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Doctor Who: My Personal Addiction

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There, I said it.

I have an addiction and I am not ashamed of it. My addiction is to Doctor Who.

You would think I would do the man an honor and say I’ve been addicted to him from the very first Doctor Who to the present Doctor, but this would be a lie. I vaguely remember the older shows but in truth, I have really only gotten into it since the ninth Doctor Who, (Christopher Eccleston), continuing my fascination through the tenth (David Tennant) and now the eleventh, played by Matt Smith.

Doctor Who has almost become a religion to some. The character is exciting and adventurous, fun and sometimes frightening. He is almost altruistic in helping others, especially his beloved human race; however he can be easily angered and will punish without thought.

Doctor Who is the last Time Lord surviving the Time War between his race on the planet Gallimaufry and that of the Daleks. He was an instrument of his planet’s destruction in hopes of defeating the Daleks. It is a choice he made and it seems to be chasing him as he travels through time and space to be there for those who need him.

His home is the Tardis (Time and Relative Dimension in Space), which looks like a blue police call box from the 1950s. It is bigger on the inside than in the outside; Doctor Who has noted that there is a swimming pool in the library.

I admit it; I am addicted to the man in whatever incarnation he may be. He does not die, as he can regenerate when he is close to death. When he regenerates, now healed, he is always different. The new regeneration has all of Dr. Who’s memories and emotions, but he has new likes and dislikes, new tastes. But one desire has endured: he wants ‘ginger hair’ and so far this has not happened.

I personally find it exciting to wonder what he is going to do next. Each Doctor Who incarnation has a companion, and most of the time this companion is a female! Though there can be and have been male companions as well! This companion is usually a human from earth or at least looks human (I do not think Captain Jack is an earthling!), and they always seem to be ‘better’ after their time with the Doctor.

I am in my late 40s and still go to bed with those silly school girl imaginations of ‘what if the little blue box appears in my room.. and the door opens and his hand reaches out beckoning me.. would I go?’

I admit it

I would go without a second thought.

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  • allure nobell

    Well, I am pushing 60 and thought myself way beyond obsessions with celebrities, but I must admit that I have become obsessed with David Tennant as Dr. Who. I liked Christopher Eccleston as well. He was a more masculine and athletic doctor, but to me David Tennant is THE penultimate doctor. I have only seen a few others of the series, living in the U.S. and not having easy access to them. I saw some Tom Baker episodes, and just loved him. I stopped watching after a few episodes with Peter Davison.
    The character is wonderful. He sees the best in everyone. Is brilliant without being (too) arrogant. He is tragically lonely, and had a fragility that is palpable. I think David Tennant was just brilliant in bringing these qualities to the doctor.

  • David Tennant was and always will be MY Doctor! I love love love him, he made the Doctor soo………. alive? It was like it was NOT an actor.. the Doctor is REAL.. like you or I..

    Matt Smith is NOT bad… but.. he is no David Tennant and I will admit.. without shame

    I cried when David stepped down from the role.. I know he played it a few yrs, and I know he loves acting on stage more so then on tv.. and I think his stage acting is what made him so wonderful as the Doctor.. I notice most actors who love the stage seem to act more alive when in character..

    David Tennant.. oh boy!