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Don’t touch me there

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Anywhere but there. What’s old is new.

Years ago, Antioch College, in an attempt to make sexual harassment and abuse and date rape a thing of the past, instituted a sexual consent form, with explicit permission to be sought and granted for each and every sex-related advance.

I don’t know if this nonsense still goes on there, but it surely created the “Talk Dirty To Me” porn film series.

Now comes attorney Evan Spencer of Colorado-based Protect Condoms, Inc., with his one-page, “pre-sexual agreement” form. He’s sold more than 4,000 forms at $7.99 each. Not bad. In fact, pretty good scam, as the agreement’s not worth the paper it’s printed on, and Spencer knows this better than anyone, being a lawyer.

Nevertheless. Said Spencer, in a story in today’s Washington Post, “If you’re a professional athlete on the road, and you encounter someone you don’t know, certainly a person who is a man of means will want to be protected by something like this.”

Amazing that Spencer doesn’t even consider the possiblity that a “girl of means” might need to protect herself from some guy who’ll later say she violated him.

Spencer got the idea after the Kobe Bryant “he said/she said” that destroyed these two people’s lives, as well as those of their families.

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  • Eric Olsen

    “The smell of buring leather as we hold each other tight … “

  • HW Saxton Jr.

    This subject was just recently spoofed
    on “The Dave Chapelle Show”.I was kind
    of wondering where he got the idea.
    BTW: Anyone have the web address for:
    The Tubes Fan Club?

  • Evan Spencer

    The pre-sexual agreement is worth a lot more than the paper it is printed on. I will defend any of our clients for free if they are falsely accused of rape. Everyone laughed at prenuptual agreements when they first surfaced in the 1970’s and now they are commonplace. Over the next decade, pre-sexual agreements will become commonplace as well. Mark my words!

    Evan Spencer