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Doctor Who Travels to BBC America for new Specials

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Doctor Who fans rejoice!  Well, rejoice if you have BBC America anyway.  Today, BBC America announced that they will be the first network in the U.S. to air five new Doctor Who specials in the United States, including David Tennant's final appearances as the 10th incarnation of the famous Time Lord. 

The first of the specials is less than a month away, as the 2008 Christmas Special, The Next Doctor, will be airing on June 27.  The special originally aired in England last Christmas (hence the "Christmas Special" bit).  It not only features David Tennant, but also the man whom some thought would be assuming the role of the Doctor following Tennant, David Morrissey.  As the image to the left indicates, the Cybermen are bound to make an appearance in the special as well.

The next special, Doctor Who: Planet of the Dead, will premiere in July and alongside Tennant features Michelle Ryan (Bionic Woman).  The rest of the specials are due to air later in 2009 and early in 2010. 

Those moderately disappointed that they will not be able to watch the shows in HD — BBC America does not currently have an HD broadcast whereas Doctor Who's old home, SciFi, does – can take a quantum of solace from the fact that Doctor Who: Planet of the Dead will be released on Blu-ray following its BBC America premiere.  This represents Doctor Who's first trip to Blu-ray, with hopefully many more to follow.

Fans of the Whoniverse, be sure to come back tomorrow when, fingers crossed, we should be able to show you a sneak peek trailer (or bits of it) for Torchwood: Children of Earth.

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  • I can’t believe how much I’m going to miss David Tennant. He’s been the best Doctor ever.

  • Lisa, no love for Tom Baker?

  • Baker has a certain cheesy, retro charm, but Tennant’s Doctor has heart. There have been times when I’ve been nearly moved to tears. I realize that some of that has to do with the writing, but Tennant’s an outstanding actor.

  • “Tennant’s Doctor has heart.”

    I believe he has two.

  • Ah, very good, El B.