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Dowsing in the 21st Century

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Dowsing — sometimes called divining, or (when searching specifically for water) water finding or water witching — has dwindled to a scant shadow of its popularity one hundred years ago. Dowsing clubs have shrunk to a mere handful, across the U.S., with about four regional conferences a year. There is a haranguing list of reasons for the decline:

The ancient ones have died, carrying with them the unimparted secrets
Electronic devices are advanced enough for the ones with questions not to need dowsing
People are too busy to learn the techniques that must be practiced for dowsing success
Not enough study given to dowsing to prove its value
dowsing equipment Competition for entertainment is greater than it has ever been

Dowsing has been overlooked as a science
Dowsing accuracy is questionable
Qualified master dowsers only number in the low twenties, with not enough new instructors

It seems only in America, dowsing is declining. Europe is furthering University testing and studies, proving that dowsing is a scientific fact that is energy driven and that the answers received are far more accurate than the law of averages of 50/50. Even though dowsing has been practiced for thousands of years, Americans are trending that this connection with the "Universal Library" — for answers that no consciousness of the mind could possibly know — doesn't really exist.

Americans seem to be preoccupied with the electronic gadgets that rob us of creativity and program us to waste our free time on instant gratification by playing games. The concert pianist that practices everyday to finally perform a masterpiece commits to a life of discipline. Without discipline there can be no successful dowsing.

Most oil companies and mining companies worldwide employ seasoned successful dowsers to locate gas, oil, and ore deposits on location and from the comforts of the dowser's home office. The notorious child abduction case last year in Florida was solved by a dowser. Lost ships, treasure troves, pets and people are located by dowsers.

All professions have their questionable operators. Dowsing is no exception. Most individuals can get a response from a rod or pendulum for a "yes" or "no." However few dowsers have the ability to correctly ask questions and receive answers that are 85% accurate and better. These master dowsers are now being asked to share their knowledge and help us grow into the 21st Century with a sound scientific foundation for dowsing propagation.

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About James Zeller

  • As a teenager, I used to practice dowsing using a Y shaped branch. I also used a coathanger and a pendant. Although many people in England are sceptical, they are still fascinated and divination has a strong following.


    In my opinion, it is this comment below, (which was the second to last option from lead article); that is probably the major reason for the dwindling of Dowsing. . . .

    “Dowsing accuracy is questionable”

    (imo) Reason being: the dowser finds MORE than just water but until you dig you won’t know WHAT the dowser found. . . .

  • Artie

    In your article you stated “Most oil companies and mining companies worldwide employ seasoned successful dowsers to locate gas, oil, and ore deposits on location and from the comforts of the dowser’s home office.” Could you please supply me with links where I can find documentation proving this statement or send me hard-copies of such documentation? I will gladly pay copying fees and postage. Please reply to arthur.engh@online.no