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Domestic Terrorism in a Nutshell

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Last Thursday I taught an anti-terrorism class to my shop, with one of my major highlights being domestic terrorism groups–such as the National Socialist Movement (or “America’s Nazi Party”) mentioned below. My key point during that portion of the curriculum was terrorism isn’t just about young Middle Eastern males, but can also be home grown (and the image most folks have about international terrorism is also far more complex, but that’s an article for another time).

I first discussed the well-knowns such as the Ku Klux Klan, Aryan Nations and World Church of the Creator–names most of the class could grasp. Then I threw in the Black Panther Party, Nation of Islam, and the 5 Percenters–all now
or once-labeled Black hate groups. Talk about a storm of controversy; the class could’ve talked for hours about racial hate issues! But that wasn’t the point: all the groups listed, regardless of race, religion or creed, fall (or once fell) under thee FBI’s definition of domestic terrorism:

“Activities that involve acts dangerous to human life that are a violation of the criminal laws of the United States or of any state; appear to be intended to intimidate or coerce a civilian population; to influence the policy of a government by mass destruction, assassination, or kidnapping; and occur primarily within the territorial jurisdiction of the United States.”

To further break down the category, domestic terrorists are divided into 3 groups:

Right Wing – Terrorism motivated by opposition to federal regulation, the United Nations and other international organizations, the U.S. government itself, and hatred of racial and religious minorities. Think the KKK or Christian Patriot Movement.

Left Wing – Terrorist activity by anti-capitalist revolutionary groups. The most notable but now mostly defunct Weather Underground, Symbionese Liberation Army, and Armed Forces for Puerto Rican National Liberation (FALN) were the most notorious of these groups (the FALN is the only group of the three still active, albeit much scaled back). Depending on who you talk to, the various state militia groups (Republic of Texas, Montana Freemen…) belong in this category as well, although I think you could make a strong argument for classifying them as Right Wing.

Special Interest – In short, “eco-terrorists,” i.e. the Earth Liberation Front or Anti-Vivisection Society. Not exactly a bunch of killers, but groups such as ELF has caused millions of dollars in infrastructure damage throughout the US.

Of course, one man’s terrorist is another’s freedom fighter; indeed, although I can be very easily repulsed by the KKK, it can see myself rooting for the ELF operative who burns down an eyesore of a mansion built on pristine Colorado land. But I still must rationally consider that, no matter my support for or anger against a given group, such groups are tracked by domestic law enforcement because they’ve killed or maimed people and/or destroyed property to further their political aims.

In addition, such groups often don’t have to do anything overtly violent to get their message on media outlets. Just look at the National Socialist Movement: all they had to do was show up. Yes, they may have earned a blurb on FOX just for marching, but the riot really got the NSM some press. Detractors such as myself will look at them as rabblerousers, while closet supports will point to how. “the blacks caused all the violence.” As sad argument, to be sure–but still a potential recruitment tactic.

The final point we discussed, then, is where do you draw the line between domestic terrorism and criminality? Simple: the FBI considers domestic terrorism to be domestic criminal acts. Where it gets vague, though, is when an analyst has to make the connection of an act to an existing group, new group, or just a bunch of ne’er-do-wells with no group agenda and just involved in petty vandalism (although not petty through the eyes of the victim, I’m sure).

Lots of questions to ask, indeed–and how ironic this march happened mere days after my course. I’ll leave you with one final point to drive the topic home–according to the FBI Christian right wing groups pose the most serious domestic threat.


Toledo Mayor: Neo-Nazis Had Right to March

JOHN SEEWER, Associated Press Writer

The city was calm Monday after weekend violence triggered by a white supremacist group’s march along the sidewalks of a racially mixed neighborhood. A melee broke out Saturday when protesters confronted members of the National Socialist Movement who had gathered at a city park. “They do have a right to walk on the Toledo sidewalks,” Mayor Jack Ford said Sunday. An angry mob, some of them gang members, threw baseball-sized rocks at police, vandalized vehicles and stores, and set fire to a bar. More than 100 people were arrested and one officer was seriously injured. The march was called off after the rioting started.

Police Chief Mike Navarre said Monday there had been no trouble since Saturday. “After the four-hour disturbance ended, we have not had a problem in the neighborhood since,” Navarre said on CBS’s “The Early Show.” Much of the anger erupted because residents were upset that city leaders allowed about a dozen white supremacists to walk through the neighborhood and shout insults. “They don’t have the right to bring hate to my front yard,” said Terrance Anderson, who lives near the bar that was destroyed. Three other businesses were looted or damaged. Others joined the mayor in saying the neo-Nazis had the right to march. “Too bad the people couldn’t ignore them,” said Dee Huntley.

