1995. Since Dr. Scott’s death on February 21, 2005, Mrs. Melissa Scott became pastor of Wescott Christian Center and Faith Center. She is the former Melissa Pastore and adult entertainment model/actress/producer under the stage name of Barbie Bridges. Her photos can be found on adult sites including modelslover.com and manhunters.com. Her tintillating acting thrills viewers in Picture Perfect. NoTell Hotel and other films with Asia Carrera showcase Barbie Bridges production and directing talent. Melissa Scott was a founding partner of Barbie Bridges Ent, of Hollywood. Dr. Scott referred to her as “baby” and boasting she is the “only perfected saint” in his thirty year ministry. Melissa Scott continues Gene Scott’s legacy of raising funds and demanding free work in the name of God

  • IBdaMAN

    The way i see it, is that we all have done things in the past were not proud of. What ever the degree of what WE have done. Jesus came and broke down the barrier that keep us from GOD, and if we turn to him HE will turn to us, and let us walk in NEWNESS of LIFE. I still watch on the internet Doc’s broadcast, and to this day have not even seen Malissa on there. And when I go to the cathedral again I have no idea how mallisa will preach. What I do know is: all i’ve seen so far over the last 6 months(and hopefully many more years)is GOD’S word still being taught by Gene. Theres alot of BS out there, Doc was not one of the ones that was passin it out. He stood fast to what he believed and taught, and never waivered. He never judged people on their personal lives, and asked the same in return from us. As long as Mellisa keeps Doc’s voice alive on the airwaves, I will be a part of this ministry.

  • Bizarre Barbie Bridges Baptized Melissa Scott bots as she read tacky messages worhshipping her.She made
    baptizees fill out cards of devotion
    to her, pushing God to the sidelines.
    The raunchy recorded spectacle sported
    Melissa Scott boasting ‘I Love You’s’ to the porn floop, bots in freezing dirty water in a plastic unfiltered tank.Doc’s rolling over in his grave.

  • Mockery of the pulpit blasphemed Pastor Melissa Scott (televangelist) aka Barbie Bridges sex model, as she dunked over 100 white-clothed sinning saints in the same nasty dunk tank you wouldn’t put two large fish in. The baptismal was all about her, pressured vows of love & devotion to Melissa & dead Gene eclipsed Jesus. Gene is pal ing around with God on a cloud waving down. The sheep blindly follow this false teacher. End times are nigh.

  • Joe & Dan dunked as Melissa Scott giggled over shallow compliments dunkees were made to write to her, to climb the steps into the body shaped pastic jacuzzi tank of cold water to get baptized in faith to give money and
    free labor to Melissa Scott, Barbie Bridges, strip queen and false teacher.
    The filthy water drained to an outside
    garden, killing all growth in sight. Children bawled outside, spanked by angry scottites into submission to behave, managed stiff smiles & praises to Melissa Scott for saving their souls on 9/11. Jesus received honorable mention here and there, with credit given to God under the breath of a few.

  • A baptizing DUNK N DONATE Spectacle from hell,last Sunday Melissa Scott ordered dunking from her dry perch across the room. Her groveling eunochs submerged in freezing dirty water. Barbie Bridges squeezed hosannahs and pledges of eternal devotion to her. God received honorable mention at this All About Melissa Show.

  • H8N LIES/KH2staffreporter- You seem to be wound up with way too much hatin’ that you need to let go of. Perhaps one of them porn videos you claim Scott’s widow made would be good for you.

    Best I can tell, Jesus would object less to a little smut than to all this hatin’.

  • joop

    Well her nude pictures are still on the internet GO FIGURE!!!!!!! Girlsexplorer.com Aka Barbie Bridges is also on Mateshunter.com Showing all here glory and she is a minister LOL

  • So what’s your point, joop? Do you have some ownership stake in this girlsexplorer site that you’re wanting to promote?

  • IBdaMAN

    Don’t sweat these idiots AL, all these morons know how to do is keep tuning in to be able to put their own little twist’s to what they hear and say. Even if Jesus himself came down and walked beside them, they’d mock him to his face, because they wouldn’t reconize him if they saw him. And the sad thing is: it’s not like their doubters wondering if Jesus exsist, They know he does, and yet the satin in them keeps their tongues wagging, and their fingers fonting hate.

  • Joop

    My point is how can you preach god’s words when you have your legs spread wide open for the world to see and i am sure she still gets a cut or percentage from those photos. And calling people idiots and morons mmm now that really tells me that your a believer. Melissa and Gene Scott are just sucking you people in to give money to live the high life in the name of GOD .. God is there marketing …….

  • Joop

    one more thing i am sure God really is saddened by them using his Name that way.. later have a good life

  • I first saw Gene Scott when I moved to an area with this broadcasts when I was a young adult. I was fascinated with his strange, arrogant, colorful insanity. There wasn’t a lot of weird stuff on TV at the time and I tended to look for it. That was twenty five years ago. People used to tease me because I would watch his show.

  • Al Barger, get a grip. It isn’t the smut that is at issue, it’s Melissa Scott aka Barbie Bridges lying about it, denying it’s her when Suzy Randall and Earl Miller studies have verified that they are, and they own some of the copyrights. They’re all over the internet.

    Her hate comes out in not paying starving staff, demeaning congregants who cannot come to the cathedral for valid reasons such as taking care of special needs dependents, a long distance, or having to work on Sundays.
    She blames her own volunteers and staff for her own shortcomings and mistakes, in meanspirited ways.

    Right now, she’s scoffing at anyone raising funds for Katrina victims, from kids having lemonade stands to the relief organizations to celebrities showing up to help or giving millions of dollars. She snarls that they’re just doing it for the “hey look at me affect.”

    Who friggin’ cares, if that is why, or part of why? They’re doing what they can. They’re giving. People there are dying and homeless.

    The Scott’s hated anyone giving money to any cause that wasn’t to them.

    She’s a hateful angry person to Christian brethren, to her own flock, like Dr. Scott was. They both enjoy abusing their own underlings. Many are young, trusting adults. That’s real hate.

    Did you see her nude photos playing with herself, in holy rapture near orgasm on her face? That’s self hatred, disrespect for God’s temple.

  • Al Barger, Gene Scott was scholarly and intelligent; however, what makes you say he was faithful to Jesus? Didn’t you see his angry demands to God to physically heal him of cancer as he was being eaten up by the cancer he chose to neglect for four years?

    Last Sunday his widow, Melissa Scott aka Barbie Bridges broadcast that Dr. Scott did that so that people wouldn’t think God was a liar if he didn’t heal him. He had always preached going to the table of the Lord, the right way, his way, had to keep him and everone who did, healthy.

    His faith was in himself to pull off the near impossible, not in God and Jesus to enter in and be with him, no matter what. He was an agnostic.

  • Joop is exactly right, GO FIGURE!



  • H8N Lies, I don’t know where you get all this information about Mrs Scott. I find it unlikely that she would be scoffing at people raising hurricane relief funds, and especially that she would be doing so publicly such that you would be seeing it. Then again, I’ve never seen her, and maybe I just don’t know.

    However, when you say that Gene Scott was an agnostic, I’m afraid I’ma have to go ahead and question your police work there. I would not claim that Gene Scott was pure and righteous in all ways and times in his soul- nor would he have told you that, from anything I could see. One thing though, he surely gave every appearance of true and firm belief in Jesus Christ of Nazareth. You’d have a hell of a time convincing me otherwise than that.

  • IBdaMAN

    h8n lies: [edited] Did you ever really watch Dr. Scott? or just snoop in perioticly???? Did he not raise money for the burnt down library in down town Los Angeles???? Did he not raise money for the aquatic center in Pasadena??? Did he not say and ALWAYS say FOR EVER O’ LORD THEY WORD IS SETTLED IN HEAVEN???? AS HE WENT TO THE TABLE OF THE LORD??????? HE PRECHED IT AND HE KNEW THAT IF GOD DIDN’F HEAL HIM HERE HE WOULD OVER THERE…..AND HE ALWAYS SAID THAT!!!!!! [edited]

  • ann schultz

    Could somebody please fill me in? There is much terrible stuff posted about Melissa Scott’s post-Gene behaviors in the ministry – could you please tell me how you have gotten all this information?

    I had not been to the Cathedral for a couple months before Dr. Scott died because I was out of town. Weird thing was, I came off the trip in early January and was planning to attend, had a reservation, and on that particular Sunday was one of the worst winter storms to hit Southern California in decades, and my street was flooded with high speed water to where it was not safe to drive. Then the following week I was sick and had not made a reservation, then the Sunday after that, I had another reservation, but something in my spirit, I am not kidding, sensed that I should not go, so I did not. Then I just stopped going because it just did not feel right, and then a couple weeks later, Dr. Scott was dead.

    Sometime this summer I saw a couple of rebroadcasts of Sunday services with Melissa preaching and quickly realized that she simply did not have the depth, insight and style that her husband had and that it was a real shame that she was no longer singing, because preaching was definitely not her thing. Her singing and the band’s music was some of the best and most fun, rockin’ church music I had ever heard and I loved it! I was hoping and actually prayed that God would equip her to carry on the preaching if that was what He intended for her to do.

    So what’s the deal? Are you people actually seeing her bad behavior in the services? Are you seeing it in the studio during the Festivals? How do you know about the “stepping out” and catering to the “carnal desires” to which some of you have referred? There have been plenty of people with horrible, God-forsaken pasts who have been saved absolutely – can we be sure she really is still a pornographic bitch-goddess? Have any of you ever seen Dr. Scott himself bitch out a person in the audience for a ridiculously minor and perceived infraction, calling the poor slob an “asshole” three times on worldwide television, then throwing him out forever? (His crime? He “slumped down in his chair” in a “disrespectful” manner.) I have, I was there actually in the Cathedral when he did it, and I have witnessed other spectacular tirades during the service to the point that I finally left the church for several years. Yet I still knew him to be the finest expositor of Christian and Old Testament truths around, eloquent beyond anyone else I have ever heard.

    It is not my job to decide and say who is the true Christian and who is not. Only God will do this. It is my job to search my own heart and ask the Spirit of God to help me clean it out, and to tell others about the condemnation of the Law and the redemption of the Gospel.

    How did you know about “filthy water” at the baptism service? Why do you suppose that the people’s statements during the service were contrived or forced or coerced? I was not there so I do not know.
    Does anyone know when the Sunday service is rebroadcast on KDOC? It does not seem to be on when I thought it was.

  • ann schultz

    I meant, does anyone know when the Sunday service is rebroadcast on KDOC on the same Sunday, Melissa preaching? I am aware of the old services at 10pm.

  • ann


  • IBdaMAN

    Sunday:7-11….m-f: 10-11….I still haven’t seen Melissa preach. So I can’t answer that part, and in rebutel of what you said you witnessed. I guess to some, with out knowing in depth how passionate Doc was about GODS word, and the RESPECT he DEMANDED in GODS house, seemed absured to say or do some of the things he did. But if YOU really thought and lived like a true christen, you would honour GOD in the same way, especialy in GODS house. Most so called christens are to milk toast nambie pambys with no back bone, that would NEVER stand up or speak up to anyone who disrespects GODS house, or word. Doc on the ohter hand lived his life like a TRUE christian, with the courage, tenacity,and action BASED on GODS word that so few do. So you left the church, because you thought he was out of line for treating “some ignorant” few who DISRESPECTED GODS house….as for me I appaud Doc for DEMANDING respect in GODS house. Maybe now after the fact you can see that. He didn’t do it to gain popularity, he didn’t do it to be seen of men, He did it because he was a true man of GOD.

  • The info on Pastor Melissa Scott, aka Barbie Bridges,is public Ca. court and recorder’s records, on the net and out of her own mouth. Check the summaries posted by ResearcherGuy, a pro P.I., on alt.fan.genescott.com, or talkaboutpeople.com for Gene Scott.

    Some is leaked by insiders who laugh at her idiocy behind her back. Nobody respects the ignorant abusive tramp.
    I was a Voice of faith, security, usher, cameraman for over 15 years.

    God had enough of Gene Scott serving
    Gene Scott and enslaving others to worship him. God took him out. His spirit is moving to close the whole
    fraud house ministry down. You watch.

    Only Jesus Saves.
    Stick your head in the sand if you want. It won’t change reality.

  • Pastor Melissa Scott aka Barbie Bridges scams the feds, transferred titles of church “secrets” paid by viewers, to her name & is slashing ministry service.

    Library & acquatics donations were a speck of what Gene stole from people and taxpayers, a pittance for 30 years of gorging at the pig trough. Scotts rarely fund anyone but themselves.

