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DNA Evidence Frees Man After 19 Years

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Source: CNN News Online

Where’s the compensation?

Thomas A. Doswell walked out of the county jail a free man — expressing thanks, not bitterness.

Well, I am not thankful. I will express the bitterness because of this man’s suffering. He was convicted of a rape and spent 19 years in prison for a crime he did not commit.

He said, “I’m thankful justice has been served. The court system is not perfect, but it works.”

If it worked, he would not have been convicted in the first place. He was denied parole four times because he maintained his innocence. Prosecutors even opposed DNA testing, but a good judge ordered it be done. Why did the prosecutors oppose DNA testing? To hazard a guess, I would believe that they are guilty of railroading or at least the original prosecutors were guilty of railroading.

Colin Starger of the Innocence Project at the Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law at Yeshiva University in New York said, “These tests confirmed what Mr. Doswell has been saying from the moment he was charged, that he was innocent and that this was a misidentification brought about by police officers who may have engaged in misconduct”.

Doswell said, “I couldn’t walk around with anger and bitterness. It would have done me more harm than good.”

Well I will speak that which he will not. I am not so forgiving of the sins of bad cops and bad prosecutors. Here is a real-life case, not something depicted in a Hollywood movie – cops and prosecutors just wanting a conviction at all cost. Until our government reins in these rogue villainous cops, who are supposed to “protect and serve,” and the rogue villainous prosecutors that carry out their function like religious fanatics, then the system will never be good.

We cannot have prosecutors in position who only care about putting another notch on their rifle handle.

Doswell has had 1/3 of his life taken away. Does the government provide some type of compensation for this? I don’t know, do you? I know I would be screaming for compensation of some sort.

God be damned these rogue cops and prosecutors!

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  • its good to hear that after so many years he finally is proven correct, and released, but its bad to hear, that it took so long, and that some people seemed to have done everything, to make sure that the test would never have been done.

    If the good judge wouldn’t have decided that, then he might still be there in jail.

    It makes one wonder if any other cases like that exist.

  • I nearly 100% sure their are a lot of others out there who are wasting away in prison and might actually be innocent.

  • >>Doswell has had 1/3 of his life taken away. Does the government provide some type of compensation for this? I don’t know, do you? I know I would be screaming for compensation of some sort.< < In most states there is a schedule for compensation setup by the state for cases like this. IMO it's usually inadequate, and in most cases the victim should not sign off and accept the compensation, but should sue instead. When they sue they usually get substantially more money. >>God be damned these rogue cops and prosecutors!<< Rogue prosecutors and cops? They had two eyewitnesses who positively IDed Doswell at the scene, including the victim and a co-worker. Dave

  • ID witness was predjudice about the R on the photo. So were a bunch of other people at the scene, but that does not normally constitute guilt.

    At the time, Pittsburgh police identified mug shots of people charged with rape with the letter “R.” Doswell insisted witnesses identified him as the rapist only because the letter “R” appeared under his mug shot.

  • RC

    Yeah I heard about this on the Radio. I think the govt owes him a big apology and a big check.

  • The government will never apologize. I have sense heard that there is compensation, but that same compensation is an insult to the individual.

  • RJ

    Don’t blame the cops. Don’t blame the prosecutors. They were just doing their job, and they felt this guy was guilty.

    Sometimes, in even a good criminal justice system (which we don’t have), an innocent person will be arrested, tried, and convicted.

    Yes, he should be compensated to the tune of seven figures. But, still, let’s not blame the cops or prosecutors. Without them, there would be innumerable felons owning the streets…