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Don’t Cheat Kris Allen

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I’ve been an American Idol fan for many years and never before have I seen fans be such poor sports. This year’s contestants were the simple, easy, cute Christian boy (Kris Allen) against the edgy, rock, gay kid (Adam Lambert). Both are considered very talented. Personally, I preferred Kris, because he would release the kind of music I would buy and I find the way Adam sings rather annoying, but that’s beside the point.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, obviously. There cannot be a unanimous decision with 100 million votes. I really don’t have a problem with people saying things like, “Adam was a better singer,” but everywhere I go, I hear people say that Kris Allen only won because he’s straight. Kris deserved that title and whether or not you agree with it, playing the gay card isn’t fair. It’s like saying, well, we can’t let Kris be the winner, because he’s straight. There is a major flaw in that logic.

Yeah, did some people vote for Kris because he’s straight? Without a doubt. There’s a story about it up at IMDb. A user writes, “My mother-in-law never saw anyone perform on Idol. All she knew was her church group told her a gay guy with fingernail polish was about to be made the next American Idol unless she and all her little old church lady friends voted against him.” Is that sad? There’s no denying it. But maybe that’s 1% of the people. And since Ryan never said if it was close, I’m assuming it wasn’t.

Most people I know who liked Kris Allen liked Kris Allen for himself, instead of just “so Adam Lambert doesn’t win.” My mother couldn’t stand him. I lost respect for him since he ruined Johnny Cash on country night. My sister would get up to make food when he was on. It wasn’t that he was gay — it was because Kris Allen was better.

This whole gay argument is a rationalization Adam fans are using to make it seem to themselves like Adam won. It’s a total cop-out, a scam. They are trying to cheat Kris out of his crown.

Kris Allen is this season’s winner, so stop whining. Not everything is a conspiracy.

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  • carrie

    Adam official website 460,000 posts; Kris official website 6,500 posts; Fans at AI concert, 80% are there for Adam, trust me, I went to Atlanta show and people started leaving after Adam’s set to get a good spot in the autograph line. So, where are the Kris fans?? Not online, not at the AI concerts, where are they????

  • Amanda Burguns

    Actually, Philip and Jordan are both wrong. Matt Giraud was saved week seven and neither Kris nor Adam was in the bottom three with him. I should know, I have DVR and I watch them over and over again until the next performance week. Secondly, the contest wasn’t based on who was straight and who wasn’t. It was based on who was better and I thought that Kris had it locked away from day one.

  • Actually, relying on my memory has been bad for me as well. It wasn’t different weeks after all!

    After it was narrowed down to the Top Five, Ryan revealed that #3 was Kris Allen, #4 was Adam Lambert, and #5 was Matt Giraud. Giraud was eliminated for the second time, and therefore not saved.

    So that week, Allison and Danny were the top two, in some order, though Allison was eliminated the following week, and Danny a week after that.

    Which also means that the only time Adam or Kris were near the bottom, Kris was (slightly?) ahead of Adam.

  • Jordan Richardson

    Jordan, that’s not the only fact you got wrong.

    Won’t be the last, either. Cheers!

  • Jordan, that’s not the only fact you got wrong. Kris and Adam both ended up in the bottom three at different times early on. The only person who *wasn’t* in the bottom three until the week he was voted off was Danny Gokey.

    All the predictions said, “Too close to call,” with 1-1.5% separating the two contestants. I think Adam was the stronger performer, personally, but neither one of them really interested me as much as, say, David Cook had.

  • Jordan Richardson

    The judges didn’t save Kris; they saved Matt Giraud the same week both Kris and Adam were in the bottom three.

    Doh! Sorry ’bout that.

    Did these people just start to hate gays this week?

    Don’t the finals have a considerably larger amount of votes in comparison to the other shows in the season?

    I’m not so sure I suggested that there was a large or looming force of opposition. I also don’t know that I said anything about “organized homophobes.”

    In fact, glowing moronic factual error aside, I believe my main point was simply this:

    the fact that it became the public’s business and that any amount of that very public chose to vote on that basis alone in the damn competition is a crying shame

    I, in no way, meant to infer that there was some form of mobilized, mass conspiracy. In fact, I agreed with her in saying that it wasn’t a conspiracy. I, in no way, referred to any “plot” again him either.

    I do apologize for my error, though.

  • STM

    Nah, you raise some good points Jordan, but I reckon Maddy’s right on this one.

  • You are wrong with your facts. The judges didn’t save Kris; they saved Matt Giraud the same week both Kris and Adam were in the bottom three.

    While there’s no doubt some people didn’t want Adam to win because of their presumption about his sexuality, if there was such a large force of opposition, how did Adam make it to the finals? He’s been the same guy the whole competition. Did these people just start to hate gays this week? Or are we to believe the plot against him was so involved that the organized homophobes were so cruel they wanted him to get close enough to taste it before crushing his dream.

    And why would a large portion of America who has a problem with gays watch American Idol? It’s the gayest show not on Bravo or Logo?

    There are a myriad of reasons why Adam didn’t win.

  • Jordan Richardson

    I think your point of view is overly optimistic. Kris was at the bottom of the show at one point, kissing the brink of elimination before he was saved by the judges with some ridiculous clause they added in to “shake things up.” That speaks volumes and it appears that the public tide swung largely towards Kris once they saw where it was going.

    The fact is that a large portion of America, you could argue a significant majority if you look at the numbers, has a problem with gay people. There are instance of this everywhere, Maddy, and it’s downright sad. You quoted one from IMBD, while I was witness to countless comments on Twitter about Adam’s sexuality.

    One moon-faced pastor’s wife tweeted: “If the fag wins, I’m never watching again. JESUS IS THE ONLY AMERIC” before she mercifully ran out of room.

    There were countless others like that, endlessly fixated on his sexuality as opposed to his talent. His sexuality is none of anyone’s business, as I’m sure you agree, but the fact that it became the public’s business and that any amount of that very public chose to vote on that basis alone in the damn competition is a crying shame.

    You are right when you say that “not everything is a conspiracy.” But not everything is sunshine and rainbows in glorious America, either. Old habits die hard and the foul, ignorant head of bigotry continues to make its climb to the surface while politicians, religious leaders, and others continue to downplay its very existence.

    That’s the real controversy.