  • IBdaMAN

    I have been apart of his ministry since 1982, and still to this day Gods word beems forward from the lips of Dr. Scott. Wheres the slashing? wheres the scams? if what you say were true the “feds” would have done something by now to her. And i think your full of crap about being there for 15 years serving in the ministry…#1 you had to have been a kings house #2 a tither #3 someone with brains….you fit none of the above!!! your nothing but a low life wanna be, that probely got turned away, and , or kicked out for being a moron….who do you think your convincing of your b.s??? you might fool some who don’t know better, but as for me i have been a part of the ministry and an active partisipant in church activities, and your nothing but a false witness to what the ministry is. Doc don’t need me to speak up for him GOD has his back, but for me to sit idol and say nothing to an ignorant fool putting down a good man, for doing GODS work, would be shamefull. As for you, may satan have a special seat for you right next to him, so you can spread your ignorance to the dammed.

  • Ann

    why did you take my posting off did the truth Barbie Bridges Look you in the eye LOL LOL

  • LOL Ann postings here have not been edited far as I know as if Blogcritics had some stake in supporting a televangelist LOL but not would matter as no one could make sense of your not sentences LOL and how much credibility would I put in such illiteracy LOL

  • ann

    Hey Al Click the blue highligted name what wrong you not man enough to handle Barbie Bridges aka Melissa LOL LOL

  • Yes Ann, you had that link earlier. What’s the problem? If in fact that hot thing is the widow of the late Rev Scott, I can only congratulate him posthumously on a fine catch. Presumably she has retired from such delightful wantoness. As Jesus said to the woman at the well, go forth and sin no more.

    And why would you be so determinedly hateful toward this woman?

  • ann

    Al come on her pics are all over the internet like she really retired please al lets not be stupid…and she is using GOD to bring in the MONEY HELLOOOOOOO earth to AL

  • Again Ann, what’s your problem? Are you jealous of her figure, or what?

    Again, I do not know that this “Barbie Bridges” is the person you claim. I’ve seen no actual documentation, and you certainly have not provided any links that would satisfy me as proof.

    Not that it would bother me if it was true. I could easily enough imagine Gene Scott marrying a retired hooker. Wouldn’t shock me, nor would I think it was a particularly bad thing for him to have done.

    I wouldn’t necessarily believe any of your hateful statements here anyway, but I would find it especially unlikely that she’s now running the ministry and still doing porn on the side as you imply. Seems extremely unlikely.

  • uao

    Well, my curiosity was certainly piqued, so I went and did a search for Barbi Bridges. (It’s spelled Barbie or Barbi depending on the site; a quick google will reveal her in seconds)

    Oh it’s her, all right. Funny, I see her in a whole new light now.

    Heavenly; God be praised.

    I don’t really care one way or another; I always fell alseep during Scott’s program; never could follow all his muttering and marks on his whiteboard. If the dude married a porn babe, than the old coot had more on the ball than I thought, so to speak.

    Whatever she’s up to as Melissa is between her and Scott’s followers. But it isn’t the holiest of resumes.

  • I have never heard of Gene Scott, but I am totally going to check him out now.

    I really liked this article, Al Barger; thanks for this information. I think I would have liked Gene Scott–

    I like Christians who don’t think laughter is a sin, and I get annoyed with jackasses too. I’ll take a good joke and a song about killing pissants over Jim and Tammy Faye’s mascara-streaked blubbering any day.

  • I can’t believe people are so stupid and bound by their National Enquirer mentality! All these morons can talk about is Melissa’s body, pictures, and former profession. Their rants simply indicate their arousal from the whole damned Melissa thing. These are the perverts that the Doc always talked about. The shallow brained twits who have nothing to say if they are not whitewashing over somebody they view as wrong or in sin. They need to get laid more often so that sex is not in the forefront of their clouded, feeble minds. Now, get laid several times before you read this next section and
    you’ll understand what and why the Doc did what he did with Melissa. At first, I didn’t understand why Doc’s interns didn’t immediately step up and carry the message to the World as Doc once declared should happen upon his demise. When Melissa took over I was in shock. I thought about it and after a long meditation I saw this as a move that only a genius could come up with. Had his successor taken up the Ministry, eventually, human nature would take hold. The new Pastor would say to himself, “I am now the pointman here and I’ll stop playing Doc’s tapes and start sharing my brilliant insights.” The temptaion is too strong. A man would want to take credit for what he is and not remain in the shadows of his predecessor. Human nature always seeks to elevate itself above even your vows to a dead man. Eventually, the Doc’s voice would fade and we would hear more from the new voices… the interns. And I must say this now, If those interns who were discipled by the Doc are worth their weight in spit, if they don’t like Melissa they should start their own work and apply all that the Doc taught them. They need to put up or shut up. Now here is the brilliance of this Melissa thing; Doc marries her and gives her a new name, and a new identity and purpose. If dense self righteous piss ants don’t understand this they’re not worth talking to Al. Who better than your wife to keep your voice alive? Who else will be faithfull to keep running the tv stream of videos. Call her what you will but if all she’s called into the kingdom for is to keep the Doc’s voice alive, then leave her alone. It is evident that she ain’t the Doc. The money for that ministry flows as a result of the teaching. The Doc’s failsafe is built in. If you’re not fed, you don’t pay. It’s obvious to many. She doesn’t and can’t serve it up like good ol’ Dr. Gene. If her head swells, I guarantee the money won’t come in. She is bound to keep the Voice of Doc Scott going as long as she is able.

  • Dan

    Dr Gene Scott was fundamentally what all preachers are, especially the televangelical sort. He was a man in search of escape from what most of humanity calls “honest work.” That he may have worked harder (and MUCH smarter) at his chosen craft than he would have at the honest sort is besides the point, to him it was all just play.

    Normally, I might classify Preacher Scott with that other great avoider of all things that even remotely resembles honest work, G.W. Bush, except that, in watching Dr. Scott over the years, I really do believe he truly did despise the liar and lying as a method of getting one’s daily bread.

    I also don’t personally see any bad thing about trying to avoid “honest work,” just as long as it’s not maliciously fobbed off on some other undeserving rube. As with the scoundrels or even the average East, East Texan, most of the world’s true geniuses have usually managed to avoid being excessively afflicted by life’s most redundantly depressing labors.

    Consequently, angel Scott now gets to sit on a different pedestal, in an extensively cooler climate, and with a much higher class of manual labor delinquents, say like Vincent Van Gogh, Mozart, and Robert Heinlein (who was promoted to heaven only as a deifically hellish prank! Go ahead and re-read your Bible, G_d sometimes has a viciously wicked sense of humor), etc.


  • IBdaMAN

    Gatosammy, well said on right on point. Been saying it all along, the congregation is the fruit of Docs teachings, and the true christens that will keep giving because of what Doc taught. Melissa can keep preaching, and growing in spirt, and that will come over time, but like you said sammy long as she keeps Docs messeges alive, and p laying is what really matters. As far as you are concerned Dan, what is it you do for an honest living???? that you sit there hidding behind your computer putting down a MAN OF GOD that devoted his whole life to a perpose??? Doc made that ministry a 24/7 access to God, with accuracy that is unpresidented in todays world! So what is it that you do Dan for a living that outs you above a man that devoted his whole life to helping other poeple get to heaven????? I suppose you have devoted your life to a worthy cause, that on judgment day you can say to God that ” I worked hard and honestly for you God”????????? Dan you make me sick you scum bucket!

  • IB, why you hatin’ on ol’ Dan here? He wasn’t particularly even putting down the good reverend. Play nice!

  • IBdaMAN

    Well Al, I don’t like to hate on anyone, but if you read between the lines what he said, it’s just a false statment. Believe me I know Doc don’t need me to stick up for him, but it urks me to know end that some passer’s by take a glimps of what and who Doc was, and base their ignorant opinions from a non-researched point of view. Point being even if it was president Bush that was the focus, having some moron place his views with NO basis for his opinion, and falsely slanderizing them, is enough fuel for me to get on their case.

  • Dan

    Mr. “IBdaMAN”

    People who suffer from the affliction of low self-esteem such as yourself are always so easy to spot because they invariably confer upon themselves such grandiose nicknames. As often as not, the nickname usually confirms approximately what delusions a poor fool is suffering from.

    Preacher Gene Scott was an excellent example of what you are not, as he was the very epitomy of self-confidence. Indeed, I feel that Mr. Scott would never have adopted such a masturbatory alias like “IBdaMAN” because he already knew it. Furthermore, the people Dr. Scott hung out with also knew it. He didn’t need to advertise.

    You, on the other hand, are “da MAN” most probably with only a select few individuals simply because they really don’t have the time to do much more than just humor you until visiting time is over.

    My original statement regarding Dr. Scott clearly seperates him as a grain of truth swimming among a vast excess of Christian imposters who spend a career harvesting their opulent lifestyles like bottom-feeders in the propaganda cesspool that is American televangelism.

    In that minister Scott chose a profession that is uncommonly populated by plastic-haired con artists and moral perverts testifies to his courage. That he quite successfully avoided the worst of their social disease attests to the circumstancial superiority of his own moral standards.

    One thing I do know though, Gene Scott was not trying to “help” anybody “get to heaven.” Scott’s ministry was mostly one of “quid-pro-quo.” His was a message of EDUCATION, and if you benefitted from his very subdued form of proselytizing then he expected you to pay for the message up front. THIS is what I liked about the guy, regardless of whatever flavor he used in his snake-oil. He refused to pretend compassion for the great unwashed masses who neither wanted his compassion, nor deserved it!

    From its primordeal inception, religion has functioned within human civilization as a primary conduit of the most perverted immorality and abject oppression ever produced, even while prohibiting all criticism of itself by insisting that G_d commanded such criticism heretical! Now, I’m not referring to faith or spirituality, I’m just talking about what functions as nothing more than an incorporated bureaucratic devise perpetuating a very human institution.

    In the meantime IBdaMAN, it seems extremely odd to me that you would pretend to defend Dr. Scott’s “honor” by initiating such a fundamentally unChristian attack of irrelevant allegations, plainly false inuendo, gratuitous insults, and just general assholedry. If you are a premier example resulting from Dr. Scott’s ministry, then by that Christian yardstick, Preacher Scott has apparently failed quite miserably.

    The true tragedy really displayed by you here is that YOU ARE so representative of what passes for a Christian in these modern times. And it’s because of this precise, prevailing circumstance that I so strongly disagreed with Gene Scott’s definition of salvation, because he believed all that was really needed to qualify for G_d’s eternal health care plan was “faith” in Jesus, a “confession” from what may pass as a heart, and a desire to get “born again.” This insane litmus has resulted in a “Christian” America that conducts itself much more like an anti-Christ Empire, And is severely exacerbated by your average “ditto-head” Christian lover of Rush Limbaugh, who is so much more likely to spit upon the covenant of love and peace that Jesus demanded of those who would follow Him than comply with its directives.

    At its most basic IBdaMAN, you’re just another hypocrite, and hypocrisy certainly ain’t gonna get YOU into “heaven.”


  • IBdaMAN

    Just fyi azzwipe, several others refer to me as “IBdaMAN” and it’s an alias I use because it’s how “they” see me. It was not self-proclaimed, and if i was wrong on how I read and interpreted what you wrote earlier, my appologies, but after reading your 2nd entry I stand by my responce! You don’t know me other than what you read in my responce to your flavorful misguided words you fonted, and how was i being a hypocrite? Do you know what the word means? or you just trying to cover up your lack of knowledge with more ” flvorful” words? and as far as what Doc produced in me as far as being a christen, I believe i’m on the right tract! and the remark “help” people to get to heaven I was right on the mark you moron! God lead Doc on a path of preaching his word, it was NOT all about “education” Doc was an “educated man” yes, and he spoke from an “educated” platform, but Gods word that came from the “educated” pastor was nothing less then what Doc found to be what God wanted him to speak and live, turning on the light switch, so that people who had eyes to see would see, and the ones who were able to see would follow. Doc’s mission was not out to “help” the world to get to heaven, but to “help” those who had eyes to see, see, and lay out the map to get to heaven. And no he never asked ANYONE to “pay up front” he always said” if I have taught you in the word, you owe”! and like I said at the beginning of this responce, I never claimed nor self-prclaimed I was ” DaMan” It was givin to me by my peers, and is just a screen name I use, so if your just trying to “dig” to get under my skin, move on. Stick to the platform on hand, and get off your “digs”, and “dig” at the substance rather then the personal attacks!

  • Dan

    IBdaMAN, thank you very much for that spontaneous confession. You just uncontestably proved with that fractured communication everything I said about you.


  • I was a young trusting, aka gullible, kh, kt, usher, vof, came in under the philippians band, had a dish, dish#, too. Then I grew up when my dad got cancer and I got disciplined for not being “at my post” and being unable to
    turn over all my money without during back on my very own dad, as pressured by mean Gene. That was before HE got cancer, then it was OK to miss church, like Melissa did, to wipe his shriveled butt. That’s when the scales fell from my eyes.

    Now I see Cheryl & other scotties walking around battling their cancer, hair falling out, with zero help from their church. No, it’s all for PMS.

