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Doomed AGAIN!!!

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I just received four more MyDoom emails! I’m really getting fed up with this so I’m gonna give y’all some tips so this won’t happened again:

1. Buy, install, update, and use a major antivirus package. They should all by now have MyDoom/Novarg filters. If you want a freebee I highly recommend AVG FREE;

2. Force Windows to show you file name extensions. In Windows XP you do that by going into ‘My Computer’ or ‘Windows Explorer’ and click on ‘Tools’, ‘Folder Options’ and ‘View’. Make sure the little box beside ‘Hide extensions for known file types’ is NOT checked. If you doubt my veracity, MyDoom’s ability to spoof icons should change your mind. After you can see file name extensions watch out for suspicious extensions in e-mail attachments (especially .bat, .cmd, .exe, .pif, .scr and zip files);

3. Never, (I repeat) NEVER, EVER open or run a file attached to an e-mail message until you

   (a) Contact the person who sent you the message and verify that he or she sent the file, and

   (b) save the file on your hard drive, update your antivirus software’s signature file, and run your antivirus software on the file.

4. If you get any failed delivery messages, (where worm-generated mail didn’t get through to the intended recipient), just delete em all. The FROM addresses are faked so there is no point in chasing down the source.

5. When you catch an infected e-mail be sure to delete it twice – once from the ‘Inbox’ and then again from the ‘Deleted Items’ box in Outlook Express where a copy is automatically saved.

6. Oh yes, I almost forgot. Before you terminate those nasty bugs be sure to disable ‘System Restore’ (Xp and Millennium users) and any other automatic backup systems you have or they may come back to haunt you.

Safe computing is like safe sex. Take precautions and use your common sense. Happy computing and please stop emailing me 🙂

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  • Four?? Consider yourself lucky. I’m getting 50 to 60 per day!

  • BB

    You must be on SCO‘s list

  • Eric Olsen

    I’m getting a few hundred per day – I hae a public email address.

  • Eric Olsen

    BB, thanks for the excellent advice, by the way.

  • A firewall will help, too. Something like Zone Alarm will also keep unauthorized programs already on your computer from communicating.