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Dog mauls child, mother should be blamed

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Here’s the gist of this story in case you’re too lazy to click on it. Basically, this family owned two pit bulls, a male and a female. The male was agitated since the female was in heat. The woman was scared that the pit bull might harm her son while she went to perform errands. What’s this genius do? She locks the 12-year old in the basement, also putting a shovel on the door to keep him in there. So, the kid gets out and the male pit bull mauls and kills him.

Here’s where the ranting begins. First off, if you’re worried about the potential danger you’re putting your child in leaving him alone with the dog, you do one of two things:

1. Put the dog in the basement.
2. Take your kid with you on the errands.

By putting your child in the basement and bracing the door with a shovel what do expect the kid to do if there’s a fire down there? Generally speaking, windows in basements don’t allow much room for entry or escape. Now, the child is dead, and the mother’s response is this:

“And I told him: ‘Stay down there until I come back.’ Typical Nicky, he wouldn’t listen to me.”

She’s blaming her kid for her own stupidity! Most kids won’t stay in a room they’re locked inside of. This woman should be charged for something, whether it’s negligence or the inability to properly care for a child. If she could be charged for sheer stupidity, they should charge her for that too. Her next comment is a real winner too:

“It’s Nicky’s time to go,” she said in the interview. “When you’re born you’re destined to go and this was his time.

Right, because a 12-year old is always approaching their time. Would this kid even have a chance even if he made it to 13? It’s amazing that with a parent in the house with the IQ equal to a rock he made it as far as he did.

Then, since she obviously wasn’t smart enough to raise a dog either, the female pit bull is being put down (the male that attacked was shot by police). As a dog owner, I know full good and well that dogs are not aggressive, not even pit bulls. They’re raised that way, and in this woman’s household, I’m not surprised.

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  • bhw

    I’m usually against the death penalty, but in this case I’ll make an exception. The police should have shot this moron of a mother along with the dog.

    If you’re afraid of your own dog, then GET RID OF THE ANIMAL. It has no place in a home.

    That poor boy ….

  • I can’t say it better than you: this woman is a dumbass.

    I’ve worked in a pet store for quite a while now, and while we don’t sell pitbulls (it’s illegal to sell them in Ohio), we frequently get asked about them and as a result I’ve come to learn quite a bit. They can be very good-natured and sweet dogs; they’re actually very good family dogs. Like any dog, the temperament comes largely from its environment. And seeing as this woman was this stupid, clearly they did not take the time and effort to train the dog(s) to be well-natured.

    So we’ve got a dead 12-year-old, a dead dog, and what’s more, another dog that had absolutely no reason to be put down. I feel bad for the dogs and the kid.

    I am a firm believer that you must take and pass an IQ tests prior to breeding, and if you can’t pass it, then you’re on your way to a state-mandated sterilization.

  • kc

    I agree with you a 100%, but there is one small thing. Males don’t go into heat, the female was in season making the male dog overly agressive. The mother should have seperated the dogs and NO ONE should have been left alone in the house with the male dog. good post thru!

  • You’re right KC. I edited it. Thanks for the catch! I wrote this in a fury of anger. This happens sometimes. =;)

  • Sandi Coy

    What ever happended to the good old days when life was simple and the dog was the one we “put up”? This is beyond criminal. If you don’t trust the kid take him with you. How long was she gone for? The article read “he had plenty of food and water” Nothing about a bathroom for all that food and water consumption. This in one person’s opinion is nothing more than pre-meditated murder. She has two other children will they come to “their time” all to soon like Nickey did? God save us from the idiots and fools.

  • Kendall

    First, it was the female pit bull that was shot and killed by the police upon entry into the apartment, not the male pit bull who apparently attacked and killed the boy.

    Other than the sheer stupidity and recklessness of the idiot mother that lead to the unfortunate and (regardless of the mother’s claim) untimely death of her son, it is too bad it took so long for the real story to surface, resulting in yet another sensationalized story about the dangers of pit bulls. It is clear that this is yet another story of human error. This is not a tale of pit bulls gone wild but this will not stop the lynch mob mentality of those who want to pursue the dog equivalent of genocide as far as pit bulls are concerned.