    Her past and photos matter not, it’s her prideful empty headed abuse, give it all to me, I’m superior to everyone attitude that is the issue. She’s a liar and a thief, a false teacher and merciless task master.

    Melissa acts like she’s better than any other bible scholar in the world. She totally ignores what others have given to Gene, that she stands on now.

    God is dealing with her, and will continue to do so. You watch. She is
    blaspheming his name, and his bride,
    the church, which is the people.
    Listen to Satan if you want.

  • Don

    By some fluke, I stumbled across this web page, much like I stumbled across Dr. Gene Scott’s church when I lived in Los Angeles.

    Should I feel sad about his passing? Hell no! You specify that “personal attacks are not allowed.” Does this mean you don’t care to hear about my encounters with that egomaniacal liar, fraud, and vermin?

    When I have more time, I’ll give you a synopsis of the book I’m writing about the corruption at Wescott Christian Center, KVOF, and the horse ranches, houses, airplanes, and buildings he bought for himself with the church’s money.

    While he spent his career defaming good AND bad preachers, he was the oxymoron he publicly despised! From the burning of the Los Angeles Public Library to the attempted purchase of Church of the Open Door, I will prove that this parasite should have spent his remaining years in prison, where he could have found his most devout congregation and lived out his warped fantasies!

    Read Glenn Bunnings feature article in the LA Times. It reports about how the bastard tried to have me killed because I refused to work for free. I have learned, firsthand, how he swindled his “thousands” of followers with his “secrets,” and I know the names, addresses, and telephone numbers of his cronies. Got your attention, yet? If I mourn any loss, it’s that the SOB won’t have to face me in court! I don’t believe in Satan, nor in hell. So, where can I send him an autographed copy?

  • If you ever finish that book, let us know. 🙂

    In the meantime, we should all remember not to invest our lives overmuch in following other people, especially those who make no secret of their many faults.

  • Second that, Don. I’d be most interested in reading your book- though I find it hard to believe that Gene Scott would be going around trying to have people killed.

  • The first time I saw Dr. Scott was in 1973 as I was cleaning my living room and had the tv on. I didn’t know what he was all about but thought he was so handsome. As the years went on I noticed one couldn’t turn the tv through all it’s channels without seeing that handsome white haired guy stiil on the tub. In 1988 my second husband and I seperated and I was considering leaving this planet early. Then I saw him again on tv and this time I stopped and listened. At first I couldn’t believe they would let that guy on tv. He was shocking and bold,even insulting, but I still listened and slowly I begain to understand. I fell in love with that handsome man in that healthest of ways . I got a short wave radio and had it on 24/7. Dr. Scott took me and through me my entire family on the greatest adventure of our lifetime.
    I was so socked to find out he was gone yet I new this day would come and wondered what would I do without him. I lay in my bed at night and remember the hours he filled and the excitment of the jouney. Because of him I became a self educated person and learned for the first time in my life about I Jesus who loved me.
    My tears are many for the loss in my life, and I will never forget that handsome young man I first saw on tv in 1873. Thanks Gene for your gift.

  • Thank you Charlene. That was powerful testimony.

  • Unknown Chicken

    Dr. Gene Scott was a lost man who thought he was going to heaven upon his death…I bet he’s suprised at where he really ended up. How sad that he was so blinded by his own genius and even sadder, how he deceived so many followers. The man was a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

  • Unknown Chicken

    Dr. Gene Scott ? I have find the real true believer that is just as enlighting as Gene can you say SATAN……

  • susan

    You know I have studied the messages on this site and have come to the conclusion there are many unforgiving folks stating thier mind regarding Dr Gene’s wife Malissa Scott. I’d like to say, ” I don’t know where I would be, if it weren’t for second chances “. I have faith in the God of a second chance.
    I have to say I was shocked at Dr. Gene’s choice in women too. But after the shock went away, I had to remember my checkered past and how I was forgiven. Certainly there is more then one forgiven person on this planet. I believe that program is afforded to everyone.
    I feel most people need to clean up their own back yard before they start on their neigbor’s. Then stop and remember, we all have secrets we want kept secret. Dr. Gene brought this mega sinner to a mirror and made me look at what I was, and then he enriched my life by showing me who I was.
    Lay off Mrs. Scott because`you all need to work on self. Of corse she is no Gene Scott! There will never be another Gene Scott, but she is sincere, was found and saved by our Lord. Will she make it as a pearcher? Ask me in 10 years.

  • Unknown Chicken

    Susan your sad you know that there must be something very lonely about your inner self that you have to grab on to anything for some sort of hope and gene scott is not the person

  • Some Gene Scott hating schmuck has been posting anti-Gene comments with MY name attached to them here. Hopefully, our editors will pluck those right out, and this comment will be be referring to stuff that isn’t here anymore. Still, take note if you see something in the comments here with my name that doesn’t sound like the rest of what I’m saying.

  • Mr Barger: I have changed the name of this gutless wonder to Unknown Chicken. I hope that meets with your approval and thank you for bringing this serious matter to our attention. There will be follow through…

    Christopher Rose
    BlogCritics Comments Editor

  • Thank you, Monsieur Rose. People are welcome to leave comments dumping on the late reverend. Just do it in your own name, and not mine. I liked him, and like Annie Lennox, I know better than to mess with a missionary man.

  • De nada, Don Alberto. Muchas gracias por su tolerancia.

  • TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: Please take note that using the name of another BlogCritic in order to pass off your remarks as those of another is cowardly, pathetic and grounds for immediate banning. You have been advised. Heed it… Comments Editor.

  • to all the people who judge on this sight of Gene Scotts ministry , you people sound just like people who killed jesus and the untrusting people of israel who didnt go into the promiss land … Read the book and step back and really look at the truth.

    remember ; we like sheep have gone astray and turned everone to our own way.

  • PAT



  • anonymous

    Dr. Gene Scott was a lost man who thought he was going to heaven upon his death…I bet he’s suprised at where he really ended up. How sad that he was so blinded by his own genius and even sadder, how he deceived so many followers. The man was a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

    [NB: This poster used my well known name/alter ego, alienboy. I have changed it to prevent confusion. Thank you. Comments Editor.]

  • dickless wonder

    Dr. Gene Scott was a lost man who thought he was going to heaven upon his death…I bet he’s suprised at where he really ended up. How sad that he was so blinded by his own genius and even sadder, how he deceived so many followers. The man was a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

    [Ed Note: Again, pretending to be someone you’re not isn’t cool.]

  • leemiles

    For years I had listened to Dr. Scott on short wave in Colombia, where I live. Intriguing and sometimes provocative. Then a year or so ago I heard him chastising the congregation for not volunteering, not doing their jobs, how he was going to throw them all out.

    Unfortunately because of the undated organization of the broadcasts one had no idea whether that harangue had happened that day, a day before or a year before.

    I listened only occasionally in the last few months, and Dr. Scott what there telling me to GET ON THE TELEPHONE. Then a week ago I hear this woman’s voice instead of Dr. Scott’s. She was literally whining about how this had been thrust upon her and the everybody should live up to their pledges, and that they should send the money in in her name, and not in the name of Dr. Scott. AHA, I said. Gene Scott is dead and this can only be his wife and heir.

    As a voice from beyond the pews I would like to say that it is easy to predict that the Scott ministry is going to fall in on itself in a big hurry. I raise my voice in support of preserving the tapes of Scott’s lectures and getting them organized for systematic transmission on a cycle that corresponds with either their original timeline or a thematic one. And this should be put out there on the airwaves with a program and syllabus.

    Sorry to hear that the curmudgeon is gone. Adios, Doc.

  • Joe

    I have been a Kings House since 1989. Doc made me realize that having faith and receiving the eternal reward, didn’t mean I had to be perfect. I am very saddened by his death last year. I hope and pray that Melissa will continue on in doing his work, and may God bless and guide her. Lord please give the strength and courage we need to move forward.

  • Doug

    “The news of my demise has been greatly exagerated”- Mark Twain

    Those hoping, praying and wishing for the demise of Doc’s voice are in for a big surprise! The broadcast will go on until Jesus comes! AMEN

    Then we won’t need it any more!

  • Dean

    When Doc taught, I “got it”…my wife never understood how I could listen to him.

  • jfkjr

    Come and listen to a story about a man named Eugene
    Poor old preacher always acting mean

    Then one day while puffin a cigar
    He thought to himself,hey Im a preaching superstar

    Self anointed that is, Selfrighteous,Egomaniacil

    Well the next thing ya know old Genes a millionaire
    Robbing his congregation just seemed downright more
    than fair

    Said Californy is the place I oughta be
    So he married a porn actress and moved to Beverly

    Hills that is
    Swimmin pools,movie stars

    Well now its time to say goodbye to Gene and all his
    And they would like to thank you folks for all the
    money you’ve sent in.

    Your all invited back again to this locality
    To have a heapin help of his nastyass’ole personality

    Charlitin that is,Watch a while,Send your money in
    Ya all get on the phone now ya hear
    Chapter:7 Verse:11
    And see my prophet Dr.Loveless Scott
    For I have given unto him
    mansions,show horses,
    cuban cigars
    with which to puff himself up
    and many fools to magnify himself

  • caucazhin

    He’s going to spend eternity in ASSHOLES Anonymous meeting.Hi my names Eugene I’m the worlds biggest AHOLE!

  • Gene Scott. I want to meet him once more than anything in the world, and take him up on his noblest promise of paying my fare to come and argue with him. There’s many a thing we would come to agreement on, I’m sure if he was still here he would buy some more horses and scream at some people. I recently came into contact with an escaped slave from his California ranch. Tyrone Washington said that he was the greatest masta ever one could have. Gene Scott is one person that I would never challenge to a drinking contest. The one time I had the nerve to go drinking with my old dad, he beat my ass in beer pong and we went outside and he argued me down more than anybody else in a 24 hour ratio. I bought him his glasses that he wore till he died. He was buried in those glasses, so I had to exume his lacadasical corpse to get them back. They are currently on sale on e-bay. Make all your snap-judgements you fucking embeciles, poppa gene was not an idiot.

  • Gene Scott Sr

    Gene Scott Jr. thank you for those kind words my son i hope when i packed your butt we came much closer….

  • Dr. Karl Hansen

    I grew up in the Lutheran church, longing to be an Alter Boy. My faith was crushed by a pastor who probably never should have been in the ministry in the first place. For years I ignored God. Out of desperation I parayed that god would give me a job and he came through. I vowed I would in turn serve him but never seemed to find a way. When flipping TV chanels I came across a white haired guy sitting in a chair. I said to my wife, who is that guy? her response, “I don’t know, but he never goes to the bathroom.” That statement so struck me that I determined to see if he ever did get out of that chair and go to the bathroom. Listening to Dr. Scott changed my life. I was born again, learned to read the Bible for myself, and make decisions based on Biblical truth, not religious dogma. I have been serving God ever since. No matter what you may have heard someone say about Dr. Scott, his basic doctrine never changed, he was sent to minister to the unusual man who couldn’t be reached by any other christian. I am saved and serving in the local church because of Dr. W. Eugene Scott. For that I am eternally greatful. Sincerely, Rev. Dr. Karl Hansen, D.D.

  • I can only thank the universe that I wasn’t raised as a Lutheran, whatever weird variety of Christianity that may be, if this is what passes for intellectual or philosophical discourse to its adherents.

    I’m still chuckling over the many contradictions and paradoxes contained within this short quote alone: “make decisions based on Biblical truth, not religious dogma”.


  • M. Gale

    If you were taught by Mr. Scott you were caught by Mr. Scott. Not one deed or word of his was without an attempt profit itself or self agrandizement in total. He was one of those folks that feed on the weak minded and amateur thinkers, overthrowing their souls with license and dazzling bullshit, setting them “free” and into a wilderness of hero worship and degradation. His first days at Faith Center were filled with upheaval as he made it his own, and creating such distracting and ugly atmosphere most of the congregation left. His radio broadcasts then were filled with a much rawer version of his TV performances. The stark contrast of the former solid Bible teaching to the belacose rantings to arouse the worst sentiments in the listening audience. Many people know who is really is and it’s not these folks that claim their life was changed. No doubt he has changed and damaged many folks. At the judgement seat of Christ all we be know. Nothing of his words or behaviour indicate that he knew or ever knew Jesus Christ as Lord or Saviour. He boasted on radio in the early years that he taught Oral Roberts how to fleece the flock. That I have on tape from the time when he first came to Faith Center and was fighting for absolute control. Someone might find something in these comments that they will use to discredit my witness but it is true never the less. I stopped watching him years ago while he was still crying with snot dripping a carrying on like a very disturbed individual. he refused to listen to any voice but his own and stood in his own council. If he was wealthy before he got to Faith Center , where did it come from? Did he have a job somewhere? Did he inherit it? He was supposedly doing God’s work. Few get rich serving God. Mr. Scott lies waiting for the resurrection and judgement of the dead. Those that follow him will do likewise. Ok, Scott defenders , work your magic logic on my comments. Despite the policy of not attacking personally, Mr. Barger seems to likes to get a few chicken shit digs in , church lady style. Just posture as morally outraged and let me have it baby. What I wrote is still the truth as any of the early Faith Center folks could confirm if they ever found this blog. I won’t respond to comments as it is a bit spiritually icky here. I just read and thought I needed to speak up since it is an unfriendly forum for those that do not honour this man’s deeds and words. Thank you.

