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DJRadiohead Podcast Experience

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It only took 2,000 attempts (not as much of an exaggeration as I wish).

Episode 4.

I will say only this: I put a lot of time and swearing into this. Be gentle but be honest.

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  • http://www.mondoirlando.com Aaron, Duke De Mondo

    DJ! I just saw this lingerin away there in the music section! hell’s bells, i gotta get this sucker on the go. episode four!! i’ve missed three!!! (or is it an elaborate joke, like when Goldie Lookin Chain called their first record Greatest Hits)

    (although technically, since it was made up of re-done versions of songs from off a their net-records, it made sense)

    (but i digress)

  • http://www.mondoirlando.com Aaron, Duke De Mondo

    argh! there’s somethin wrong with the link, my man

  • http://w6daily.winn.com/ Phillip Winn

    Filenames are case-sensitive; I fixed the URL for DJR.

  • http://www.djradiohead.com DJRadiohead

    Thanks, Phillip! Can you tell I am a little bit new at this? DAMNATION!

    Duke, I hope you enjoy/don’t hate it. Maybe I will understand how to do this stuff by the time I get to Episode 5.

  • http://www.templestark.com Temple Stark

    downloading for later listen. Very cool – add to the buzzworthiness of BC RADIO ….

  • http://www.mondoirlando.com Aaron, Duke De Mondo

    woohoo! it works! the download, that is. so i got DJ Radiohead comin in one way an a Bright Eyes live bootleg comin in the other. DJ an Conor. what more could a man want??

    (DJ, i’m sure you’re sickened at the prospect of sharin a downlaod with young conor an his fringe. if i recall you just love him to absoloute pieces.)

  • http://www.djradiohead.com DJRadiohead

    Duke, you remember in the correct. I despise Conor in ways not yet expressable with mere words.

    I am delighted, however, that you have found the podcast and that (thanks to Phillip) the silly technical bullshit has been resolved. I feel all international now. I just want to call Kofi Anan and ask him out for coffee and shit like that. Something tells me he’d probably say ‘No.’ And what sucks about that is because I live in America I cannot call him a c*nt- I am so jealous of you for having the liberty to toss that word around whenever the fuck you want.

    So, I have digressed. I hoe you like the ‘cast.

  • http://www.mondoirlando.com Aaron, Duke De Mondo

    im lookin forward to it, man. it downloaded swell. just watchin the end of a flick first.

    and i cannot fathom how a fine upstanding gentleman like yourself can failt to be emotionally an spiritually an sexually shattered with every flaff of that fringe.

  • http://www.magicjunk.com/blog Mark Sahm

    DJRad: I took a listen and enjoyed it, man. I made a note to pick up that Martin instrumental too.

    Funny, I expected you to sound Thom Yorke-esque for some reason, must have been the name (origin why?). But you got a quick flow, and it made for smooth coherence between the tracks. Lastly, me and my lady enjoyed the apologist reference. Good work.

  • http://www.djradiohead.com DJRadiohead

    Mark, thank you so much for the kind words .
    I cannot tell you how much I enjoy listening to the Barrett Martin CD- wait, yes I can. I reviewed the album for Blogcritics. By all means, get yourself a copy.

  • http://www.djradiohead.com DJRadiohead

    Until Phillip gets a chance to fix the link (again), THIS will lead you to the podcast. I apologize for any inconvenience. I am new to the podcast ballgame.

  • http://w6daily.winn.com/ Phillip Winn

    ‘Tis fixed (again), DJRH. And don’t worry, we’ll get it going!

  • http://dumpsterbust.blogspot.com/ Eric Berlin

    DJ — Finally got back to listening to podcasts after several months off, so I had the pleasure only yesterday of listening to your show. Really like you’re freewheeling The Format Is There Is No F’n Format stylings. Nice job!

  • http://www.djradiohead.com DJRadiohead

    EB, thanks for the kind words and for listening. I am glad you have gotten back into the podcast listening fold. I am well underway with Episode 5 – I hope you’ll check that one out as well.

    I also hope Dumpster Bust radio returns soon.

  • http://www.mondoirlando.com Aaron, Duke De Mondo

    DJ, almost at the end of this instalment (i only just worked out how to clear stuff off my iPod, which i had to do on account of my soundcard’s busted), i LOVE this, i fuckin love it! it’s funny as hell, the music is brilliant, your voice is great.. everything’s great!!
    and i think my own personal favourite of Love Is Hell 1&2 is the second half. i find it difficult to hear it as One Record (maybe cause i bought the EP’s without buying the later All In One deal)
    and the night i saw Ryan Adams in Belfast, he had just written Shadowlands five minutes before the performance, so i feel somewhat wonderful that i got to be there for the first play. i didn’t really realise at the time though, since the awe and stuff, it was only when i got hold of a bootleg of the show a long time later that i realised what the song was.
    again, great stuff. lookin forward to part five, which should come on straight after.

  • http://www.djradiohead.com DJRadiohead

    Duke, I am damned near blushing sir. This is praise of the highest order and I am thrilled through to the fuckparts that you have found the music and fucktalk pleasing to your ears.

    Thanks for checking it out and for issuing such high praise as this.

  • http://www.mondoirlando.com Aaron, Duke De Mondo

    well deserved good sir! alas, the battery on my iPod died twenty seconds into part five, but the morrow will bring with it plenty DJ Radiohead and his fuck-laced hilarity. i can’t wait! but for now, back to scribbling an epic semi-confessional screed concerning Conor Oberst’s fringe and the deep, dark stirrings evoked by such…

  • http://www.djradiohead.com DJRadiohead

    Duke, you might want to wait to write the Conor-inspired piece until after Episode 5. He managed to worm his way into my diatribes.

  • http://www.mondoirlando.com Aaron, Duke De Mondo

    ahaa!!! brilliant! i hope it’s all about you’ve realised the error of your ways and intend to build some sort of shrine to that fringe cross the eye.

  • http://www.djradiohead.com DJRadiohead

    Or it might run something a bit different than that. I am pretty sure the word “shrine” never came into play.