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Don’t Marry Your Cat: Dating Advice From the Old and New Schools

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“I am sick of dating.”

“There’s no one out there for me.”

“Women are too much work.”

“Guys don’t understand what I need.”

“I’ve decided to just marry my cat.”

These are statements that we — Lauren and William — keep hearing on a frequent basis from people of all ages. You’d think these comments came from a seventy year old man or woman who has gone through a handful of divorces, but they’re not.

Lauren: I was chilling with my homegirl, Cindy, a few nights ago at a bar. She’s cute, sweet, and a lot of fun. Any guy would be fortunate to have her, but she hasn’t had any luck in terms of dating. So, she started talking about how she’ll never find anyone and that she is throwing in the towel since the last few dates she went on were a bust.

Cindy is only 24 years old.

William: There’s this guy I play golf with named Paul. All he talks about is how he needs a good lady by his side, but that they are no where to be found. He’s handsome, funny, and rich. Whenever I tell him about cool spots to check out or events to attend, he turns them down, usually saying “Naw man, I gotta work.”

Paul doesn’t have to work all of the time.

What we’re trying to say is that everyone is in control of their results in terms of dating. If you’re like Cindy who is about to give up, then you better believe love isn’t coming your way. And Paul, he is hiding out in his office. How the heck can a lovely lady find him if he’s at work all of the time?

Our main goal is to see that you don’t marry your cat, which is what Cindy and Paul are about to do if they continue on their current path.

Allow us to break it down. We are each going to give you our own top 5 list of ways to prevent you from marrying your cat.


1) Hang out at places based on your interest. If you’re a gamer, start going to video game competitions. Sometimes they’re held at hip places, like a bowling alley or club.

2) Start texting less and talking in person more. Look, I love texting but what I see on a daily basis — young people texting with others sitting next to ’em — is crazy. Make an effort to put the phone down next time and focus on the person who is with you.

3) Gym. You will always find someone attractive at the gym if you start going on a regular basis. Make sure you look on point (refer to our other blog postings).

4) Use Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites to flirt and start meeting potential dating candidates. There’s nothing wrong with this as long as you don’t overdo it. I have made many connections this way. Note: Make sure you can back up what you say when you’re face-to-face.

5) Have friends that keep you positive. When Cindy was down I encouraged her to stay on the hunt and not give up. As younger people we need this, especially dealing with a tough economy and trying to pay bills. Sometimes that one friend keeps us from killing the cat.


1) Start hanging around younger people. Not people 30 years your junior but maybe 5-15 years. They will give you more energy and keep you feeling younger.

2) Learn how to text. If you don’t text, get on it. If you type 1 word per minute then hire a text tutor. Texting is great for flirting and spontaneity.

3) Be active. Everyone knows that as you get older, it gets harder to stay in shape. Start walking every day or hitting up the gym three times a week. Do what you can to not let it go. Plus, you’ll always meet new people.

4) Make time. If you’re like Paul and work a lot, make an effort to improve. For example, meet a friend for lunch during your break. This gets you used to hanging out with others and talking over a meal, just as you would a date.

5) Join a dating website. I used to not believe in joining websites like Match.com or eHarmony but they’re great for single adults looking for love like my daughter, Lauren. Give them a chance.

We hope our tips helped. If you still find yourself on the brink of complete doom, or wanting to marry your cat, consider sending us an email.

We’d love to hear from you!


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  • John

    Cats are very loyal, and do not argue, they do have bad breath sometimes though, bring you nasty gifts, sometimes they attack you I found out in the early hours of this morning (do not have your feet out of the bed). Cats need you like you need them just like people. Nobody is perfect except me 🙂