  • M Gale, thank you for your thoughtful comments. You make a fair case against ol’ Gene. I’m more generous and forgiving of him than you are, but then I’m not a Christian, so he’s not abusing MY beliefs.

    I was intrigued by this tape you say you have of Scott talking about teaching Oral Roberts how to “fleece” the flock. You should get that converted into digital form, and propogate it. I would LOVE to have an mp3 for my home MoreThings website of Gene talking like that. I’d post it for one and all.

    A couple of small criticisms, though. You don’t need to be quite so defensive with me. I might criticize as I think appropriate and needful, but I’m not malicious, and I ain’t trying to get ya. Don’t ‘noid out on us.

    Also, it would improve your literary impact considerably if you could just break your writing up into paragraphs. Something that long, most people even who are interested will lose there place after a few lines- besides the thoughts themselves running together- and just give up. A mere half dozen carriage returns would help considerably.

  • He’s going to spend eternity in ASSHOLES Anonymous meeting.Hi my names Eugene I’m the worlds biggest AHOLE!

  • faither

    it never ends here.. everyone has here has opinion’s of old Gene but didnt jesus, moses, martin luther , paul and peter talked with authority ??? Why because they were taught by God personally or like gene and martin luther, did hard studies in gods word . and like old gene said a thousand times dont take his word for his teaching go read the bible and study history for yourself. i dont know what your bible says but when jesus returns what did he say he was looking for ,, FAITH ! not people who act like christians.. And faith is an action word in the original greek.

    YOU jackass critics havent spent 5 hours reading your bible . cause if you did you would know the truth. DID not paul say the righteous shall live by FAITH

    that is what OL gene lived by , so you that judge, are gonna get yours !!! JESUS said my last statement , read the four gospels and repent!!!

    this statement is not to piss anybody off, but to wake some of you up ! i dont worship gene and im not a cultist . but the man taught me Faith action in GOD’s word and thats what i live by .

  • wellshootme

    Gene Scott was the only preacher on tv worth watching. Amen brother! I miss him

  • Fuck you

    What a piece of shit he was — I’m glad he’s dead!

  • jfrog

    Gene Scott was a jerk a prick an asshole an egomaniac an overconfident self righteous cold hearted old coot with standards that were amazingly high….i think that his teachings (which can be checked re-checked and checked again and proven, for the most part, to be completey accurate) were just what the world as whole needed to break free of the beuracratic hypocrytical christian traditions that “make void the word of God” you can make you judgements on whether of not he is in heaven and anyone can tell you that youre wrong and you can have an argument for years about it and none of it will matter God (judging through his promised son, Jesus) makes the final judgment based on faith alone as Paul states in romans, and if faith isnt the way to heaven what was the point of jesus?
    Doc knew the way taught the way and lived the way and in doing so provided the closest example of living by faith the anyone in the last half century has ever seen

  • jfrog

    and in it for the money or not still provided amazing teachings that will guide millions or even billions to salvation throughout the generations

  • faither

    Amen jfrog !!!!!!!

  • Security One

    I worked for Gene Scott providing security for him at his home in Pasadena for a while. I was NOT one of his followers but paid by a private security company. I can say in all honesty that he was one of the biggest assholes I have ever met thus far in life. He treated his employees more like slaves and was nasty to everyone around him. He was totally full of himself and did nothing other than manipulate the weak minded. If there is a hell, he is certainly burning in it as we speak.

  • Security One

    Mellisa Scott was actually pretty good looking. I hope she is finally gettin’ the cock she was missin’ when that old fart bastard was still alive at their home behind the Ritz in Pasadena. Gene was good at manipulating the weak minded morons of the world. I just can’t be that evil, or I would start talking shit and demanding people’s money as well. Well, maybe if Mellisa was going to suck me every night I could give in.

  • Security One

    The Doc didn’t believe in the Lord, he believed in the US Dollar. That is your US Dollars in his pocket…..Morons….

  • Now S1, comment #136 is definitely not right. “That is your US Dollars in his pocket” Gene Scott did not make a living on tax money, so it wasn’t “your US dollars” being grafted. I can understand people having a whole lot of issues with ol’ Gene, but everyone who sent him money did so voluntarily. You might think they were dupes, but no one had a gun at their heads.

  • faither

    S one, hey hell is a hot place bro , but i respect your right to your opinion, read your bible and find the truth for yourself … before you judge ! and isnt it funny here on this blog, everybody attacks gene scotts personality but knowbody says anything about what he taught from the bible or history. and and far as being weak minded he taught the church to learn about everything they could about truth ,, somebody thats trying brainwash people wants to keep there followers in the dark ?? here just some examples ,, hitler , jimmy jones , david koresh,
    doesnt history show this just to name a few ? OL gene demanded the church to search out the truth. and he also said if you didnt like it turn the channel and if you were not taught by him dont send him any money. name one other christian channel that says that !!! ohh but they say, send us 20 dollars and well send you a a cheap trinket for jesus… give me a break !!

  • Bob

    I have only heard Melissa speak twice but I found her very capable of expressing her understanding of the scriptures. She seems to have a deep desire in studying the difficult questions possed by Genesis. I pray that she will continue to grow in understanding and will influence many people to study the scriptures. Please give her time and I think you will be pleasantly surprised. I wish she would record all of her teaching as her husband did with his teaching, as I believe many people will want it some day soon on DVD, as I would like it, if available. Thanks for the opportunity to encourage Melissa.

  • i watched mean gene for years i knew he was an asshole but he taught like no other so i give credit where credit is due. never did send him a dime though, evertime he started ranting about stuff id just shut him off and come back later when he had moved on.

    went to faith center once back in the eighties then once or twice otthe church of the open door. i didnt like the fact that the off duty asshole cops under his direction would not let you sit where you wanted to sit but always manged to shove you into a seat next to some old gieser. i remember one time i got up to go to the bathroom and heard him start ranting, i didnt give a crap and went out anyway.

    i never cared to go to his church becasue he was an asshole about it, so i would just check out the archives online but now they are gone so that sucks. anyway barbie wont eve get a dime either.

  • Me

    I just started listening to him on ShortWave a few months ago. I like his sermons a lot. For me he is an antidote for all my yrs stuck in faith groups which seemed only capable of agrivating my weakness’. Dr. Scott has helped me. For this I am indebted.
    Thaks Dr. Scott.

  • Wally Ramone

    I wonder when Doc’s Official web site will acknowledge his passing. Everything about it would lead one to believe he is still alive and kicking.

  • Michael

    His wife is running the biggest scam in history. replaying his sermons on TV, acting like he is still alive. Why doesn’t the Feds shut down his website and force his wife to declare he’s dead on his website. Check it out it’s unbelivable

  • See Dr.Gene Scott in action. You think he is a Christian?

  • Michael, obviously you’ve got issues about the late Rev. That video is pretty cute, as far as I’m concerned- but then, I’m not a believer.

    You could perhaps reasonably argue that Gene Scott was not a very good example of Christianity, depending on your standards, but the late pastor certainly was a Christian, with an abiding faith in Jesus Christ. I do not doubt his basic sincerity one bit.

    Plus, I don’t see how re-running his old sermons is a “scam,” and certainly it is of absolutely no interest to the government. There’s that pesky First Amendment thing, and all.

  • faither

    IVE Said it once here ill say it AGAIN, read your bible and find the truth for yourself … before you judge ! and isnt it funny here on this blog, everybody attacks gene scotts personality but knowbody says anything about what he taught from the bible or history. and and far as being weak minded he taught the church to learn about everything they could about truth ,, somebody thats trying brainwash people wants to keep there followers in the dark ?? here just some examples ,, hitler , jimmy jones , david koresh,
    doesnt history show this just to name a few ? OL gene demanded the church to search out the truth. and he also said if you didnt like it turn the channel and if you were not taught by him dont send him any money. name one other christian channel that says that !!! ohh but they say, send us 20 dollars and well send you a a cheap trinket for jesus… give me a break !!

  • Very scary. very confusing.
    If we cannot judge that someone is a non-believer going to hell, what gives us the right to judge that someone is a believer and going to heaven? If by your standard we cannot judge someone is evil,what gives us the right to judge someone is good,or saved? To be absolutely fair you must not praise either the negative or positive judgements as both are forbidden. NO JUDGING or pats on the head for judging according to your opinion.
    Those people,the Scotts, the church, they are a little too Jim Jones, poison kool-aid flavored for my Bible taught discernment,wisdom,or judgement as you choose to define it. Thank-you.

  • Blairskimo

    I am surprised at the amount of grovelling sycophants who line up to kiss this buffoons ass long after he is dead . Where is your dignity you simpletons . I am not a televangelist . LMFAO ! Your a huckster of the highest order and an abusive one at that . I think Gene has an appointment in Hell thats about to come due . Why . His comment to a man who donated his rent money . “you wouldnt be the first one to be thrown out of his house for Jesus “.

    How can a man say that he loves God and ignore his Brother in need .

    Its good that this prick is gone .

  • Coco Bronze

    I’ve heard Melissa Scott teach and I must say that she is pretty good! I am not interested in what her past might have been; what is important “now” is that she honor the Lord Jesus with her life and ministry! Also, she is a very sexy, good looking woman and that in itself will cause some to be jealous. It is a good thing that she usually clothe her beautiful attributes with a very conservative and appropriate attire while speaking. Otherwise, most of you could not handle the beauty of this sexy woman!

  • Janet Defibaugh

    I remember channel surfing back in the 80’s and I came upon Dr Gene Scott late one night. He caught my attention and I started watching. I loved it when he talked about the pyramids. Such a character. “Get on the damn telephone!!”

  • Somewhere there has to be Good in all of us including Dr. Gene and Melissa…..Who are we to Judge others. I respect and admire Melissa for getting out of the sewer she was trying to survive in with her ex husband. In my view, she is certainly a beautiful lady,however, I do not think she is a very good Reverend or Preacher or Teacher or whatever, she calls herself…The Gene Scott Phenomenon will soon fold and be gone…That is how it works….


    Old Doc may be partying…but it ‘s sure as hell in not in heaven.

  • Michael

    well i don’t know what makes you think that He isn’t still alive and kicking. the ol doc is in Heaven and where he deserves to be. away from all the lies of you critics that cannot make up your mind about “a” religion or yet alone what is truth and what isn’t. but i don’t have anything to worry about, because when God comes, which by the times these days and by prophecy and revelations..if anyone would take the time to read it..tells you of how today is in every detail what is predicted hundreds of years ago. Dr. Scott is someone like God says..He will take the good away before the final days come…

    oh and the website that you had us look at..doc’s website clearly states “the LATE Doctor Gene Scott” His message is still going around world wide and its sad to think that the critics can’t seem to trample on Melissa..lol she just shuts you all down..

  • Kimberly

    I think that Dr. scott was a modern day prophet. he will be deeply missed, and the world is in a load of trouble without him. we should pray that Melissa keeps up his work. He had a flock to lead, and he chastened his flock the way he needed to. GOD bless you Melissa.. Someone needs to keep on demystafying spiritual things, in this world full of lost tradition keeping souls.

  • Deborah

    About Dr. Gene Scott—Time will tell, then it won’t matter what ANY of you had to say about it!

  • Mac

    What a bunch of foolish followers of a reprobate with a filthy mouth. You state that he knew the Scriptures? Well so does the devil and his angels. Being able to quote and teach the Bible means nothing if your life and heart are dark.
    Let me put it this way: if he is in heaven, then ANYONE can go there! Good riddance to a deceiver of men!

  • gkopit2003

    what about the 16 demands dr. scott made to the church before they hired him ? why is everyone running from that ? if they have the list, why don’t they post it ?

  • Mark

    I’m currently living in L.A. working, at night, I flip through the satellite channels. This is how I’ve come to know of Melissa Scott. Honestly, I searched her name because I thought she was sexy. Fortunately for me she was also a porn star, may I add, not bad looking in the buff. Nevermind that she is a horrible speaker. I grew up in the church and have heard the same trite words so many times, in a way that at least temporarily fooled my young mind. Who does she think she’s fooling? Who cares about these idiots? Gene Scott was a foremost a conman, but secondly a dilettante with terrible penmanship. His “wife” can’t can’t convey even simple information using the english language. Personal observations aside, God(whatever he is) has given us all minds that posess varying degrees of intellect, I suggest you use yours and throw man-made religion away(yes, christianity/islam/judaism/catholicism/buddhism etc…) and seek the truth for yourself. If God answers prayers, pray for the truth! You won’t hear anything.