  • i am a dog breeder and i own a 12 year old… now monster my male has broken out of his kennel, broken his way through a door.he has whined, stopped listening to me entirely, and generally been a pain in the ass for every heat cycle, has he ever shown any agression? nope…. not even a little bit towards a human. these people have no idea what they are doing anyway. its that old let them breed as much as they can… get tied. drug around by his pecker possibly doing injury to him… its all good cause were going to make lots of money.. they probably wont be there to assist in the delivery or properly ween their puppies before the mother practically starves to death… i mean any person who locks up a child and lets a dog roam oviously has their priorities mixed up.. and what do you think a dogs reaction will be to a person trying to break into a house… and breaking out of a basement is breaking into a house.. the monther not only needs to be charged with neglect, but child cruelity. put her in line for those purple shots the dogs are getting………stupid woman

  • I’ve thought that people should need a special license to own pit bulls. They should have to pass an exam, have a home inspection, have ongoing monitoring. Pit bulls are actually very nice dogs if they are treated nicely; they just attract more than their share of stupid owners. They can give birth to as many as fourteen puppies too. As many pit bulls as possible should be sterilized to keep the supply small. So you should have to have an extra special license to have unneutered pit bulls. This should all implemented in a user-friendly way with lots of public education and so the owners just don’t just go underground, which some pit bull owners would be wont to do.

  • David Drezner

    Ok: Basic safety basics 101

    If a dog is violent for any reason, lock the dog away and remove your children from their presence. Period. It sounds like the dog was violent from the start, and being in heat just upped his aggression level to Kill, from Bite if Bothered.

    If so, the dog should have been given to another more responsible owner or put down long before it had the chance to maul a 12 year old boy.

    Yes, the parents need to be prosecuted for manslaughter on this one, or at least for benign neglect.

  • KYS

    “…I know full good and well that dogs are not aggressive, not even pit bulls. They’re raised that way…”

    I disagree. Dog behavior is in no small part a product of many years of selective breeding. You see this most clearly in working breeds (retrievers or herding breeds) which will often display behaviors suited to the work they were bred to do without necessarily being trained. Not ALL dogs are aggressive, but some have a genetic predisposition towards aggressive behavior. I do agree that abused animals can become aggressive. We don’t have enough information about this history of these dogs to know if it was appropriate to leave her child around them unsupervised (though I wouldn’t recommend that generally). As for locking him in the basement? That’s criminal. This woman should not have pets or children

  • I think we have plenty of evidence based on this story alone to figure out they didn’t have a clue what to do with this dog. Not hard to figure that out.

    And sure, some dogs have those traits. My lab/shepard mix tends to go into those “pointer” stances. However, that doesn’t mean she’ll bite. If we had beat her or something, then yeah, we’d have a problem. That’s what does it, and being a dog owner all my life with a variety of breeds, I can attest to that. I’ve known friends who have owned Pits, completely without incident. I never felt any fear around them.

  • KYS

    Yes, there are some great Pits out there. But from my experience as a veterinary technician and dog trainer I can tell you that I’ve seen several dogs that were aggressive from puppyhood. Also, not all abused dogs become aggressive. Many tend to respond by becoming submissive. In any case, education is the key to raising a happy, well-behaved dog.

    PS- What does your dog point at? I once trained a dog who used to point at rocks. Too cute.

  • KYS

    PPS, Matt-
    “Pointing” is not an aggressive behavior, so I would not consider that a precursor to biting. If she were growling at your children, now that would be a different story.

  • I didn’t mean to make it seem that was a precursor. I worded it badly. I meant in that she points, but she won’t bite anybody. Actually, that’s still worded bad, but it’s late so deal with it. -;)

    She tends to point to squirles, rabbits, and birds.

    I can see a puppy aggressive. I understand that. With proper care, I believe very strongly they’ll come out fine.

  • beadtot

    Then we can be candid about being “in heat”…that a creature is writhing and remembering that she is not [yet] simply a steaming turd?

