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“Do the Math”: Napster < Apple

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Unbelievable what a mess Napster’s making of a very good premise.

They point out in their new ad campaign for Napster-To-Go that it would cost you $10,000 to fill your iPod with 10,000 songs purchased from iTunes, whereas you have your choice of a million songs for your Napster-compatible MP3 player for only $15/month.

So why is Napster’s new venture imploding as you read this?

Start with a terrible ad campaign featuring the Napster Cat (leading this post), seen yesterday in a very expensive ad during the Super Bowl that ranked 55th out of 55 in audience preference.

Yes, someone’s got to be last, but you certainly don’t want it to be your new product.

Put that disaster up against the fact that Apple’s now considered the coolest brand on the planet, and you’re starting out with a distinct handicap.

I mean, the Napster Cat looks and acts as if it could have been created by the same ad agency responsible for Microsoft’s dreaded Butterfly.

Then, as if the painfully bad Super Bowl commercial weren’t enough, I opened my USA Today only to be greeted by a giant ad saying “Do the math”, featuring the same equations that adorned the signboard held up by the cat on TV.

Does anyone really want one of those dreadful-looking Dell MP3 players?

Memo to Napster: next time run your ad by me and save yourselves a few million dollars.

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  • The Dark Side of the Moon

    Wait! Do the math…

    $0.99 * 10,000 = $9900.00

    $10,000? Huh?

  • Chris Stevens

    Rhapsody? Ummm No. If you want cutting edge,easy to use, and great…. It’s gotta be APPLE. Hands down.

  • Rhapsody doesn’t do !@#$% on a Mac, so %$#@! it.

  • Jim

    Try the best online subscription service out there according to PC World and Billboard, Rhapsody.


  • Besides all that Napster is so, so, so, well Napster. That doesn’t sound cool no more.

  • Tom

    Napster To Go is a complete joke. You don’t even OWN the files you pay for: you RENT them! What happens when you stop paying the $15/month? Your files become unusable!

    So think real hard about this – let’s say you buy 10 CDs worth of music in one month, and then never buy anything again. To keep using those 10 CDs worth of WMA files, you will have to pay over and over and over again – for the rest of your life, if you want to listen to them that long. Now, I’m not a mathematical genius, but I’m pretty sure that after less than a year you’ve “paid off” the amount those CDs would have cost you in a store, but you’ll continue paying what is essentially interest on these files forever.

    And what I really love about the Napster marketing is that they push this “Ipod = $10,000 to fill” idea. They want you to forget that you can fill your Ipod with 10,000 songs from your CDs from your own CDs, which is what most normal people do (or they download (steal) them, but this is beside the point.)

    Napster To Go is one of the most financially-unsound investments I can imagine. I can’t believe they’re actually going to try and pull this off. Not to mention that these files will not play in the Ipod, which outnumbers other digital audio players by an enormous margin. I, for one, am anxious waiting the day when Napster has to close this program down . . .

  • Greg

    Any publicity is good publicity. Nah, never agreed with that one. But I’m a Napster subscriber who converted to N2G and seems to be pretty sweet. Just another way to get your music. Just dragged and dropped CDs from Shaviree, Jay Farrar, Drive-by Truckers, Joao Gilberto, The new Chemical Bros, The Bravery – wouldn’t listen to a lot of this stuff than once, but good to check it out.

  • Sean Fan

    Ach….so true. the new Napster (Napster Redux) is a joke. The cutting edge company created by Sean Fanning is nothing like the corporate boondoggle that co-opted the brand in the bankruptcy. Their offices are just down the street from my studio in Los Angeles and on any given day you see a constant stream of 40 somethings pouring into the building from their shiny high end SUV’s, Mercedes and Hummers. I’ve known people who’ve worked for them and from what they’ve told me…the place is a nightmare akin to the cublicle farm in Office Space. They also seem to be five years behind in their thinking…apparently no one who works there now remembers the lessons learned from the web crash of 200–2001.