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Down a Waterfall and Up Into the Sky: Extreme Sports in Colombia

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When you are traveling the country of Colombia for the first time, it is essential to try some recreational sports. I would like to draw your attention to the few that I did in a town entitled San Gil, Colombia.

Day 1: 1pm-5pm: Paragliding. Tandem.

Lovely day for a fiesta in the sky. My tandem partner was a little advanced in years, but I wasn’t going to hold that against him. He did a wonderful job of lifting himself and me high above the dense jungle canopy into a world of free-floating and weightless green bliss. I think he fancied me a bit. We glided for what seemed only a minute. We would suspend, as if completely halted in midair, then spiral downwards left and right like a pendulum. A sensational feeling of flying, as if nothing is holding you. We had already ever so ungracefully landed before I even realized our romantic rendezvous was over. I tumbled hard into the groin of a man twice my age, smack dab in the middle of a tobacco field.

Day 2: 8am-1pm: Rappelling down a waterfall. 60 meters. 3pm: Bungee jumping. 35 meters.

The Juan Cury waterfalls, located a short bus ride outside of San Gil, are very beautiful, but you don’t really have time to sit back and enjoy the scenery as you slip-slide on rock, heavy volumes of water pelting down on you, while belaying yourself for 60 meters. You do this by yourself, the guides are merely watching you. No experience necessary, there is no crash course. You are wearing a bracelet to identify your body if the worst-case scenario happens and you are washed away. I must say there is a certain liberating feeling that comes with that.

I figured you can’t just pass up the opportunity to jump off something as well. Bungee jumping hardly needs an explanation. The feeling of sweet release, falling through space. For a small moment in time you feel nothing, you are nothing. Awesome.

Day 3: 10am-4pm: White-Water Rafting the Suarez River

This is one of the strongest rivers in Colombia for practicing rafting and kayaking, with class IV and V level rapids. For people who don’t know what that means: extreme. Our guide said he uses this river frequently to practice for world kayaking tournaments. It was two hours of…there are no words. Wicked awesomness with a side of rad. Hold the fear, pour on the adrenaline. Mmmmm.

They didn´t offer skydiving. I was a little bit put off by this.

Well, it has been nice reminiscing; however it is now time to go through my pictures. Ta ta for now!

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