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Do Women Need Instruction Manuals?

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When I first learned about Fast Seduction 101, I was a bit disturbed by the idea of women being manipulated by a set of rules. This website gives you tips on breaking the ice at a party (a Pez Dispenser works every time), and even provides a play-by-play of different scenarios that help the average guy to trap and lure beautiful women.

Impressively, you can even register on the PAIR database (Pick up Artists International Registry). If you are visiting a new city, a wingman is only a mouse click away.

After viewing the website, I started to understand the underlying themes, and I can’t count the many times that a guy said to me “Women need to come with a book.” Also, we women have several of our own manuals: Date Like A Man: What Men Know About Dating and Are Afraid You’ll Find Out, or Why Men Love Bitches, and my favorite, Drama Kings.

I decided to run this website by a few of my male friends, out of curiosity for their reactions. As I thought, they all started to tell me about how silly it sounds, but they couldn’t stop reading it. I asked some guys to try it out on the playing field, but they all claimed to have their own technique and didn’t need any self-help guides. I didn’t buy it though, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they all signed up for the PAIR program when I was gone (and I wouldn’t blame them).

I started thinking about making my own website with tips on how to seduce men. Then I was reminded of the joke:

How to impress a woman: Wine her, dine her, buy her flowers, and tell her she’s beautiful. How to impress a man: Show up naked.

I was stumped for ideas, because as much as I would love to start a website war, every guy I know is different. It’s funny how the Internet can bring out our competitive sides. At least I know how to lure my boyfriend. Apple pie works every time.

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  • Sharp piece, Ms Arthur.

    Like a lot of good jokes, that one has a solid basis in reality.

    Men are quite perplexed by the immense volume of women-targeted books and magazine articles about relationships. Women seem convinced, based on no very good reason that I can fathom, that their opposite numbers are much more complex than they actually are.

    Fact is, regular access to some food and some action is really all that’s needed to keep most of us reasonably happy in a relationship. There’s little or no subtext here. All those how-to books say much more about the women who read them than they do about the men they claim to decipher.

  • Condor

    “How to impress a man: Show up naked”

    Is that your final web site decision?

  • Right on the money.

    You would think it would be the men who would have to have a web site to lure women. After all, we are creatures too complex to pigeonhole into one strategy. Men are easy. A little cleavage does the trick every time.

  • Condor

    except for Male Cleavage… Plumbers butt

  • I find that the wedding ring on my finger is a deal breaker just about every time!

  • r. arthur

    hey condor,

    sorry for the confusion… the “show up naked” was actually a reference to the old joke


  • “I was disturbed by women being manipulated by a set of rules”. Yeah, that is very disturbing to me.

    1) If a guy is such a grey personality and loser and has to use some sort of sociopathic technique that he can manipulate and control a woman for his own selfish needs…hhhmmm…and a woman is so messed up she can be manipulated by such, well I guess they deserve each other and can go to their own hell.

    in essense, you can reverse the role and you have a woman being a whore to attract the simple things in life. Hang around the world of crack or meth for an extreme example.

    What I am saying is that anyone who has to put up a false, manipulative front to get what they want, I really question what they want. Or who they are dealing with. Or their own personal sickness.

    This whole idea is so pathologically sociopathic that in effect, the concept in theory involves illegal human violations on both sides.

    Well, I guess if you are a guy who needs such a manual, and a women who responds to such technique, it is a sick sad world.


  • Women do have an instruction manual. Problem is, it’s only available in Swahili.

  • It is a popular book. I have a version translated in Apache….