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Do I need help?

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Lately I’ve been into more “poppy” and “bubblegum” music – maybe I’m going soft? Don’t get me wrong, I love listening to hard driving music – but sometimes I want to hear dance music – or music that’s dripping with sap… Some that I’ve been listening to or will begin listening to: Amber and Krystal… hmmm. Dunno – both have a different sound. Amber is more dancy pop like you might hear in a dance club, where as Krystal is the “prodigy” of the BSB’s (who she opened up for on a recent tour) and has a more soul/r&b feel with a Piano backing. I like ’em both – I’m a fan of Pink, Fiona Apple, Alanis Morisette, and Tori Amos – so why wouldn’t I enjoy these two? Guess I feel guilty that I actually like listening to what some people call “shitty music”… Is this a sin? Trust me, I still appreciate what people call “great music” – but what’s wrong with listening to (and enjoying) a little bubblegum every now and then?

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  • I agree with ya Eric, and I do listen to what I want- but, on occasion, I do happen to get comments : “You listen to what???” – But yeah, I don’t sweat it – It’s what I want to listen to 😉

  • You need to listen to “Metal Machine Music” by Lou Reed, it’ll just clear all the shit out of your brain toot sweet. Make sure you get either the remastered CD, not the French release because that has some mastering defects and skips (yes, really it has skips, I noticed), or the original RCA Red Seal vinyl, because you need the liner notes.

  • Eric Olsen

    I think you should listen to whatever you like – it is largely subjective, perhaps you can argue about why this or that song or artist is better or worse WITHIN A GIVEN GENRE, but there is no way to compare across genres: what does Amber and Krystal have to do with Mississippi Delta blues? It’s also a matter of timing – I can like almost anything under the right cinrcumstances or in the right mood. Don’t sweat it, dude.

  • Rob

    ‘Guess I feel guilty that I actually like listening to what some people call “shitty music”… Is this a sin?”
    Yep, but only a venal one. I would say you should feel guilty, but it defeinitely isn’t something you want to brag about, or even try to explain. The majority of today’s “bubblegum” pop” is unlistenable, more to the point, if you heard one, you’ve heard ’em all, and heard it all before, done better.