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Dodgers Crave Playoff Sandwich, Order Jim ‘n Jon

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Jim Thome and Jon Garland were sent to the Los Angeles Dodgers in separate trades by the Chicago White Sox and Arizona Diamondbacks in an 11th hour trade at the actual trade deadline. That’s it, pencils down, no more acquisitions!

Thome, a designated hitter, will likely share or usurp James Loney’s playing time at first base. The Dodgers sent minor leaguer Justin Fuller to the White Sox as part of the trade that could manifest itself as a white flag in the Pale Hose’s pennant race. (Discrete sportswriter fist pump.)

Garland, another former White Sox, will be leaving Arizona in exchange for a player to be named later. LA’s pitching staff has been remarkable lately, and the rotation doesn’t seem to have a weak link, so maybe he’ll be a spot starter/long reliever.

Remember when the Dodgers were the most feared team in the National League? Although they still have the NL’s best record, Philadelphia and St. Louis are closing in like scrappy little homing missiles. While the Bums may have endured a scary couple of weeks in which San Francisco and Colorado were threats to the top of the divisional mountain, they didn’t want that to happen again and clearly set out to preempt any more rebellions.

Adding Thome and Garland may not suddenly turn them back into a consensus NL favorite, but they did get the rights to the last word in the trading season. (Next month: Duck season. Eric Wedge, take cover!)

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