  • rajah524

    DSM Axis II Schzoid Personality Disorder in the pews. DSM Axis II Antisocial Personality Disorder and… (see below) in the pulpit. Google Sharon Ekleberry or Theodore Millon for explanations.

    I love to watch Melissa. With the sound muted. She is a forensic psychologist’s dream girl. Few that physically gifted have the patience to work the long-term grift.

    Does Pastor Pastore believe in or care about what she says when she’s wandering around on the stage like a Bipolar Mixed Manic on a stiff dose of Depakote? If she doesn’t, then she is one talented little charlatan. If she does, it’s no wonder. Because she’s very probably a Schizoid herself.

    I’ve never met a career call girl, lap or pole dancer, porn actress or madame who hadn’t been serial raped by the men in the family for a good long time. Most of them go Borderline, Histrionic, Antisocial or Passive-Aggressive (Negativistic).

    I have seen a few go charmingly Narcissistic, but it’s rare. So is Schizoid for these women, but given her intellectual -capacity- (not her acquired knowledge), it’s not a surprize that she appears to be Schizoid -and- Antisocial.

    Which equals a screwball intellectual and an immoral wallet vacuumer.

    In Gene, she is a true believer. In herself, she is a reformed vending machine turned social dominatrix. I pray for her every day.

    I pray for her every day. I hope she becomes a really big-time televangelist so that we can all watch the mighty (and beautiful) fall on Dateline or 60 Minutes.

  • I watched Pastor Melissa on TV few times and I absolutely love her teaching. She is great! I do not know about her past (who cares about it anyway), but I know for sure that she has a wonderful future.

  • Andrew

    Having listened to Dr. Scott off and on the past couple years, like some have commented, I found much of his behavior disturbing, many indications he had a prime motivation to bring in those dollars. On the other hand, there were times he showed some real brilliance and insight into, especially, faith and justification, and did preach faith in Jesus Christ alone for salvation. Given this, it’s clear that it’s for none on earth to comment on Dr. Scott’s eternal disposition, whether he was a con man at heart with a good education, or sincere, with disturbing, contradictory quirks, of a sometimes large nature. A man can have much knowledge and a basic heart for the Lord, but have major struggles with the flesh I suppose. Paul commented on such struggles, the exact nature of which are unknown, but that he did things he shouldn’t do, Romans 7:19 For the good that I would I do not: but the evil which I would not, that I do.

    As for Melissa Scott, I’ve read she was the daughter of a mafia father or mafia type. There’s no doubt her upbringing was of an environment of vileness and sin on a major level, would not at all surprise me that her home had porno in it, and that she heard and saw many things that misguided her and grew her up quickly. So, I’m not shocked she was in porno, as mafia children most often get, at least, into some sort of white collar crime or scamming, if they don’t, in fact, become mafia. That said, I have some serious reservations about her. I find it difficult to understand how, with her background as fresh as it is, she’s somehow a master of languages, including the ancient. I notice during her sermons, she plays with a few words or letters, but haven’t seen the degree of her quickly and spontaneously writing and reading the languages as Dr. Scott did, especially writing. I wonder if her language skills are real, and have not heard they’ve been tested. This is important, as it’s one way of knowing her veracity. If she is a language whiz, can rap with somebody in Greek, Syriac, or Hebrew, fine, but I’ve not seen this. Some of the conclusions she comes to seem contrived, like the trees fallen that made Noah’s ark representing Christ being slain, or one instance where she claimed physical healing is inherent in faith, a “just claim it” sort of thing. There’s not precedent for this, and there have been many verifiable giants of Christ fallen by disease, before they reached an age of needing a cane, who, surely, had faith sufficient for healing. Include in those people Paul, who didn’t get inherent healing of his “thorn in the flesh.” She’s young, with a questionable background of being deep in sin, and I’m not throwing stones, but I do believe she’s not qualified to lead a church, even if it’s the case she’s sincere, and she has an arrogance about her, does seem to strut the stage and act as if she’s going to dazzle everybody with some new revelation or twist on the Bible never before heard, this not even a decade removed from porno. I’ve not found her sermons as profound as she clearly seems to, and even Dr. Scott gave sermons from other peoples’ material: you can rehash somebody else’s book, somebody else’s brilliance or inspiration, without having a drop of it yourself. But Melissa seems to have all the swagger of somebody who’s been steeped for decades in ancient manuscripts and languages, pointing out all the revelations other people have missed in the shapes of the letters, and I’m quite skeptical she has any such knowledge. It’s not difficult to write a bunch of stuff on boards from translations, study some words in lexicons, and pretend to be a scholar. Put it this way, if she is a scholar, I don’t know how she got that way, made such a leap from porn star, before the age of 40. Call me skeptical, and, IMO, Melissa is not a suitable teacher, even if she is sincere, for lack of real experience and grounding in the Word of God, given her background, and she could be a fraud. As for her preaching, so far I’ve seen ramblings of somebody trying to be profound, with little substance. A little Latin, folks: caveat emptor.

  • karmabites

    According to Dr. Gene Scott: “With Jesus, you’ve got what C. S. Lewis called the “startling alternate.” Either He thought these things were true, but was too stupid to know it’s impossible for a man to make these claims, and thus he could not be wise, or he was wise in knowing these things weren’t true, but was capable of duping his followers because of self-serving motives into believing that about him, and that makes him not good.”

    Perhaps Dr. Scott was not overtly implying Jesus was not the son of God but just felt there was no room in Dr. Scott’s universe for any God but himself. Shame. Duping his followers: In one program it is said that when one finger points out the (misperceived fault in this case) of another three are pointing back. So was Jesus duping his followers or was Dr. Scott. I dare think he is in heaven having discussions with Christ’s apostles.

  • Rev. Alan W. Whitelock H.R.

    I have recently discovered the broadcasts and rebroadcasts which are being discussed in the above comments of others.
    I do not know the past history of the good or bad Doctor, but I do know the scriptures and the Biblical languages. Having taught 50 years and satisfied ordination requirements in the Presbyterian Church U.S.A., I appreciate the telecasts I have heard and the work Melissa is doing in trying to present God’s saving grace as best she understands it. It seems she is for God helping sinners and therefore I can only conclude she is for the truth in Jesus Christ, and not against Him!
    I wish her well and like Benny Hinn hope that she and he are sincere and will be a credit to the Gospel of forgiveness and redemption.

  • I work and volunteer for Gene Scott and Pastor Melissa Scott, and my tech business in order and take good care of my family. Some people choose to ignore God’s callings for them to serve other than their celebrity pastors. They get caught up in feeling righteous about being in the spot light, not doing what God puts in their hands.
    God gives each man and woman their own toils and cross to bear. Since neither Dr.Gene Scott or Mrs. Melissa Scott had children, dependent parents or outside businesses to take care of, their world and “baby” is their ministry. They are human and don’t always see what burdens life and the Lord, for his own purpose, put on the shoulders of faithing Christians.

  • I pray Pastor Mrs. Melissa Scott would have
    more faith in God and in her people so she
    could repent her Barbie Bridges work and
    grow in the truth and grace of God.

  • tz

    I accidentally clicked on this channel one night and saw this young woman preaching, I guess that is what you call what she was doing.

    Since then, I have found out a lot of strange things about this so called “pastor”…

    Not sure what she is up to…A guess a LOT of repentance…………..

  • john

    Thank you

  • I was born-again through Dr Gene Scott’s TV show in New York City in 1984, when he said, “This is how you can prove Jesus Christ is who He said he was” I have been going around proving just that to everyone who will listen since then. Blessings, Arthur.

  • deb

    here are just a few of the stills from this unordained self and Gene Scott proclaimed “pastor”. Link to Danish porn site

    She never speaks of being repented or having turned her life around and thanking God. She also doesn’t help others in the porn industry that she and her business Barbie Bridges Enterprises was a part of even when with Dr. Scott.

  • Ike Chidolue

    Never has any man expounded the truth of scriptures with such dept & clarity as did Dr. Gene Scott. Dr. Scott feed his followers and listeners with wisdom from on high, not the type taught from some pulpits nowadays.
    I wept when I heard that Dr. Scott has gone ahead to be with our Lord, however I am comforted by these words of Apostle Paul …”and we have come unto Mount Zion…unto the SPIRITS OF JUST MEN THAT HAVE BEEN PERFECTED BY CHRIST THROUGH DEATH…”(in my own words).
    By this I know that even though Dr. Scott is gone, however sometimes when I share the Word with people, I minister in the spirit of men like Dr. Scott, I actually, passionately, know that their mantles have touched my life and this is evident in the dept and similarity of the message I share. Even though I never meet Dr. Scott physically, however these things are 100% spiritual, & the connections are done in the spirit by God & through our hunger for righteousness. We of the Faith, go about carrying the “spirits of men”—just men made perfect…
    So now I can boldly look up, with an understanding that Dr. Scott has become a part of that great cloud of witnesses surrounding us-the elect of Christ, Amen.
    Respectfully yours

  • Christopher sapp

    Just found Dr. Gene Scott on television. Wow! What a hoot. If you can get past his obvious abrassive exterior…the man has a real message! It is the weak and simple minded that cannot or chose not to walk in maturity toward his message. Gene wasn’t cocky…he was simply super confident…the kind of confidence you have when you know that you know the sky is blue. When you have that kind of confidence it is difficult to believe a lie. Some speculate that he was “unteachable” The fact is, he was very learned and “teachable”…you just needed to have your fact together and approach him with something irrefutable in order for him to acknowledge the truth. Dr. Gene was definately a seeker of the truth…I for one am inspired by his teaching and understanding of the word, though I may not agree with 100% of his doctrine I agree with 99.8% of it. He certainly has done his homework and he speaks as one having authority! As for Melissa…well…in the words of my buddy Elijah…some folks were called to preach and some folks were called to be super models….I like her teaching, but she would have made a good supermodel as well! 🙂

  • Dallas

    Does Mellisa record music or her songs? Where will i be able to get a copy of music she has sung?

  • Charles Mays

    Dr Scott was not far from being a cult leader.
    His teachings were sometimes biblical but often so far incorrect that he could be considered a false teacher.

  • Josh

    Let the dead bury the dead.

  • Josh, I’ll just say that from my modest media exposure to the man, Gene Scott is warm, fuzzy living memory.

  • suarezelec

    Dr. Scott. One of the most profound scholars of our time and had he lived another ten years would have found what he long search for on earth, BUT taken to heaven as earth could not have handled the knowledge. Who God “is.” Religions have much to learn about behavior and their “God of Wrath” for he is not the one of HEAVEN.

  • suarezelec

    Comment for Melissa,
    The knowledge of the Lord is not found within “MAN” but “of” he who is in heaven. Man confounds that which is wisdom “from” the holy and languages are the adversary of the wise upon earth. In Amen are all things possible and through Jesus even MORE…….

  • fjlauver


  • Jim

    Beginning in 1998 _____ began recording/downloading all of Dr. Scotts Sermons on Real audio – he’s not the only one either. There are about 20 of us out here. He archived everything he had on his site and purchased at least 60% of his other messages. In the next year He will have them all on CD/DVD. He plans to make them available within the year…for FREE. All he asks is that you do the same. Send them out and give them away. Copy them. Let the Word of God Go Out across the world.

    It’s just the sunday messages not the Festival of Faith. We’ll have to do it snail mail. I’ll drop his name and a mailing address when it’s complete.

    Doc changed my life for the better. I hope this effort will change other people for the good too.


  • Jim – That sounds really groovy. When you’ve got more info, please come over to my personal site at morethings.com and drop me an email.

  • art

    I know little about gene scott ministries but after hearing several messages i began doing my own research. The Truth of romans 6-8 is the power of the gospel. God decalares it and that is what will stand. Those that believe in the resurrection have been crucified and translated no matter what their performance afterwards, God’s Word says so. Now, imagine what that truth would do to a rebel sinner, addict, repeat offender, loser, or failure. The Truth (Christ) because of its power automatically Will renew a person’s mind and transform that person-thats probably why Gene accepted gays and other sinners because God does and God Himself knows the power of His own gospel. Now, since no ministry is perfect i still would like to see Melissa get rid of the legalism. Our eternal position is secure and truth about our position will cause a person to faithe and focus on Christ(which is repentance). Regarding tithing Jesus was still walking on the earth when He said to do this. People were still under the law. The New Covenant crucified the law totally, including Malachi. If people gave in the power of the spirit with the heart, who is to say that there is a limit. Perhaps this ministry is confining itself, and, realization of total complete freedom might be the trigger for here and elsewhere that launches a revival based on Truth rather than experience… which goes beyond human expectation.

  • JLaff47

    Jim -Ever since Pastor Scott removed the free audio downloads from the internet, I’ve been looking for someone who has Dr Scott’s sermons. I was wondering if you would be able to help me.

  • marko

    There are a few of his sermons on Google video. I downloaded them on my comp..


