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Don’t Let The Door Hit You

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So, Clear Channel has stopped paying its stations for the cost of simulcasting radio broadcasts over the Internet, prompting 150 to stop broadcasting their feeds on the net. This is a bad thing?

Clear Channel stations suck. If you’ve ever been driving along, listening to the radio, and thinking, “My God, this station sucks ass,” odds are it was owned by Clear Channel. When they’re not broadcasting crap, it’s only because they switched over to pap for a while. If Clear Channel has no Internet radio presence, then that’s a net gain for the world. Internet radio will be fine without them.

You shouldn’t be listening to a Clear Channel Station anyway, not when there are so many alternatives. Here’s a few.

Wolf FM
Revolution Radio

And a list of more.

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  • Rob

    Unfortunately, for many of us out here in West Texas, the only non-country stations wit henough wattage to be heard are owned by Clear Channel. If I wasn’t going back overseas, I’d have an XM receiver in my car already.

    At least Internet radio is holding on to life, it is the only way new deserving artists are going to be heard.

  • Josh

    No, actually, Clear Channel owns XM