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While the term “doctor” will usually mean a medical doctor, it can be confused with holders of other academic doctorates. A doctor is often called a medical practitioner, spending many years training before gaining a medical degree which will be specific to the university from which he graduated.  This may take from 5 to 8 years. After graduation, doctors often undertake further training in a particular field to become medical specialists. In the US, this is called residency training and can take from 3 to 6 years or even longer. Doctors primarily deal in health and wellness and deal with a plethora of topics daily including medical studies and treatment.

Medical doctors have always been respected members of their community with mothers wanting their daughters to marry a doctor and wishing their sons would become a doctor. In UK medical schools today, women outnumber men by three to two while in the US, women and men study in equal numbers to become doctors.

We will all need a doctor at some time in our lives. If bloggers want to know how doctors think, feel and operate as ordinary people then check out Dr John Crippen's blog where he vents his spleen about anything that he comes across as a general practitioner in the UK.

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