The disturbances were confined to a 1-square-mile area, police said. At one point, the crowd grew to about 600 people. Nearly all of the violence ended by late afternoon Saturday, and police set an evening curfew for the city through Monday morning. The neighborhood northwest of downtown once was a thriving Polish community. Now it’s a mix of Hispanic, Polish and black residents, many of them poor living in modest homes. Police began hearing at the middle of last week from officers on the street that gangs planned to descend on the neighborhood, the police chief said. “We knew during the preparation that it was going to be a tremendous challenge,” Navarre said. “Anyone who would accuse us of being underprepared I would take exception with that.” However, he said the protest lasted longer and was more intense than expected.

Authorities delayed releasing the route of the march so protesters wouldn’t have advance notice of where the demonstration would take place. Community leaders organized an “Erase the Hate” rally to draw people away from the march. And the mayor spoke to 2,000 people at a Baptist church Friday night, urging them to ignore the neo-Nazis. A spokesman for the National Socialist Movement accused police of losing control of the situation. The neo-Nazi group came to the city, which relies heavily on the auto industry and has high unemployment in minority neighborhoods, because of a dispute between neighbors, one white and the other black. “This is not a police problem,” Navarre said. “This is a social problem.”

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  • Just to update you, the ELF is in fact responsible for several deaths in the UK, even if they haven’t managed to kill anyone yet here in the US.


  • Gotcha! Thanks for the update.

    I suppose one could argue, then, that the ELF is an international Special Interest terrorist group, given the deaths in the UK.

  • The National Socialist Movement has never committed an act of violence to further its political ends. Thus, it is no more “terrorist” then, say, yout class and yourself.

  • Another Nazi heard from…


  • “The National Socialist Movement has never committed an act of violence to further its political ends.”

    Nor have many of the domestic groups that the FBI tracks. To wit, the vast majority or militia groups have never taken up arms against their respective state or federal authorities. Regardless, such groups are followed by state and federal law enforcement agencies.

    As another example, in Dec 02 the FBI nabbed a NSM member in Wisconsin on firearms chrages… and were tipped off because he was training neo-nazi teens as young as 13 to use firearms (as in small unit tactics, not for plinking varmints). Thus you don’t always need an act to draw attention to yourself and your group creed; intent is just as effective.

  • Every time anyone studies the subject of White Supremacy you further our cause.

    I’m quite sure you did not mention to your class the fact behind the NSM deciding to pay the neighborhood a visit in the first place, eh?

    The reason being that black gangs passed out fliers to White owned homes demanding that the Whites move or face death. The cops did not want anything to do with it so several people in the area asked the NSM to come to their aid.

    All your students are not the brain dead liberals that you wish they were. I am contacted all the time by students that have just been taught a class by some liberal piece of shit putting down White Pride as racism. Believe me, the majority of White students see right through this agenda. It is nothing more than social engineering and one day it will backfire on all involved.

    88, August Kreis; http://www.aryan-nations.org

  • Wow… an actual 88 specimen commenting on my topic! Much obliged for you very thoughtful and obviously well-researched statement. ‘cept the part about liberal, considering I’m a card-carrying Republican.

    I should add, then, my class was a room of military professionals (and I’m one myself) who are required to have a full understanding of domestic and international “groups.” I can’t help your group is part of the curriculum for numerous law enforcement agencies, from which I pulled most of my training aids; but you’re more than welcome to discuss removal from their lists if you wish to do so.

  • No, you go right ahead and keep us on your lists. It’s not as if we are at all worried about being scrutinized and we do place ourselves as opponents of the U.S. government as we see it’s control by Zionist occupational forces. We realize that quite possibly one day in the future those involved in the U.S. military are going to have to decide whether or not they are going to cross the line of the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878 because we feel that this corrupt government is setting the stage to try and use it’s military forces against it’s citizens. If that be the case you will find yourself at odds with many a veteran trained by the very government it now finds itself at odds with! Bottom line, it won’t be pretty.

    I personally have always prayed for a military coop of those that realize how corrupt and upside down this system has become. But now realize just how much influence these Zionist Jews have over the entire U.S. military and how many old school officers have been forcably retired that would have otherwise thrown a monkey wrench into much of ZOG’s plans.

    In any case I was under the impression for whatever reason that this discussion was at a university level. I think I’ll turn my good friend James Wickstrom of Sheriff’s Posse Comitatus fame on to this blog. Maybe some of you would like to get your copies of “Blood in the Face” autographed by him?

    For Faith, Folk & Family,
    August Kreis

  • information

    The truth is these groups are everywhere. I personally know of them here in my area, and know the FBI has informants in every group. I have seen acts of violence among the group members more then violence against society and others. They have very limited views, and take part of the truth to make it work for their advantage. Leaders are making a profit by producing documents that are to be purchased, selling videos of their seminars, offering seminars for a collection, etc.