    THE REAL TRUTH! It started with the Apostile Paul then was lost only to be found again by Martin Luther. Again it was lost only to be found by Dr Gene Scott. Now, sadly it will be lost again yet the Christian Jokes and Embarresments Ie; the Evangilicals continue on! It is a sad Day!!!!

  • JLaff47

    Is there any one who has sermons of Dr. Scott on audio or video?

  • Kill some pissants for Jesus ….
    Get on the phones and call ….
    Play the parking lot song …..

    Kill some piss-ants for Jesus,
    Grind ’em right through the floor!
    Kill some piss-ants for Jesus,
    Then kill one piss-ant more!

    Love you Melissa .
    Keep up Docs work .

  • sr

    Big Al#37. Just watched the video. Holy crab-cakes dude. Thanks for my Sunday night intertainment. Bless you my son.

  • SR- You’re most welcome. Gene Scott gettin’ his mad on is always a good time. HE sure seemed to enjoy it.

  • sr

    No shit.

  • ba

    I’ve only seen a few of their TV shows, but IMO, they’re the real thing; both Gene and Melissa are spiritual giants. That’s what makes them hard to recognize as such: “Pure by impure is not seen”. They are not DSM diagnoses. The sane examples are just so rare, that most folks don’t know what they’re seeing; plus most (not all) choose obscure lives — they’ll show up as somebody’s gardener, etc.

    Not that they’re equal to the Diety or Joshua ben Joseph (Jesus), but they’re not claiming that. I did see Melissa regretfully mention her horrid past, with gratitude for forgiveness from God. (BTW, I give them no money.) Our hearts go out to them, because they did not need us. Regarding Gene and Melissa:

    1. Gene — Despite his negative quirks, his contribution to humanity is: he cracked a spiritual code as pivotal in sacred matters as any Einstein breakthrough (ex., relativity) was in matters of physics. The gist of it is contained in those yearly Easter messages Gene gave (death, resurrection of Jesus).

    I doubt that serious scholars will succeed in refuting his findings. Like some high water mark, from now on, folks will be obliged to rise to that level and surpass it, to be relevant. That truth is now out. That fog is lifted.

    But, unlike knowledge in physics, personally utilizing holy facts in daily life takes way more maturity and guts. Only an uncommonly courageous person will dare try to apply and live the drastic moral implications.

    Ordinarily, it can take quite a “dark night of the soul” to jolt us out of habitual treadmills enough to even grok: “What does it matter if we gain the whole world, but lose our own soul?” So the value of heroes and great persons is “that there may be greater persons”.

    They inspire by their example of what it can look like today, not 2000 years ago, to squarely face and embody uplifting truth, meaning every word you say, every move you make, to your very core, even for one hour on TV.

    2. Melissa — I saw Melissa first, not Gene, and sensed in her whole body energy that she’s the genuine article. So far, I’ve not seen that level of clear being in a female.

    BTW, she gives off no sensual vibes whatsoever, only elevated enthusiasm, joy in God, IMO. I’m thankful she’s still alive now, and that I’ve lived to see her “at the very beginning of a great career” in brilliant spiritual teaching, especially the ancient language stuff.

    That she could be equal to Gene, I know it seems unlikely; but I believe lightening has struck twice. But then, like attracts like. For instance, why did so many great writers end up living in Concord, MA in the 1800’s (Thoreau, Emerson, Hawthorne, the Alcotts, etc.)? They were drawn together because they ignited each others’ highest thoughts (they said).

    Similarly, the giants of the American Revolution: how did so many of them happen to be there together (Washington, Jefferson, Ben Franklin, Paine, Lafayette, Adams, etc.)? — They attracted each others’ company; they enjoyed sparking off of each others’ brave ideas and actions, to bring out the best in them. And now we have Gene and Melissa?

    Why must we stone the prophets and crucify saints? When that which we’ve wished for, longed for — a wise and beautiful (inside) fellow human being, faulty enough so that we can relate to them, comes before us as living proof that it can be done — when at last they appear in our midst, what is so ignorant as not to realize it? What is so crude as to hurl insults at them?

    Well, all I know is when such a one consents to shine there in my presence, I — though I stand alone — will hold Sabbath welcome, hushed and still, with reverence for the Diety in us all, for angels among us.

  • JLaff47

    Still looking for anyone that has audio and /or video sermons of Dr. Gene Scott

  • jf

    I woke up this morning trying to remember the good docs first name. I knew if I googled scott televangelist I would find it, and I did. And I learned that he had died on my birthday two years ago. Yesterday, a good friend of mine died. They must have been talking and somehow Dr Gene’s name popped into my head.

    Now, why does this even matter? I haven’t seen Dr Gene on TV for 14 years, at least, maybe more. Never before had I listened to a televangelist. Never before had I called in to such a show. I actually talked to Dr. Gene. I grew up catholic. I loved Dr Gene. Especially, for some reason, when he’d cut away and say “Get on the telephone!” and then you’d get to watch the horses etc.

    I don’t remember what his message was, other than that there’s a spirit that is part of all of us and we must recognize it. And I never sent him a dollar. Or a cent.

  • RevME

    I have watched her preach, and she is damn good. Except for her 5 case Greek syntaxs and her limited Hebrew grammer, she is right on the money with her message. (I don’t know the other languages, but it is impressive that she knows so many & is self educated – awesome). We are all sinners saved by grace, so her past is just that, her past; we all have a past; forget her’s and just listen to her message. she has that right & that is what is important . . . . revme

  • Mike Mather

    The thing I most admire about Doctor Scott is his going back to the original interpretation of the sources for the Bible’s writings. This is not easy. He has dedicated his life to the study. I will add that he is not a quack. You don’t get into Stanford without being qualified to get into Stanford, now or in 1957. I have been a student of Robert Schuller for many years, but when I was up late, which happens often for me, I will turn on Gene Scott’s ministry and listen. If you don’t work at it, you probably won’t be able to keep up. He’s throwing it out there pretty fast.
    Bottom line, he has been an invaluable contribution in reinforcing much of the Bible’s meaning, and often presents a new interpretation to an old understanding of the Bible. He’s a wild card. The plus side of that is he won’t hold back any punches. He has nothing to do with Pat Robertson’s crowd, or Jerry Falwell’s, or even my Robert Schuller crowd. I love that. I very intelligent man possibly offering a fresh interpretation of the oldest school in the world. Religion! He was one of a kind, and the genuine article.

  • Alan

    Whether or not Melissa Scott is as devout as she appears, only God knows. But as a psychologist who has done many years of cognitive assessment, I can tell you– on the basis of watching a single broadcast– that she has an absolutely phenomenal IQ.

  • noworktoday

    Millionairess Melissa Scott is a 37 year old widow. She is one cool cookie, I like her, she really does have a love for the Word of God. I just found her on the “I” channel three weeks ago.

    She’s on everynight during the week. It was just her for several shows with those black boards full of translated verses of scripture in several languages. She sings like a blues singer. She has a nice look to her. She teaches the Word of God. I couldn’t find anything not to like at first.

    One night what I thought was her still alive husband (she had talked about him on earlier shows with fond love) Dr Gene Scott came on the stage with her. He did his thing and everyone clapped and I thought wow, he’s kind of old.

    I did a word search and found this place. I found out Dr Scott was dead and that while he was still alive that he smoked expensive cigars, attended Stamford University, never held a job that anyone knows of, was married three times, divorced twice, loved race horses, cussed like a sailor, raised money in the name of Jesus and was honest enough to tell you where it was going, helped Oral Roberts start a Christian College in Tulsa, attended church with James Baker and kicked him out when he became the pastor of that same church in Glendale, California that was $350,000 in debt, demanded that the church do certain things to counter balance his $1 salary (still not proved in writing), told everyone what to do in his church both paid and unpaid, kicked people out for slounching down in their chair, said the Lord’s name in vain on live television and ordered everyone to tithe 10% of their pay checks even if they didn’t make enough to live on, lived in a 12 million dollar mansion in Pasdena, flew around in a non profit company (church) Lear Jet, had a limosine, had 24/7security on his home, married a divorced stripper, porno girl 40 years his junior, now a born again teacher of the Word of God that is still keeping the ministry alive with a one million dollar a month payment for television time to the ION channel.

    I found all of that information right here in this “Dr Gene Scott partying in heaven” article with readers comments added.

    What part is true and what part is false?

    I’ve been taught to believe half of what you hear and part of what you see and everything Jesus leads us to believe.

    Karma is something to do with a spiritual nature in your heart.

    Dr Gene Scott surely had Karma, but whose spirit?

    I’ll keep watching her till she makes a mistake.

    So far I like what I see. She doesn’t look like Barbie Bridges to me … Melissa is white as can be on that stage, means she’s not into sun bathing, she is a tall lithe woman, she walks with confidence, she has an accent, she has beautiful hair (which that barbie girl had too), she covers herself to hide her body, she has simple taste in shoe’s and only a watch for jewelry, she is not vain in her make-up and where oh where did she learn all of those languages?

    If this is all an act she fools me and very few have been able to do that since I found out that carny people lie to you about those milk bottles being knocked over and coming back up again.

  • G. Adams

    It really does not matter what Gene said, what you, say, or I say. The only words that will last for eternity are the words of the risen Lord, Jesus Christ. He and only He is the standard we should pattern our lives after.


  • Jerry Watson

    This pretty much explains the life of Gene Scott!

    The Reprobate Mind

    Reprobates know better, but they don’t do better, they “hold the Truth in unrighteousness”:
    “For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who hold the Truth in unrighteousness; Because that which may be known of God is manifest in them; for God hath showed it unto them. For the invisible things of Him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even His eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse.”
    “Because that, when they knew God, they glorified Him not as God, neither were thankful; but became vain in their imaginations, and their foolish heart was darkened. Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools, And changed the glory of the uncorruptible God into an image made like to corruptible man, and to birds, and fourfooted beasts, and creeping things.”

    “Wherefore God also gave them up to uncleanness through the lusts of their own hearts, to dishonour their own bodies between themselves: Who changed the Truth of God into a lie, and worshipped and served the creature more than the Creator, who is blessed for ever. Amen.”

    “For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature: And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompense of their error which was meet.”

    “And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient; Being filled with all unrighteousness, fornication, wickedness, covetousness, maliciousness; full of envy, murder, debate, deceit, malignity; whisperers, Backbiters, haters of God, despiteful, proud, boasters, inventors of evil things, disobedient to parents, Without understanding, covenantbreakers, without natural affection, implacable, unmerciful: Who knowing the judgment of God, that they which commit such things are worthy of death, not only do the same, but have pleasure in them that do them.” (Romans 1:18-32 KJV)

  • JLaff47

    “He who is without sin cast the first stone.” I think if Christ was here in this day and age he would have been stoned to death. Everybody loves to go on their little christian crusades pointing out everyone’s faults and are too busy to realize any of their own. Try to remember one thing when you criticize Pastor Scott or Dr. Scott for their supposed lifestyles. The instrument is never as important as the musician. God will use who he wants to use to get his message to the people. If God only used people that didn’t sin or had no faults, he would have no one to use. Just because you don’t do the act doesn’t mean that you’re not sinning. Thinking about doing it is a sin. As an example…Christ said that looking upon a woman with lust is just as bad as commiting adultery. So where does that leave us? Our salvation from sin isn’t found in fulfilling the law (ten commandments) Our salvation was given to us by the grace of God through the faith of Jesus Christ. God loved his chosen so much that he offered up his Son as a sacrifice for all of our sins. Past, present, and future. So to those who love to point fingers at other people’s faults. Thank you. Once again you have shown me that only by the grace of God through the faith of Jesus Christ am I saved and not by a bunch of self-righteous privately sinning saints. God Bless.

  • faither

    Amen ,,,you are right on the mark !!!! If God before us who can be against us !!!



  • JLaff47

    By the way Dan. Spiritual pride is a sin too.

  • Amp51

    Dan, after reading what you rambled on about, I guess that means that you don’t sin.

  • For the record, both the two previous comments came from the same IP address…

  • JLaff47

    Your point is ? There is more than one person who looks at this blog from the same ip address. Don’t quit your day job.

  • faither

    the big blog above this reminds of keepers of the law who killed christ…infact paul said perverts of the gospel should be acursed !!!! and as far as giving up financial statements didnt jesus say give in secret always… read the book if your gonna give opinions and tell the whole story not verses out pulled of context !!!!

  • faither

    out of context { bad typing above sorry }

  • JLaff47

    does anyone have sermons from Dr Scott

  • Bassman D

    It is a sad, sad thing to see people bashing away, fully clad in their Judge’s robes, in God’s good name.

    It is God’s job to sit in judgement, not ours. The Bible says that we should allow our spirits to tell us what is right or wrong.

    My spirit tells me that Pastor Melissa Scott, and Dr. Gene Scott before her, are servants of the Christ in spirit, body, and soul.

