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Does Plastic Surgery Make Sex Better?

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The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery’s peer reviewed Aesthetic Surgery Journal this month published new data from a study on the impact of cosmetic surgery on a woman’s body image and by extension, her sexual health.

Aesthetic Surgery Journal today released new data from a study on the impact of aesthetic plastic surgery on body image and sexual satisfaction. Women who undergo common elective cosmetic surgery procedures not only feel better about their bodies, but also have higher degrees of satisfaction with their sex lives, including ability to orgasm. Women in the study who had undergone aesthetic procedures were more sexually satisfied, reported that their partners were more sexually satisfied, dressed to enhance their new figures, and were apt to try more and different sexual activities post-surgery. The greatest benefits were seen in women who had breast augmentation/breast lift and/or body contouring procedures. The study was published in the January/February 2006 issue of Aesthetic Surgery Journal, the peer-reviewed publication of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS).

Who didn’t know that a woman’s body image would affect her and her partner’s sex life? Was there ever a question? This does come from an organisation that “is the only plastic surgery organization devoted entirely to the advancement of cosmetic surgery”. Obviously this is a very self-serving study; however that doesn’t make it untrue – just a waste of money.

Body image is something women struggle with. I know many women are not comfortable with their bodies. Some worry what their partner is thinking about their body and that makes sexual satisfaction very difficult to achieve. If you don’t like your body you won’t think he does either, but if you have a positive body image then you’re going to assume he feels the same. You’ll relax, he’ll respond, wham, bam – better sex. There’s no mystery there.

You don’t need something as drastic as plastic surgery to feel better about how your partner views your body. It’s time to talk to our partners about how we feel about our bodies and how they feel about our bodies. I think you’ll find that he isn’t thinking how big your thighs are, or that you have love handles, or is wishing your breasts where bigger. Women aren’t thinking about the size of a man’s thighs, or his love handles during sex. Why would he be thinking about that?

Let’s face it, men are simple creatures. As long as your thighs are open, he’s a happy camper. And as for your breasts, men may state a preference but really they’re happy with whatever they get. And if he does state a preference, maybe you should, too. I’ll bet he’ll find he isn’t as all that as he thought he was. Besides, if a man can’t love your body for the body it is and the person it belongs too, he isn’t worth it.

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  • trooper_D

    I was never one who really believed in plastic surgery to enhance one’s features. I’ve seen cases where it looked really wierd that as a woman ages, how everything else seemed to age except her breast implants. How unusual to see a woman’s implants protruding upwards as she’s laying down, knowing that it’s not normal.

    But I can understand how such procedures can build a woman’s self esteem. But what the report doesn’t state, is the dark side of women who have such procedures done. I’ve heard of cases where married women who have plastic surgery done, would literally belittle their spouses, because not only did the procedure give them what they wanted, it had also made them feel more superior over their mate, enabling them to seek better sex partners because of their inflated egos. And the same can be said for men who have such procedures done to them as well. In my eyes, plastic surgery has built only one thing for them that begins with the letter “C”… Conceitied!!!

    It’s truly amazing how far plastic surgery has come, and where it’s going to go in the future. It is a wonderful medical marvel in helping people feel good about their appearance when applied appropriately, especially to high trauma cases (i.e. auto accidents, animal attacks, etc.). But there are times when I feel that this kind of procedure only adds to one’s ego, that’ll make them conceited to others.

    One thing you’ll have to remember… yes, you may look good for now, but wait until it can’t be done no more, when your body can no longer take such abuse and your age really begins to show. How will you look then?

    If God had intended for all His children to live forever, there would be no sickness, there would be no death, there would be no wars, and we would not age much as we grow older.

  • I was with you all the way there, trooper_D, but then you had to go and blow it with a really lame cop out ending.

    What do dubious creation myths have to do with this subject?

    Oh yeah, might want to fresh up your scientific horizons, looks like there’s a cure for aging…

  • I’m not one to believe in creation myths either. But I agree with you on the rest. I do however think men underestimate how much importance women put on being the most beautiful woman to their man. It’s very, very important to a woman to feel that they are the MOST attractive woman to their man.

