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Do you feel duped?

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As an official pro-lifer I really do feel 100% better about my vote for John Kerry. As I’ve stated before, the people who voted for Bush because he is a “moral” leader were misled — duped — if you want a technical term. We now have the proof.

Did you really think that Bush would immediately push to overturn Roe vs. Wade? Did you realize that 100,000 Iraqis have been killed during our “liberation” of their country? Do you really believe that it is ok to torture and humiliate another unarmed human being? Do you really believe that this president is not a lying, evil, oil bathing politician? Well, I guess his campaign ads answered that “lying” question but this is another blog for another day. No moral man would spend 100 million dollars in lies and distortions to win a place of power. No one but a politician. Morals are history now for sure…

Coming out today a statement from Anti-Abortion group American Life league:

As a Texas Supreme Court justice, Gonzales’ rulings implied he does not view abortion as a heinous crime,” said Judie Brown, president of the American Life League, in a written statement. As a member of the court, Gonzales ruled with the majority that some teenage girls should not be required to get parental permission for an abortion. Brown said that “choosing not to rule against abortion, in any situation, is the epitome of denying justice for an entire segment of the American population — pre-born babies in the womb.”

She also cited a 2001 interview with the Los Angeles Times in which Gonzales was asked whether his personal view of abortion would play a role in his vetting of judges. He responded, “There are no litmus tests for judicial candidates. … My own personal feelings about (abortion) don’t matter. … The question is, what is the law, what is the precedent, what is binding in rendering your decision. Sometimes, interpreting a statute, you may have to uphold a statute that you may find personally offensive. But as a judge, that’s your job.”

There is nothing like realizing that you’ve been lied to in the face of god. Slowly and surely you will realize that you took the wrong path when voting for this man who spits in the face of human rights, advocates war instead of peace and will now prove that prayer and the promise of morals from a politician is not a reason to vote for a candidate.

Gonzales has also been criticized by civil liberties groups, including the American Civil Liberties Union.

ACLU Executive Director Anthony Romero issued a statement calling for a confirmation process “that scrutinizes Mr. Gonzales’ positions on key civil liberties and human rights issues.

“Particular attention should be devoted to exploring Mr.Gonzales’ proposed policies on the constitutionality of the Patriot Act, the Guantanamo Bay detentions, the designation of United States citizens as enemy combatants and reproductive rights.”

He also called for Gonzales to be asked about a May 16, 2004, memo, written as counsel to the White House, “which described certain legal protections guaranteed in the Geneva Conventions to persons captured during military hostilities as ‘obsolete’ and ‘quaint.’ ”

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  • Vic

    To answer your question: No.

    Abu Ghraib was not torture. Humiliation, yes. Torture, no. Torture is what was going on in Iraq before the US arrived.

    And of course the Dems didn’t spend nearly as much as the Republicans in the race for the Presidency, hmm?