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Don’t Act Like ‘This’ King

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Martin Luther King was an inspiration to millions around the world, but Rodney King just made people riot. Let’s face it, Rodney King is an idiot. Don’t get me wrong, he didn’t deserve to get his ass kicked by the LAPD. However, some would argue that he needs an ass-kicking now more than ever. Yesterday, he was driving in his SUV at high-speeds and the proceeded to crash into a pole, a fence, and somebody’s house! All this while intoxicated! You would think that a guy that got nearly a $4 million dollar settlement from the city would have gotten his life together–some therapy, maybe an education, a career, a volunteer job, or well, something. Instead, his hobby appears to be driving at high-speeds while drunk. Some people never learn.

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  • Jeff Petermann

    i think i would pay 4 million to get a chance to beat his sorry drunk butt. I only have $4 right now though—guess I better stop going to starbucks so much.

  • *giggles*

    Now when he has his day in court, if the judge was able, she should fine him 4 million dollars!

  • Jeff,

    You wrote:

      i think i would pay 4 million to get a chance to beat his sorry drunk butt.

    Ah, you represent Christ well. What would Jesus do with regard to Rodney King? Denigrate him and make jokes about beating him up. That’s what Jesus would do. Blessed are the black and drunk, Jesus said, for I will beat their sorry drunk butts. And, lo, did the disciples laugh and laugh.

  • Try reading the book One Time: The Story of a South Central Los Angeles Police Officer. Rodney King got off easy.