  • trooper_D

    Chris – Yeah… I guess that ending was kinda tacky! Guess I don’t know when to quit when I’m ahead. 😛

    A.L. – I understand where you’re coming from. I guess what I should have said was… “some women will become vain, once they undergo plastic surgery.” I’ve heard of one case where a wife left her husband after she got ‘fixed’, because with her newfound beauty, she felt that she deserved someone better than her husband. So sad. And the worst thing about this is that the husband had wanted her to feel good about her self, and gave his blessings for her to get fixed. Now he’s left with his kids and no wife.

  • Trooper –

    I think that in that case, and the point I was trying to make in my article was that it isn’t plastic surgery that works but simply the elevation of the woman’s self esteem.

    If a woman has really bad self esteem and little self worth than she is going to need to go for more and more with each man she is with. The truth is no man would ever be good enough to give her the validation that she is looking for because that comes from within a person.

    No one, no matter how attractive they are or how attractive their partner is, can get validation of who they are and what they are worth from another person nor from how good they look. Some people confuse good looking, for good person, and popular – or in the case of our ever increasing celebrity obsessed culture famous – for self worth.

    But looks and celebrity are transient and hallow. Much better to improve the person inside than the person outside.

    Don’t you agree.

  • trooper_D

    I totally agree with that! It’s kind of like buying food products. The outside of the package may look good, but it’s what’s inside that will decide if the product is great.

    Some women don’t need plastic surgery to build their self esteem. It’s dependent on who they’re sharing their life with, that can make a woman feel good inside, as well as outside.

    Take my girl for instance. She suffered from a lot of verbal abuse from her ex-husband for many years, all the while they were married, belittling her by calling her a whore, f***ing b**** and all that. And I don’t think I have to disclose about the ‘rough sex’ he gave her so often. By being so abused, it just wiped out any self esteem that was left within her. About the only thing that kept her going was raising her kids and seeing them graduate.

    Once the kids got old enough, she was determined to leave her abusive husband, but not after she took care of all her financial obligations (she re-mortgaged her home to pay off all the bills). And when that time came, she just left and proceeded to re-build her life.

    That’s when I came along. I showed her how a woman should be loved by a man and showered her with much affection and kisses. This was a new experience for her because I had opened up new sensations she never felt before, nor knew she ever had.

    I actually prefer a mature woman over a young girl any day. The young ones are nice to look at, but I know that most of them are too vain and materialistic, whereas, a mature woman is much wiser, not too materialistic, and knows how to satisfy a man. And… a mature woman knows how to fill a man’s stomach (yum!).

  • Trooper –

    Again let me say that I am glad you are so happy. You are obviously a man who loves and respects women.

  • Eminem

    fuck you trooper

  • Jody Pudsucker

    The key to sexual fulfillment with cosmetic surgery is:
    1)Never tolerating your wife to get fat! I’m as slim as the day we married after three children so yes, I’m being a bitch about it. Shave your butt crack and labia majora leaving a nice landing strip or even a little triangle. Disregard the lies and blather of teenager opinions. The vast majority of men really prefer some pubic hair. Big boys like grown-up girls! The pre-pubescent bald mons is nothing more than a passing fad and a bizarre pedophilic fetish. Never EVER allow dumbasses to convince you that any part of your vagina (STDs and viruses excepted) is dirty or unclean unless you are hairless. Jackasses like that will certainly trick your psyche and allow the usual feminine insecurities to interfere with sexual pleasure!!

    2) Never believe the sickening and ego coddling lie that “size doen’t matter!” If you marry a man with a small penis, suck it up and shut up about all the disatisfaction and emptiness that you plan to use to justify cheating on your spouse. I have had small, big and really big, and believe me big is better. No too large that it hurt, but long and thick enough to hit all the pleasure spots that lead to the coveted multiple orgasms. I have had as many as eleven (11) hard – body spasmic orgasms in one sex session and I’m not bragging; just using it as support.

    3) Great intercourse (actual pumping and thrusting phase) lasts minutes – not hours! Accept that it also occasionally involves involuntary and embarrassing bodily noises. I have found 7-10 minutes of that is just right. Maybe 15 minutes if it is all just slow gentle movements with arms intertwined and deep passionate kisses. Nothing goes numb and all the sensations are felt.