    Give us a maxi-jolt taser to repel those networking to ‘place’ impounded/SPCA cats and dogs in our apartments and pantries as some kind of illegal drop activity.

  • Dominick

    I bet the Kid was playing with the dog and the dog thought he was attacking him.

  • Kat

    Just wanted to say the mother was charged with Child Endagerment and the female dog was shot and the male was put down you posted it backwards.

  • Kyle

    Gotta laugh at all you morons taking seriously any of the “For Dummies” books. I bet you all read “Enquirer” and hang on every word. I certainly wouldn’t judge a person by what I read here or especially in a book like this. Get a real life and take your face out of dog crap like this.

  • Life must be very confusing for you, Kyle.

  • Angel

    The mother should have been ‘put down’. That I’ll grant you.

    But…Pit Bulls are too dangerously unpredictable. I don’t understand where we’re getting our values from anymore. Or our priorities. Who our what are we protecting here? Dogs? Our own children? Some outdated, pre-fab nuclear family ‘ideal’ about 2 kids, a Pit Bull and a white picket fence?

    Wether or not these Pits are turning on owners and thier families or attcking anyone at all because of breeding, poor training, vicious or stupid owners, who in the hell really cares? Hasn’t it gone far enough?

    More than ANY other breed, Pit Bulls are responsible for more bites, attacks and deaths. Review the stats, check the numbers. Rottweilers are next up and they don’t even come in a close second. And, all other breeds, combined don’t carry the ‘rap sheet’-like history of Pit Bulls. The randomness. The unrelenting way they attack. That’s what they are. that’s what they were bred for originally.

    What is so neccesary about keeping a particular breed of dog around that’s harming this many people? and too often with bitterly tragic [and sadly, avoidable] concequences?

    What are we playing at here?

    again i ask, where are we getting our values from?

    But i guess since no on heard little 12 yr old Nicky’s angonized screams…

    Sure. Lets keep the Pit Bulls. Protect the Pit Bulls.

  • The Searcher

    I sleep with my pet rattlesnake and I’ve never been bitten, therefore you all should know that rattlesnakes are perfectly safe to sleep with. I also juggle flaming knives, never once been cut or burned — I highly recommend it.

  • isa

    Pit bulls are an absolute menace. I live in a neighborhood where EVERYONE has pits for ‘protection.’ The result? Our neighbor and my boyfriend have both been bitten, my neighbor seriously. Our dog has puncture wounds on her haunches. It’s to dangerous for kids to wander around and play in the street.

    The best part? The owners of these dogs are often too frightened to intervene when their dogs attack.

    I can’t wait till legislation outlawing Pits in Cali is passed.

    I now have pepper spray, and the next dog who comes within ten feet of me is getting blinded

  • dawn

    We have a female pit that is about 10 months old. We also have 4 children the 4th being same age as our pit. They have grown up together and other than our dog chewing up everything in site and being a bit to hyper she is a very good dog. We of course keep very watchfull eye when she is around the baby, not because we are worried of attacks but just because she is so big and strong and a real big klutz. It’s only common sense to keep an eye out anyway when babies are around any pet. I even watched my oldest child around my shit-zu. She has never done more than lick the baby and when she was smaller I used to hold both at the same time and put them to sleep together. We are going to have her spayed and maybe she wont be so hyper, but I am standing up for my dog. DEPENDING ON HOW A PIT IS RAISED PITS CAN BE VERY GOOD DOGS!!! This mother deserves some type of punishment and her other 2 children need to be put in a safer environment, their mother has some type of mental condition!!!!!!!

  • Julian sandreas

    I feel bad for the kid, not to mention police. imagine, if parents could properly care for heir children, they would have enough time to take care of other serios problems in the world. also, i don’t particularly like dogs, but i will say this: no one (including pit bulls) knows anything more than what they are taught. Imagine what her parents must have been like, i’m scared to.

  • Steve

    For the 1000th time, it’s NOT the breed it’s the owners. This moron woman had two unfixed dogs, that’s the first problem.

    Pits are an AMAZING breed all the hype is crap.