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Don Siegel Honoured By The Academy

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Regardless of one’s opinion regarding the dubious political musings sloshing around Don Siegel’s most celebrated flicks, The Invasion Of The Body Snatchers and Dirty Harry being prime examples, there ain’t a doubt in the world that said pictures are iconic, genre-defining slabs of celluloid.

For sure, Invasion Of The Body Snatchers reeks of McCarthyism and blind panic (rather than satirizing such, as some folks would have it), and the man wasn’t referred to as Don Seig Heil for nothing, but Siegel has nonetheless left a mark that’s damn near impossible to miss when a fella takes a step into any multiplex from here to Pluto.

It’s plenty arguable, for example, that the work he did with Clint Eastwood was as important in defining the late 20th century urban hero as Eastwood’s work with Sergio Leone was with regards the rural equivalent.

Dirty Harry may be a worrying right-wing fantasy, but it’s also a hell of a memorable couple hours of rogue-cop bad-assery.

And this is without mentioning Escape From Alcatraz, surely the finest action adventure number Siegel and Eastwood crafted.

On Wednesday July 20th, the Academy Of Motion Picture Arts And Sciences will be holding a star-studded shindig at The Academy’s Samuel Goldwyn Theatre in Beverly Hills, California, for to salute Siegel and his films.

A brand new cleaned-up print of Invasion Of The Body Snatchers will be screened, and the event will be hosted by no less a double-act than Clint Eastwood and director Curtis Hanson.

Tickets are on sale from July 1st, for the incredibly reasonable price of $5 to the general public, $3 to academy members. You can pick them up from The Academy itself, located at 8949 Wilshire Boulevard, Beverly Hills, or call (310) 247-3600.

The chance to see a beautiful freshly struck print of Siegel’s finest moment should be enough encouragement, surely, but hearing Eastwood and Hanson yack on about the career of the man behind The Shootist, Coogan’s Bluff and Rough Cut ought to be delightful.

A retrospective screening series of Siegel’s work follows at the UCLA. For more info, see HERE.

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  • I wonder it a brand new print of Invasion of the Body Snatchers also means a better transfer for a possible SE DVD?

  • No profanity???

    New Kirsten film coming soon, BTW, Duke – saw the trailer last night

  • Tan, i hope so…

    Aaman, this was a pure news-flinging piece, so no, i felt weren’t at all right to pepper it with motherfuckery.

    And regarding Kirsten’s latest picture, i presume you refer to Elizabethtown, which will be incredible, being Her first pairing with Cameron Crowe.

    Marie-Antoinette, which will be Her second collaboration with Sofia Coppola, is a bit further off, but it’ll be worth the wait. oh yes.

  • Eric Olsen

    super job Duker, newsy but you – thanks!

  • thanks EO!

  • i should add that i find Body Snatchers to be a glorious flick, regardless of political concerns. Such an atmospheric number…