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Dollars and Bonds: James Bond Through The Decades

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When you think of the James Bond franchise, images of lovely ladies, classic cars, exotic locations and vicious villains come to mind. Living the life of this British secret agent takes guts, glory, class, and cool confidence. And, to actually take on the role of the character of Bond, one must possess grace and a charisma that only a few men can pull off and maintain. From Sean Connery to Roger Moore to Pierce Brosnan to our current 007, Daniel Craig, Bond has had an exceptional 50 years.

He takes his martini shaken, not stirred. He prefers short affairs with alluring women to serious relationships with them. He has been shot at over 4,500 times, and he’s been to over 50 countries, with the U.K. as his home base. A self-proclaimed licensed troubleshooter, Bond travels only in the finest cars — from an Astin Martin to a super-charged Bentley— and he carries the most high-tech toys and gadgets imaginable.

As we prepare for the much anticipated release of Skyfall, which quite possibly could be the single highest-grossing film in the 007 collection, we wonder if this is it: the last Bond film. But we seriously doubt it.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the 23rd installment of the Bond series is a smashing success and has grossed over $100 million, before even the American release. Living the 007 life is an explosion of action, but somehow Bond always keeps his cool.

“Name is Bond, James Bond,” and he won’t take no for an answer. While a variety of actors have graced the screen to portray this character, some draw more box office success than the others. We invite you to open this top-secret file that will reveal the highest-grossing Bond by combined gross film profits, along with their quintessential cars and babes. Please burn the secret files once you are finished with them. We look forward to another 50 years, Bond.

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