    4) For gawd’ sake, learn how to move! Intercourse is work. Men love a woman who in the “missionary position” can comfortably spread her legs apart to allow for the sensation of depth. Use your thighs, stomach and back muscles to lift your butt up off the surface you are on. Imagine your tailbone as a pointer and roll your hips forward and backward in rhythm with your partner. Point at yourself and then and then straight down. As his thrust goes in you roll your hips upward and into his pelvis. You will take him in as deep as you can and then roll downward as he pulls out. You will literally feel the vaccuum of your vagina tugging on the head of his penis. Lifting your hips to meet him like that creates an incredibly sensual feeling for him. It shows your openness and wanting him to fill you. As he cums, milk his penis with your vaginal muscles and feel the vaccuum you created sucking the cum from him, filling your vagina with warmth and slippery erotic wetness.

    5) Learn how to give a great (not good) great blow job and you will hold in your hands the keys to almost anything you can afford. Tame your gag reflex secretly so you can throw the mind-blowing experience on him as an awesome surprise that will spin his head! Start with your finger and then work up to a dildo the same size as your lover (if possible). My husband’s penis is a bit over six inches in girth and a little under eight inches in length and beieve me, after 33 NSA lovers in college and 11 since then, his penis is absolutely perfect!

    Take him into your mouth and swirl your tongue around his penis glans and gently use your teeth to glide over its rubbery surface as you start to suck him deeper. Work his balls! Move into a position where you can open your mouth and throat in a straight line ( I prefer to kneel from his shoulders downward. NO 69 the first time! Do not divide his attention. Let it all fall upon the end of his penis! Swirl your hand(s) around the head and shaft wet from your mouth or a little lubricant. Take him to the back of your mouth before your surprise and slowly let him simmmer. If you need to (and I recommend it) serruptitiously squirt some lubricant (I prefer just plain “Liquid Sex” with the green label) and then slowly launch your attack and lay down the shock and awe! Get wet over his reaction as his cock (changing to slang because things are very hot at this point) as you begin to take it down your throat. Take a breath and pass your gag and esophagus and listen to his reaction. Draw out for a little more lube if necessary and go again pressing your face against his balls and again let him simmer. Slowly move up and down at a pace and depth comfortable for YOU, and use your regular fellatio tricks to work him to an orgasm. When you can tell he is at the point-of-no-return, take him deep and move up and down as he begins to throb and he ejaculates into your stomach directly. You may enjoy the taste (I’ve never let a good cumshot get away unless they asked to cum elsewhere, but if you don’t this will be perfect. Remember you will be holding your breath so learn to time things. There is NOTHING like that particular sensation a man can experience and you will OWN his ass for life! I really am no slut, but in college one sorority party night I decided to discard all shame and gave deep throat head to the round number of ten (10) of our frat big brothers, just to see if it could be done. I did and tasted just a couple of residual cum drops, but overall they all went directly into the tummy collector. My only restriction was they all had to be circumsized and no black guys (get over it. I just do not find any of them attrctive). We went to our 25th reunion and it had been humorously passed down through the oral history (no pun intended) of our sorority. I did not recall if any of the recipients were there. We put the usual uncomfortable feelings aside on all sides and as we all laughed about it, my husband was laughing with us because he already knew.

    That’s where the cosmetic surgery comes in! My brother paid for them for my 18th birthday because he knew I needed them to model. I am almost six feet tall with the blonde girl next door looks. 46 years old. I’ve had three kids and I’m still the same size six (130 lbs) I was on graduation day. I landed modeling contracts in NY and LA, posed for Playboy (no centerfold.Damn!), was a Guess jeans model and I met a tall blonde surfer guy here in Orange County, CA who loves me and whom I am wild about with passionate monogamy for the last 25 years. It’s amazing what going from a “AA” cup to a full “C” cup can do for one’s worth and marketability. I will be married to my one and only guy for the rest of my life, my children are successful high school and college athletes and my law enforcement hubby still takes me with his uniform shirt on! HOT!!! You want ’em? Get ’em! They do make almost everything better! Best wishes now, Jody in CA

  • Hazel

    This article is really interesting and also acknowledges the facts about the thoughts, relation, etc of men and women . I think plastic Surgery and Cosmetic Surgery are very helpful in today’s competitive world and more helpful to Women bcoz she has to be presentable at her corporate work place and mainly for her husband. Nowadays, Women have become more conscious about these issues.