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Do Women Prefer the Bad Boy?

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A new study is out today, and apparently, Rico Suave is now a statistic.

Listening to WFAN this morning, the fellas were talking about a new study from New Mexico State University in Las Cruces that shows women are more attracted to bad boys than good boys. Researchers differ on whether it is the physiology or psychology of bad boys that lure women. These bad boys have dark triad traits: narcissism, extroversion, and impulsiveness.

One thing is clear with all this: the sweet young things are not bringing the ladies home with as much frequency as their counterparts – to which I say, “Duh.”

The study indicates only the short-term, immediate female reactions were considered when meeting men. Yes, women may initially be more attracted to the bad boy, but it usually doesn't last in the long run. If it does last, the woman inevitably ends up distraught, upset, and in denial – always a winning combination.

Do women still go home with this type of man? ABC News found this winner, Ricky Menezes, who claims that he will hook up with at least 20 girls a month. That's an average of 1.41 girls a day, or five girls a weekend. Unless you are the Energizer Bunny, I really don't think that type of achievement is possible.

This just in from MSNBC News, “Science proves that bikinis make men into boobs.” A paper in the Journal of Consumer Research says that men make poor decisions when looking at women in bikinis. Could you imagine that research proposal?

Professor: Johnson, what do you want to study?

Student: Boobs, sir. Boobs, men, and how they interact.

Professor: Boobs. Men. Interactions. Brilliant!

It all comes down to this: men are operating within a very narrow window of judgment while aroused, and women are thus easy victims. I mean, just look at this year's Superbowl quarterbacks, Tom Brady and Eli Manning, the ultimate bad boy versus good boy.

Tom Brady is an absolutely delicious looking individual. If he ever wanted to narrowly judge me, that would be so awesome, but then Tom would leave me and I'd be very upset because I don’t look like Gisele and can actually carry on a conversation. Eli Manning, on the other hand, strikes me as an absolute sweetheart, and probably only narrowly judges whether or not Plaxico Burress could receive the most epic throw of all time.

Who won in that clash of titans? Oh, how the mighty fall.

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  • The attraction must be rooted in instinct because logic can’t have that much to do with it.

    Fumi Bankole, author of Canaan’s labyrinth

  • “Who won in that clash of titans?”

    Giants linemen Michael Strahan and Osi Umenyiora?

    (That second link is a bit NSFW)

  • To answer your question: YES. Why? I don’t know.

  • CallmeMaddy

    I like the football comparsion. Nice article.

    I read about this on the news and I’m not surprised by the results. I don’t really like the bad boys as much. Sure, they’re nice every once in a while, but the good boy is so much hotter. Then, there’s the boy who pretends to be a good boy, but he’s actually a bad boy. Now, those boys suck.