  • ss

    Everyone knows it’s the lizard people who control everything, AK.
    You’re just making it easier for the aliens to invade Toledo.
    Just like they planned to all along…

  • MOGS

    “Come son of Jor-el, KNEEL BEFORE ZOG!”

    I think it’s absolutely hilarious that you use the SAME rhetoric the Islamofascist terrorists use in their campaigns about Israel and the United States in general. “Zionist Occupation Forces” – I believe the last time I saw that very phrase in print was a Hizbollah tract.

    Keep going dude, you’re just self-ID’ing and making my job so much easier.

    PS – You might want to study up on a poli sci term called the horseshoe theory – it states that the the most extreme ends of the spectrum are actually more alike than unlike (i.e. compare white power groups to, say, the 5 Percenters)- if you go to either end, you just end up popping out on the other side.

    By the way pal, I’ve READ the Turner Diaries, I know about the Northwest Imperative, and other slices of the White Supremacist agenda. Your solution to the problems you harp on is not one lick better than the black extremists, the anarchists, the communists, or the eco-terrorists.

    You are all the same. You just help ensure that I operate in a target-rich environment and that I won’t need to look for a job for a long, long time.

  • August Kreis

    Charming fellow…

  • Regarding Mr. Kreis threat to “turn James Wickstrom of “Sheriff’s Posse Comitatus fame ” – you forgot to mention that Wickstrom claims to be the religious leader, or �Chaplain� of the defunct Aryan Nations, as well as a Christian Identity “Reverend” serving the White Supremacist movement. Also, when you click on the URL for the Posse Comitatus, you are taken to the Aryan Nations website (the Posse is dead).

    Much can be said of Wickstrom (none of it positive) but let’s address the issue of Wickstrom’s credibility. The good �Reverend� Wickstrom ran off with the Wife of his best friend of 30 years, Keith Kallstrom (another nazi wannabe), after a short visit to Kallstrom trailer and an even shorter courtship (one night?). This act speaks volumes about the “Christian Values” and “Loyalty” among members of the “Master Race” doesn�t it. Not that we are at all surprised.

    The most violent domestic terrorist groups in the United States (other than perhaps Al-Qaeda) are those which are owned and operated by the bottom-feeders of the “White Supremacy� movement (Including but not limited to: the National Alliance, National Vanguard, Aryan Nations, neo-Nazi Skinhead groups to numerous to list, the KKK and the remnants of the World Church of The Creator).

    Every year, hundreds of attacks take place that are directed against houses of worship and individuals in the United States who are non-Christian, and/or non-White. Who is responsible for these reprehensible actions? . . ., you guessed it, members of White Supremacy organizations, or �loan wolves� who are encouraged by them.

    Conclusion: Mr. Felder is 100% correct.

    Bill Maniaci
    Director, Intelligence & Security
    Jewish Defense League

  • Oh, get over it maniaci ben sargon. The JDL is just another domestic terrorist organization no matter how you try and candy coat it. jEw Supremacists, Chosen People, yeah right, actually Cain’s elect, we both know what you’ve been chosen for!

    The Posse is far from defunct. Just because I choose to take down the website in no way means that it’s members are gone. It’s just that I’m no red, white and jew flag waver and decided that AN is a far better means to promulgate our message. By the way MOGS we’ve been using ZOG far longer than your so-called Islamofacists. Neat words everyone seems to be coming up with, kinda like using Neo-Cons instead of just calling them jews.

    As for the FBI having informants in every group. So what. Most of us know exactly where the line is and will not openly cross it besides the majority of FBI informants are so obvious they only trip up the idiots among us and the feds can have them! I’ve never needed any help doing what needed doing. Work by yourself, don’t flap your gums and you’ll never have to worry.

    As for you maniaci ben sargon, It’s “lone wolves” not loan wolves. That’s you jews, always thinking about making a buck…lol

    August Kreis
    National Director
    Aryan Nations

  • Thomas Jefferson was a Jew. George Washington? A Jew too.

    Alexander Hamilton, John Jay, James Madison, Benjamin Franklin and John Hancock were as Jewish as the day is long. Abraham Lincoln was a Jew, which is not surprise considering his first name, and also Jewish was Ulysses S. Grant. (Most people don’t know this, but the S. in U.S. Grant really stands for Solomon.)

    The Roosevelts were both Jews, and Eisenhower was definitely Jewish. Everybody thought Kennedy was a Catholic, but that’s just because he fooled everybody to hide his Jewishness. The only President who was completely non-Jewish was Nixon, and look what they did to him.

    Have you ever wondered why it is that sometimes, when you take your laundry out of the dryer, you find a mismatched sock and the other one is missing? The Jews did it. Millions of mismatched socks are being re-sold in the garment districts of every city, just to finance the global Jewish conspiracy to take over the world.

    Ever wonder why you sometimes can’t find your ballpoint pen? Jews again.