    I’d been listening to their teachings for nearly 6 months prior to finding out that she was once in the adult entertainment industry. Knowing that only increased my interest in her ministry. The Apostle Paul, prior to his meeting Jesus, spent his days pursecuting (sp) Christians. If he can turn his life around and become the greatest teacher of Christ’s blessings, then why not a former pornstar?

    And to those that believe a college degree is needed to teach the word of God, I have some questions for you. Was Jesus afforded a college education? How about any of his disciples? How about Mr Dwight Moody? Who is he, you ask? A highly revered preacher/teacher that was responsible for the initial rise to prominence of the YMCA.
    True teachers/preachers are called, and the spirit is laid upon them to do so. If that person has a good teacher to walk them through the process, then an education at college is not necessary. I respect those that spend many years in Seminary. I have no problem with that at all. But I will leave it up to the Almighty to decide who is and who is not worthy to teach/spread his word.

  • Randy

    Have you all forgotten that even Christ took a prostitute as his close friend, (Mary M.) Quit hatin’ and being jealous that you are not Melissa Scott, or “doing” her. She is an accomplished preacher, versed in many languages, teaching the word of God. Must you reject the message because of the messenger? Grow up, stand up, and become righteous. Hear the message, and know that “with God all things are possible”, even the forgiveness of a whore, turned TV-evangelist. God forgives her past, why shouldn’t all of you?

  • Louanne Bain

    I have only recently discovered Dr. Scott on TV late at night. He was an amazing teacher. I am so glad that his teachings were taped so that I did not have to miss out. Now if I can only find his book “Short Lessons from the Big Book” I will be happy.

  • thank you Melissa..you have shown me women body and eternal power:)

  • Joe Giamatti

    I really enjoyed Dr. SCOTT. He was not only informative, but entertaining. I enjoyed hearing his banter with Sammy, the piano player. Whatever happened to Sammy? I miss Pop Scott too.

    Doc could not only explain the Bible, but he played a mean saxophone too. Rest in Peace, Good Doctor…You are missed

  • Thank you,Mr.Joe.That is very kind of you.Now I know.There are many rules,but we do not want to learn them all.We want to learn easily.The sky is blue and Melissa is very beautiful.I know that you want to know:)But you must have patience and wait until the next telephone-call:)

  • Bookie

    Dr Scott was a charismatic character who taught bible truths with a fervent yet humorous manner that kept you glued to the tv. Unlike most tv evangelists, which Dr Scott denounced, yet always made clear he was a ‘teacher’ with the educational background to back it up, always taught that God was looking for people who would trust Him. Dr Scott will be missed. If anyone is looking for Dr Scotts teachings, please email me at bwbookie at yahoo dot com

  • Ken Mock

    I found Dr Scott very entertaining…Although I’m not a neo-orthodox Christian, I got a kick out of his show…..

    Now I when I wake up at 2 oclock in the mourning, Melissa’s cute and moving stile lulls me back to sleep…I enjoy her very much…..

  • Erika, Fort Worth TX

    Doc was my fathers teacher and mine. God, Jesus, Doc and my father all raised me. Doc was the greates teachers sence Jesus time. I hope to one day see him soon. miss you Dr. Gene Scott

  • CDJ

    I used to watch Dr. Gene Scott years ago and he was captivating. I couldn’t turn off the television. Then he went off the air and I didn’t know what happened. Always wondered. Then about a week ago I saw Pastor Melissa Scott on television and assumed she was Dr. Gene’s daughter. After some investigation, imagine my shock when I learned she’s an ex-porn star! Is she in re-runs on television or is she currently preaching? Did she do any preaching before Dr. Gene died?

  • Rev. Carl Wyant

    I don’t know where most of you, that are bad-mouthing, Pastor Scott has got your information, but if it’s word-of-mouth or on the internet then I’m not surprised that you all think she’s a slut and a hell-cat !.

    I’m sure that most of you that’s talking bad about Dr. and Pastor Scott don’t know either one of them personally. Besides, there are people that will probably talk bad about YOU, too !.

    If you don’t know these things to ” be a fact ” for yourself, then you can be told anything about anybody, truth or not.

    I was ordained and licenced a Minister by the late Dr. Gene Scott, and believe me I checked him out for my self, first hand, as in following around with him. This non-sense of he, himself, living BIG on money sent to him is just a plain ….L.I.E. !
    The man owned nothing, except for a black briefcase, period, that’s it ?. All the money sent to him or the church was spent by the church, who has an independent board of directors, of which Dr. nor Pastor Scott has any say in. They are voted on by the board. They have no, flunkies for them, sitting on the board.

    It’s easy to sit here on the internet and go to these sites that put out so-called information on people that they never have met, and claim it’s public record. Well, it’s not public record, because it’s not true, there are no public records with all these… wild accusations….on them. It just ain’t there, period. Check it for your self ?, don’t just take somebody else’s word for it ?.

    As for Pastor Melissa Scott, many don’t know that she has a younger sister ?. Guess what her name is ???, Melanie ?. Huh, ? that’s right Melanie, she’s your famous ” Barbie Bridges ” porn star. But, you didn’t know that because you never bothered to check it our yourself !.

    As for either one of the sisters, Melissa or Melanie being porn stars, what have some of you done, that you wish you hadn’t ?????. Everybody if forgiveable in God’s kingdom, EVERYBODY. So what if Melanie or her sister were porn stars, they can be forgiven !.

    But, keep on doing it the easy way, by not finding out information for yourself, and be in the dark. Let somebody else tell you things about people, maybe whoever says something about U, will have it right ???????????????.

    Rev.Dr. Carl Wyant, the MusicalPreacher

  • Saint Martin’s Sam

    Back in 1998, Dr Scott ‘s preaching saved my life when I was contemplating suicide.
    Since then I have grown in Jesus and and always refer to the teachings of Dr Gene Scott; the peacher who expounded Grace; the truth of God.

  • Sam- That’s a fine testament to the good reverend. God bless Gene Scott.

  • MES

    Thank you Rev. Carl, for taking the time to set the record straight. My mind is settled on this issue.MES

  • Warren B Ford

    Dr Gene Scott was first viewed by us when we first got our big C Band Dish, Dr Gene was a true people’s preacher. Kept my interest with his predictions that are coming true today. We were wondering what Dr Gene was up to we live in Canada, I am sorry to he no longer preaches here on earth, God Bless you Dr Gene Scott,

    Warren R Ford

  • gregg

    I am new to dr scott and his wife but this short rant concerns his wife and her detractors. I read all the garbage about here and her former life, as it was. It should not matter to anyone what she was before but what she is NOW. As the man said on the one site, God uses all sorts of people from murderers to maniacs to spread His word.

    Do not any of these people that are trying to pull her down understand the word Forgiveness? Her past is just that, her past. Let it go and enjoy what she has to say. Some people whine about her being so beautiful. Well the church can use some new blood other then those old hippocrits and others that have been around since “JC was a corporal.”

    I am not especially religious but I do enjoy what I have seen of her and what she has to say.

    I enjoy a good discussion and I am sure over the years we have all been told things about the Bible that do not make a lot of sense and I am sure we have been told bald face lies as well. They may have been told to us through ignorance so we should keep an open mind and learn.

    If Pastor Melissa Scott wants to rock the boat, then I say go for it. Dont just rock it, turn it over!!

    All of you that dont like her have on your tv channel changer a button that turns the tv off or changes the channel so use it.

    have a good day


    ps. she is gorgeous and intelligent and you dont get that often and you can learn from her, so why athe argumentg? beats looking at Oral Roberts and the rest of so called evangelists. however i do like Billy Graham. i believe he is one of the few to start out and never have any problems in motel parking lots and so on 🙂

  • Doug Jones

    I remember Dr Gene Scott during my last few years in high school in early 80’s. Im 44 now. I wasn’t particularly religious per se at that time in my life, as are not manyt teen-agers. But the man spoke matter of fact and straight to the point about many subjects. Even at that age I knew, this dude is cutting thru all the B.S. and telling it just like it is. Life isnt filled with pretty rose petals, etc…its pretty much filled up with everything that it takes to make pretty roses, and that is usually hard, unrefined and doesnt always smell good, lol. Look, the man has brought many of people to Christ that would have normally not got there on their own, and he has stirred up self proclaimed believers that ironically steadily hold and sternly cast that same stone mentioned in the bible. Ultimately we all are judged by God and not by man. Any man that judged another can only claim that victory here on earth, which is unnecessary for the Gospel voyage. God choses his messangers, not man. This man brought me to God. What else need be said.

  • spl42

    I started watching Dr Scott about 6 yrs ago, I was an ex catholic who had joined the Seventh Day Adventist Church. Dr Scott straightened me out about the bible, & about how God accepts me just the way I was without me having to do anything to deserve it. Dr Scott taught that all I needed was faith in Jesus. I will never go to a church again. Dr Scott is alright by me. Takes him all day to get to the point though.

  • Well granted, Doc took all day about getting to a point – but his asides were often as or more educational or entertaining than the nominal intended points

    Oh, and check out my preachers collection.

  • Brunelleschi

    Play “I Want to Know” ONE more time!

  • If not for Dr. Scott, I’d still be kicking myself in the ass and thinking I’m going to hell for being a sinner (like, who isn’t?). Dr Scott showed me that I don’t have to be like other Christians for Jesus to want me, I can be myself, and Jesus will help me to be what HE wants me to be. A lot of people watched him just for a laugh, but I learned more from Dr. Scott than I could’ve learned from 5 college degrees, and I remember a lot more of it too!

    He’s not just another dead Preacher, Dr. Gene Scott is the ONLY man that God put broadcasting over the ENTIRE WORLD 24 hours a day, telling it straitforwardly and putting the Bible in clear focus. The fact that God pulled him out early is to me a warning sign that He’s about to wrap things up pretty soon. I suggest we get ready to go, not by cleaning our noses, but by KEEPING FAITH ALIVE!

  • Jay

    I had a different kind of experience when i first heard the teachings of Dr. scott. I had allready turned my life and will over to God one year before i ever heard him teach. During that year i had been experiencing changes within myself i didn’t fully understand. When i heard him teach for the first time he was talking about the evidence of the Holy Spirit when it is in you. To my surprise, he was teaching what had allready happened to me. I’ll never forget those tears of joy that day. Thank you God for Dr. Scott, he is the only one that i’ve heard in 23 years of following Christ that teaches the born again experience the way i experienced it.

  • Norm Cardillo

    I miss Gene! Actually got a hold of him on the
    phone around ’02. He used a lot of Greek and Hebrew words and explained what they meant. He was cool!

  • Bill Shilleref

    Gene was bold. In the early 1980’s I began to listen to him. Maybe I could not be that bold and argumentative but I certainly enjoyed him do so.

    At the bottom Line Gene un derstood the gdrace of God and he just wanted to strip the pietistic Krap from the faith and point people to the genuine article. Amen Brother and keep on preaching in Glory!

  • mike chacon

    if it weren’t for the Doc I don’t know I would find so much truth and life in the Bible by his method of teaching and what it means to be a born again Chriatian.I sure miss ya Doc.

  • Casey Putnam

    He used make me laugh my self silly.
    Now get on them telephones!!!

  • Julie Eubank

    I started watching Dr Scott years ago while in a time of crisis for me. I was flipping channels and paused to watch a clip of Dr Scott’s horses on the ranch he owns, which was entertaining enough to keep me watching the sermon that followed.

    I soon became a follower and something of a fan…although I have to say I’ve shaken my head at him sometimes for things he did, but I kept watching any time I could catch one of his broadcasts because he always seemed to have the answer to some question I had been asking, the solution to some problem I was facing at the time his word came to me. More than once his sermons got me through a very bad place.

    His vision never failed to moved me, and after years filled with serendipitous encounters between my questions and his answers I am saddened by news of his death.

    Four years ago I changed my satellite provider and lost his word, I caught his wife one night and wondered where he was. I hadn’t been aware that his wife was going to take over his ministry. I watched her curious to see her vision and enjoyed her understanding and was grateful for the lessons, for several months but I still missed Dr. Scott very much.

    Today, I was sitting with questions and surfing for a Word but not finding it and I thought of my teacher and was moved to look on the internet because Dr. Scott’s word has always been available, free of charge for those of us that have no money but a hunger for the Truth. He understood that a gift is a gift and if you give a contribution it should be because you believe in the provider of the service received. I believe in his knowledge of the truth, and the last years I watched him after his heart attack, I was moved by the change in his delivery. I will miss him, he was rare.

  • Donna

    Kings House 9123 reporting in. Dr Scott told the truth. Dr Scott was for the truth even if it wasn’t easy. I attended one service live in LA and listened and watched over the airwaves for years. Bless you Gene.

  • Donna

    I enjoyed the write up by the way. Thanks for telling it pretty much like it was.

