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Does Rice have the capacity to serve all Americans?

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Fred Kaplan points out that Condi didn’t answer any substantive questions (Would Americans pull out if the elected government asked them to? How do you define torture? Would it be possible to invade Iran? etc…) and didn’t explain how Bush’s second term policies would differ from his first. Something most Americans have hoped for. But Rice also didn’t’ admit any of Bush’s um… mistakes.

Consider the following: Rice said “some progress” is being made in training security forces but refused to accept or acknowledge that the administration sent in too few troops in the immediate aftermath of the invasion. Now why would she do this? Military families, most officials, even former Bush insiders all concede this point. Why didn’t Rice? How would it have hurt this second-term president?

Doe she believe that her loyalty to the president supercedes her responsibilities to the American public? Is telling the truth and looking out for the best interest of all Americans now secondary to the public relations image of conservatives?

It might very well be… Please visit and comment on www.politicalthought.net.

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  • Matt

    What mistakes? Does the fact that John Kerry and Barbara Boxer, who is increasingly in need of psychiatric assistance, say there were mistakes mean there were?

    Why does Kerry and Boxer’s loyalty to party overcome their ability to serve the nation?

    We are winning in Iraq, most Iraqis are pleased to have us there, and that number will increase after their elections. The “insurgents” will eventually retreat to their homes in Iran, Syria and Lebanon.

  • If you ask Colin Powell that question, as many have, he’ll tell you simply that he serves at the whim of the President. And this is true. Dr. Rice is not accountable to the American people, she’s accountable to the President. Dr. Rice was appointed, not elected. The President, on the other hand IS accountable to the people. He was elected, not appointed.

    Which invalidates the whole question of Dr. Rice’s loyalties. It’s not a perfect system, but it work fairly well.



  • So, if the rest of the world needs a comparison to identify Condoleezza Rice (other than an oil tanker or frustrated Cold Warrior and failed academic), they can just think of her as Shrub’s Tariq Aziz.

  • Also, if you want to ask a question, why does an administration which is committed to war at all costs, so eager to jettison the only member who has experience in the military, and is gutting any experienced council?

    Sounds like mullahs declaring jihad.