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Does Suri Cruise Exist? (And Should We Care?)

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There's an Internet rumor floating around that Suri Cruise, the child of actors Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, doesn't exist. (Or at the very least, there's something freakishly wrong with her.) Now, Tom Cruise might be a real freak, but why in the world would he have a reason to lie about the existence of his child!?

What this comes down to are the pathologies of the American (and perhaps global) pop culture consumers. We've been raised on this sense of entitlement to a celebrity's personal life. As a public, we have no damn right to see Tom and Katie's baby, but we feel like we do. If it hasn't appeared in the press, it can't possibly exist, can it? It can't be that maybe Tom and Katie just want their child to have a little bit of privacy?

Where did this voyeurism come from? The tabloid press and the paparazzi feed the frenzy, but there has to be some sort of existing demand or else these rags wouldn't be so popular. (The desire may be a manufactured one though, and if so, where did it come from? How? Why?) Is it just America that is this gossip crazy? I don't think this is a global phenomenon (outside maybe the UK) but I really have no idea. Where else are celebrities worshipped on the level we worship them here?

But it might be unfair to call it worship. There's this odd contradiction we strike here between hero worship and slanderous gossip. People idolize celebrities like Tom Cruise, but at the same time there is this conflicting desire to tear down their celebrity status. We want to see that celebrities are "just like us," but we also elevate the banal activities of celebrities to the status of entertainment.

And reality television fits right into this schema. We make celebrities out of average people and we get off watching them do next to nothing. When Baudrillard talks about the elevation of the banal to the status of art, we could just as easily substitute fame or celebrity. When we elevate the banal to the level of celebrity (or the celebrity to the level of the banal) is celebrity meaningless?

Back to Suri Cruise, why should we care? It's ironic that they would keep their child out of the public eye to avoid unwanted publicity and intrusion into their private lives, but by doing so they've probably spawned more discourse and nasty gossip than they would have otherwise. Is there any way celebrities can live under the public radar when living under the public radar simply pushes one further into it? (i.e. Why is Harper Lee's absence from the literary world after publishing To Kill a Mockingbird more interesting to most people than the book itself?)

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  • Kiki

    I find it hard to believe that those two are suddenly so concerned about their privacy, considering how they have flaunted their relationship from the beginning. It is definitely not in Tom’s nature to avoid the media – especially when there is a movie to promote.

  • i say who cares?

  • Actually, Kiki, Tom was very private (and continues to be) about the lives of his older children, so I’m not sure why this one should be any different. He seems like a guy that knows how to separate his personal and professional lives for the most part.

  • Sorry to go off topic but…OMG you go to Emerson–I’m dying of envy.

  • Oh, the baby does indeed exist. It’s just not Tom’s.

  • Joxe

    I think most of the comments I am reading in the blogs and in the media are really nuts. Come on guys, get a life! Tom is just living HIS life and he is really happy with Katie and he has a beautiful family. You think he cares about what you are writing here? If I were Tom I would show my baby to no one. A family is not a circus. I would never show my bay to the world if I were him. Family is sacred and none of your business. As per the way you speak you seem to have the right to everything. Sorry, that is only true in your minds. In the real universe somebody sane would do exactly what Tom is doing. He is keeping his family safe from the media!!!!!

  • Manny

    I say suri is an experiment gone wrong. You see, they’ve got all these pods in the Scientology bulding on Sunset Blvd and suri is supposed to be a clone of Tom (refererence:”The Invasion of the Body snatchers”). Suri is an incomplete , imperfect version of Tom. So there. Now, get a life, people.