  • Notabootlicker

    Really miss my Pastor, one of a kind.
    Hope to see Jesus and Doc return in the clouds very soon…

  • Elizabeth

    Dr. Gene Scott ~ Mighty Man of GOD, who kept our focus on JESUS CHRIST ~ Faith ~ the importance of “Faithing” … his “action word” defining the Christian’s conduit for obedience to THE WORD and GOD’s POWER in our lives. ~ Where we are weak, GOD is strong! We do well to remember that GOD created Dr. Scott and Thank HIM for him. Jesus NEVER leaves us nor forsakes us. HE is coming … soon. JOY!!!

  • mike mulford

    I wonder how many hungry people could have been feed by selling Scott’s horse teams. I thought that our body was suppose to be a “temple” according to the Bible. Yet I would see him smoke cancer causing cigars. This guy was as phony as a 3 dollar bill.

  • thomas rendall

    I heard Dr.Scott in 1983 and have been participating in the gospel ever since.No pastor in this day and age has spent more time in front of the camera teaching gods message of peace and grace.He was a Stanford University educated man with a PhD.Although he always said education doesn’t necessarily make the man ,but Stanford gave me the discipline to pursue truth on any subject.Fortunately for us he loved gods word and spent his life trying to convey it as a teaching pastor.The bibilcal teaching i learned i not only heard but put it into practice.My life has been blessed and no amount of money could ever repay lessons learned from this wonderful domata.While his critics were busy absorbed in this life….Dr.Scott was faithfully putting out the call of peace and grace from god above to those that have ears to hear and eyes to see.See ya’later Doc!!!!!!

  • thomas rendall

    marlene,could you be more specific?What jr. college did you graduate from?Blanket criticism is easy when your mark has passed on.Give us a glimmer of your philosophical gems from your perch.

  • Chad

    I firsted seen Doc on the dish in 84 up here in Canada. And then listened to him on shortwave, finally learning from him on the internet. He was the first man on TV or in person I could stomach learning the word of God from who actually could prove his understanding of it. I have never heard no one since who is as well learned in Bible study or as fit to teach it. The only people he offended were/are the piss ants that refuse, and still refuse to actually read/teach the bible in context and not twist it to suit them selves. A great deal of his teachings can be found on such torrent sites as “The Pirate Bay”, and I scoop them every chance I get. I`m glad I found the grumpy ol bugger, and I will never forget what he taught me. I am saved from the assholes of this world because of his teaching, and someday plan to shake his hand in heaven. You blow hards that stick to your traditional crap, you ding bats and duds, and self rightous pea brains……..your just like Doc said. Just Christian boogers I can roll up and flick away……….Chad.

  • willem

    darling pleeze the guy was a complete nut!!

  • Dianne

    I am not a Christian but I was always fascinated by his program. His scholarship was amazing. He’d go rambling on about pyramids or something then look at the camera and say “Oh, I forgot, you are not here for that are you?” then climb out of the depths and back to the shallows.
    The night he read a letter from someone complaining about how he spent money on horses and he said “If you don’t like how I spent the money, don’t send it to me” was priceless!

  • Sean

    I watched him on T.V when I was about 14 years old he would be on all night on a local channel. I’d just leave the T.V on and you never know what you would get sometimes a whole show of Silence sometimes great videos of Animals and Scenery!

  • Sometimes Doc would favor us by blowing a little saxophone. That was one cat who had enough material to keep his whole own channel going.

  • James Tinsley

    I listened and watched Dr. Scott mabey thousands of hours. Even went to LA to the cathedral once and to Glendale and answered the phone lines that nite. (A free trip to LA cross country in a year I made only 17000 dollars , because my employer was afraid to get on a plane on the 1st anniversary of 911. So i believe this was GOD’s grace. ) Anyway, Dr. Scott pissed me off like no other preacher ever did. One time so bad I would not listen to him for 2 years. And the last time was a year or two before he passed away and I was still not back to watching him when he died. Only God knows if I was right or wrong , because I sure don’t . But all that aside I learned more about GOD , I learned more about Jesus , I learned more about the Trinity , more about GOD’s word , and thanks and praise be to GOD , more about GOD’s love and grace from Gene Scott than all the other preachers and teachers I have ever met (excepting the HOLY TRINITY ). I guess I sent him quite a bit of money for my income and took quite a bit of flack from people for it (we fight not against flesh and blood……) , I didn’t care what he did with the money( he said GOD didn’t need it , and Gene damn sure didn’t)
    But I never paid him or GOD what that teaching was worth , no matter how much money I could ever make or send. So I am indebted to him and especially My heavenly FATHER , my LORD CHRIST JESUS , and my comforter the HOLY SPIRIT. When I saw Gene teach, the WORD came alive for me to see. My life changed for the better and has always been interesting and worth living since then. Thanks be to the FATHER , the SON , and to the HOLY SPIRIT. And also I believe , To DR. Gene Scott for the teaching. He taught me that GOD was bigger than my ming could fathom , more loving than I could ever be , more interesting and wonderful than I could ever dream of , and more forgiving than I will ever deserve.
    praise be to GOD the FATHER , (YAHEW) , for HIS unmerited favor towards us while we were yet sinners , thanks to the teaching of the HOLY SPIRIT, we know that JESUS SAVES.

  • John G

    I became a nightly WWCR radio fan of Dr Scott during 1991-93, when I was a student in London, England. I recall his best preachment ever, the one for Easter on the evidence of Christ’s resurrection – ” They died alone”- referring to the apostles. I learnt many things from his preachments- including the Spear of Destiny, Carlos Castenda & Shamanism, the power of Nimrud over animals, the City of God coming down to earth, Heraldry & the lost tribes of Israel and how the Lucifer became the devil. It meant a lot to me.!

    Dr Scott may have had has his faults ( who doesn’t) but I found him a true intellect and a great teacher. He said you don’t have to park your brains outside the church when you park your cars!

  • How can you seriously depict anybody who believes in the existence of a being for which there is no supportive evidence as a true intellect? Get real!

  • mike chacon

    I first heard Doc on the radio back in the late 70’s he said God will take me as I am if I turn to Him He will turn to me, changed my life without gimmicks,conditions,super spritual mumbo chumbo but by FAITH.I sure miss him.

  • sogladhesgone

    I remember this guy, he had the biggest ego I have ever seen! Not what you would expect from a ‘preacher.’ I distinctly remember that he would sit and stare hate into the camera and repeat, You’re all just DUMB SHEEP!” Over and over again. I truly do not believe that GOD ALMIGHTY was pleased at all with this guy, but he is the Lord’s problem now, thank GOD.

  • J. Goins

    I read from the beginning of the Blog on Dr. Gene Scott to entering my own comments some 6 years later. Well, Dr. Scott’s messages are still in demand and are being seeded and propagated around the world. His is one of the top dowloads on Torrents all over the internet.

    Strange how someone so hated by followers of Christ are still blinded by Dr. scott’s short-comings, when the ultimate test of his earthly work are the messages of Faith, Grace and God’s righteousness (not anyone elses btw)still being propagated to the world.

    Well, everyone is entilted to their opionion. Good, bad or indifferent. I think the most important concern for us Christians should be whether or not this personal relationship “thing” is in place with Jesus or not. The rest of this banter is bullshit in the final analysis.

    Damn, I was just thinking. Dr. Scott’s been gone for a hot minute and we’re still chattin’ about this cat! LOL! “Now get on the telephone!” Ha ha ha ha! Peace.

  • Scarlett

    Dr. Gene Scott gave me a grounding in God’s Word which undergirds all of my development and continued thirst for the truth. His teaching probably had God, the Holy Spirit and the Beloved Son smiling as he passionately taught us the truth.

  • Churro

    I was a King’s House member for many years. Dr. Gene showed me that you can be intelligent and a Christian. He inspired me to complete advanced degrees in philosophy.

    When Dr. Gene passed, a hole was torn in the fabric of the universe. No longer was God’s servant here to speak the truth. Many believe Melissa is the answer. I left. She knows more than her audience, but not more than the learned. She’s a fraud. She knows she is too, at least on the academic side. I won’t question her heart for God. Buyer beware, you can get the same product on TBN.

  • Jason Bishop

    I liked Dr. Gene Scott and wish he was still with us. As a Catholic I do not understand the hatred you have for the Saints and the Pope. Maybe Pope John Paul II and Mother Theresa are not good enough for you but they are my heros and instead of bashing them try living a life as dedicated to Jesus as they did. Stop Bashing Gods Church we are not the Enemy we neal before our Lord and say his prayers too. It would do you good to read Galatians 5 something Dr. Scott told me to do to any legalist who tells me to do do this and dont do that. You Speak about something you do not understand. Read the last line of Galatians 5 that is the real point.

  • Dave Keays

    When I was a staunch athiest with extreme hostilities towards anything that even closely resembled Christianity I watched Dr Gene Scott. His intellectual teachings were able to get past my skepticism and made God’s word something I could accept- a feat that nobody else accomplished. His rebel motif showed me that man is not perfect and gave me something to believe in with faith – that God is loving and man is the hateful one. Believing without an intellectual justification used to be a dirty word to me. Nor did He try to project himself as a plastic image of God that was to be worshipped like an idol. In almost every church I’ve been to I walk away with a feeling that that is the goal.

    Before him I saw that men were constantly condemning other men. Until Dr. Gene I blamed God for man’s stupidities done in God’s name. I had to admit I was wrong, both in theological issues like God’s existence and in the way I was assuming God had the flaws the leaders of his followers did.

    Without Dr. Gene, I never would have come as close to Christianity as I have. Don’t get me wrong- I am not at the end of my journey yet. I am not a Christian, but I am much closer than I was in years prior. As a Diest I accept God, but haven’t found a particular prophet or scripture I want to follow. If God truly does exist I will find God (probably on a different path than you are on), and if my traveling ends before I reach my goal I have faith that God will be loving enough to look and see if my quest was honest and my deeds were good. I am convinced that it is better to be honestly looking for the truth than to parot the worship of another. However, that is my belief and the path I will take and I doubt if it will work for all others, just like their paths may only give me reason to disbelieve even stronger. To let my mouth jump ahead of my mind means giving up the honest search. I won’t do that because one of my fellow humans said I had to accept it as “the only way” before I die. The message now sound plastic, selfish in nature, and an attempt to threaten me.

    There are some criticisms of Dr Gene that hit their mark, but then he was a human and had the imperfections to prove it. But while being open about his imperfections he opened up my mind to my perfections and gave me a reason to keep looking.

  • A poor girl in the South

    I loved Scott, I felt like I watched him long enough to know the real Gene Scott. One time I started to send him $5.00, it was funny because he yelled, If all you’re giving is $5.00 I don’t want it. Well, we were poor, money wise so I kept my $5.00. Never sent him a penny. I wish he was still here and I hope he made it to heaven.

  • Karl EzekiEL HezekEL Mohamad Kirsch

    Gene Scott PHD of Stanford said the ancient SHumer Sumer people knew about Cygnus X-1 invisible X-ray source in the northern sky, that’s in the Swan constellation. Gene Scott talked about the King’s chamber, the Queen’s chamber, & the grotto & the pit in the Great Pyramid of Jyzaht or Gizeh of the delta of the Nile, border of upper & lower Egypt, & how the star Alcyon or Halku”on a Greek name, the righteous star, & THo’baan or THuben the bad star, Halkyon in Pleiades in Taurus & THuben in Draco, were lined up with the Great Pyramid. Gene talked about pyramids in the Atlantic Ocean. Scott talked of a man who went swimming, probably in a diving suit, off the coast of Florida & Cuba somewhere, & found a pyramid with 2 big holes in it, with sparks or shiny flecks going in one hole & out the other, & he went in one hole, & found a metal shiny statue, holding a crystal ball in its hands, with little pulsing pyramids in the ball, so he took the sphere of glass & brought it to the dry air above Florida, & when a light beam was passed thru it, the ball of square triangles affected the light beam. THen some official-seeming men came to him & said, “Sorry, that’s top secret classified, you can’t have that” & they took it from him. So he called Washington DC & asked about it, & they denied any knowledge of what he was talking about. THis is why I sent $203.00 & some Levite first fruits to Gene Scott, because of the fantastic info he gave, which was worth something valuable. Personally, I discovered that the LOD in LORD & GOD & LOV & GOV & COV & the Russian word BOG or booaag that looks like 607, & 609, all look like Ba’aL the baby burning demon in the Solomon ELiJaH ELisha Gideon IsaIaH JeremIaH PHoenician alpha-bet, upside down. So I looked at the holy IsraELite PHoenician name ELoH upside down, & it looked like ADE or KDE or DVE or AVE or KVE or in Russian DLwsskyiy Pycckuu letters AGYE or aaghyeh which looks like A7E. So I say, instead of LOVE LORD GOD, I say DVEDE KRDE ADE, & so on. I don’t like the word star, either, because it sounds like Ishtar, the whore of Babel. So I say Rahamat instead of star, from Rahhhmaht the ‘arab Ishma’ELite word for Compassionate Womblike female quality.