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DNA Tests in Belgium Expose Fake Parents

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Genetic (DNA) testing is being carried out within the framework of family reunion procedures under the Belgian law of 15 December 1980. This law is primarily about those who can have access to the territory, residence, settlement and, of course, the expulsion of foreign nationals from Belgium.

This law had been inactive until barely two years ago, when the authorities strongly brought it into force. The question is, why parents who want their children to join them in Belgium should undergo a compulsory DNA test, to find out if they are truly parents of the claimed children?

In fact many of the children brought to Belgium are not the children of those who claim to be their parents. On many occasions, the children are forced into prostitution on arrival. If they refuse they are threatened with violence and possible death.

Last year The Voice, an African magazine published in the Netherlands, reported the story of an alleged mother who forced her “daughter” into prostitution to recover the money she spent on bringing her to Europe. When the girl refused to pay the money, it became warfare between the two parties. Eventually, the mentally and physically tormented girl went to the police to tell them that: “She has been forced into prostitution. That woman is not my real mother.”

With hundreds of such cases reaching the police daily, it is not surprising that parents and children are now compulsory subjected to DNA tests and the plan has worked out for the Belgian authorities. Since the DNA test came into force, Belgian Embassies in Africa are very quiet.

Investigations have revealed that some applicants bringing their children to the country have abandoned their passports, even though the visa fees have been fully paid. Unexpectedly, the DNA test request has hit them so hard that they are nowhere to be found.

To fight against child abuse, prostitution and trafficking, other European countries should follow the actions of Belgium.

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  • alfredobirikwabena

    i just want to see the result list

  • Helen Byarugaba

    The article is very touching and indeed talking about the importance of protecting the innocent ones. But how about when they ask you for a DNA test and you are willing, you make a thousand calls and be told to wait that it can taken over a year.
    I think they use just one incident to punish us the genuine parents. Let dna be instant for any parent aking for family reunion.
    I think in the next issue about dna you could talk about an online followup of the waiting list. I have so far paid for the visa twice and I keep going back but no dna invitation letter is coing to me

    Thank you