    Send away now for your tinfoil hat, before the Jews perfect the network of mind control satellites they’ve been trying to build since 1957.

  • FALN

    4AVietNamMemorial.”I was in VietNam and saw soldiers bleeding to death.It was horrific.The victims agonized and went through torture awaiting their death – just like Filiberto. He was shot and was allowed to bleed to death. A real man was killed. A true-anti-colonist and great revolutionary. He didn’t die on his knees or running begging like Noriega. That’s why Puerto Ricans are saying “Filiberto Vive”.

    You can be certain that they are others filibertos in Ponce,in San Juan and even in the Diaspara. There are even a Filiberto in eggs and sperms. They will see day light. Their hearts will be filled with love and compassion. Their minds will not be twisted or their hearts hardend with hatred and fear. They will be as brave,courageous and wise as Betances,Albizu,Filiberto.

    They will be as nurturine,as Lolita and Dona Isabel Rosada. They will be proud of their dark skin like Betances taught us to be.They will be multi-lingual and mulit-talented.They will act like citizens of universe

  • As another example, in Dec 02 the FBI nabbed a NSM member in Wisconsin on firearms chrages…

    This is not true.

  • December 2002, you mean.

    I am not familiar with the case.

    The National Socialist Movement has thousands of members. Our policy prohibits our members from offering paramilitary training to anyone.

    Further, individuals under the age of 18 are prohibited from participating in NSM activities without parental permission.

    This incident occurred before I joined the NSM. We attempt to screen all members, but sometimes bad ones get in. When they do, we either suspend them or revoke their membership.

    And despite what you claim, we regularly suspend members who engage in fighting, drinking, cowardice and emotional instability — and regularly discipline members who call for violence or who violate other party policies.

    Thus, in an organization that has been around for thirty two years, while we have occassionally had problem members, these members have been acting in violation of our organization’s policies and without our knowledge.

  • ‘cept the part about liberal, considering I’m a card-carrying Republican

    There is no difference between the two. The difference between the Republican “conservatives” and the “liberals” are like the difference between the Washington Redskins and the Philadelphia Eagles — they compete with each other while doing essentially the same thing.

  • And, not to harp on it, but I hust inquired:

    Kenneth Michael Botsch, the fellow you are referring to in Wisconsin, was a convicted murderer.

    After his release from prison, he changed his name to Michael Kenneth Faust and assumed a new identity. His new identity was good enough that he tricked the Wisconsin Board of Elections into letting him run for office, despite having lost his voting rights for the murder conviction.

    Not surprisingly, just as he passed the election board’s background check, he cleared ours.

    We were unaware of his illegal activities until his arrest, and he was expelled from the NSM shortly after he was arrested.

  • And … The “NSM member” you are referring to was and is Jewish:

    Fears of persecution by Nazis because he is Jewish led Michael Kenneth Faust to change his name, dye his hair and attempt to bleach his olive skin.

    Ultimately, Faust became involved in white supremacist organizations for his own protection, his attorney said Friday.

    Attorney William U. Burke said that when he met Faust, who was accused of teaching young neo-Nazi wannabes how to fire guns on Faust’s grandmother’s Racine County farm, Burke was troubled by the nature of the charges.

    At their first meeting, Burke said, he told Faust, “We’ve got a long way to go – I’m not crazy about Nazis,” and his client replied, “Neither am I.”

    According to Burke, it was the lawyer’s first indication that Faust may have some serious mental health problems.

  • RedTard

    “and regularly discipline members who call for violence or who violate other party policies.”

    If you don’t believe in violence why would you tie yourself to a party that committed millions of murders?

    I suppose throwing Jews in gas chambers isn’t really ‘violent’ in the strictest sense of the word. Luckily, your extremism will never be tolerated because of the persistent reminders of the Hitler era we get from the left wing media.

    Your comment would be more appreciated back at one of your nutjob racist websites. I don’t think you’ll get any new recruits to your nazi initiation / all hick circle jerk from here.

  • RedTard

    Mr. White and Mr. Kreis are perfect examples of the type white racist failures which make me embarassed to be part of the race.

    The anti-semetism that drives their movements is really just petty jealousy. Every trait they portray Jews as having is something they wish they had themselves but, being dumb antisocial hicks, they are completely unable to attain. They say Jews are rich and powerfulm, don’t they wish they’re organizations had that kind of funding? They say Jews are in a racial conspiracy to hold us down. Isn’t that what the National Socialists would love to do to other races? Jews supposedly control the media, I bet their organization wishes it did.

    The Jewish ‘them’ is better at being them than they are.

    Ironically, they’re sad persecution of Jews probably strengthens and unifies their enemy more than tears them apart. As the NSM well knows you need an external enemy to rally people against. For the Jews, the NSM is that external enemy and the best part is they don’t even have to invent a conspiracy, it’s all real.