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Dixie Chicks: I hate you, please come back!

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The Dixie Chicks have left, and I hate them. I wish they would come back. When they were disrespecting the president, cursing them gave me reason to live. Most importantly, it drug in a lot of web traffic and attention for ME and other Blogcritics. We fight because we love.

Then the girls responded with the infamous nude lesbo Entertainment Weekly cover. Oh Jebus! All is forgiven!!! And yet more traffic and attention for columns about this.

Now they’ve abandoned me. They haven’t done anything controversial in weeks. They won’t return my calls. Spirits and traffic are down.

Please girls, come back. If you come back, I’ll even listen to some of your music. I’m not saying that I’ll go out and spend actual money on your crappy records- that’s really asking too much. If you come back though, I promise to download a couple of your songs and make myself listen to them at least once.

Come on, do I have to beg? Don’t make me beg. You know that only infuriates me, and makes me want to start cussing you again.

Maybe we need counseling.

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  • K

    umm…they did come back with 5 grammys a documentary and a juno(its like a world grammy). Lesbo cover? i suggest you telling that to their kids and husbands

  • Sarah

    Gotta give the chicks credit….they opened their mouths and lost millions. Ah, to be so selfless and sacrifice so much money to speak their minds. While I certainly don’t share in their misguided notions, I had (in the past) truly enjoyed their music. But now, they’re back and it seems as if they are the ones who are unable to get over how the country reacted. Can’t they just move on? We know how they feel, but now it seems as if they want to keep ramming their opinions down our throats. I’m glad their happy with their new fans, because they’ve certainly lost one in me…guess I should say I’m ashamed they’re from Texas.

  • David

    I dont really like their music but i support their new policital turn. And besides their right, Bush is the biggest fuckup this centuary.

  • Andrew – Those were very good thoughts you posted. I agree with you. But, as a Texan, I dislike it when the Dixie Chicks speak for me by saying “we” when they tell the world that we don’t think much of him (Bush) in Texas. They have no right to speak for me. When they do, I have the right to correct them and to dislike them for trying to make it seem as if the whole State of Texas does not like our president. They do have the right to free speech, but when they use it to tell a lie that makes the world look poorly upon our chosen leaders, they have gone too far. It wasn’t too long ago that their actions would have gotten them tried for treason. Undermining your own country just so you can make a few fans happy is not a very classy way to conduct yourself and it is very much an abuse of the use of their free speech. Their continued lack of realization of this fact is why people have begun to dislike them so much. Keep the good thoughts though Andrew.

  • sr

    Well said T. Kerns. Within two years just ask the average person what they think of the Dixie Chicks. WHO.

  • JUST GO AWAY, yes you have the right of freadon of speach. However you must pay the price for that fredom and I asure you I will never buy a cd from your group and that is the price you must pay!

  • sr

    Reminds of the song Dixie. Shall we all sing together.


    Dumb little hoe’s wouldn’t know the difference between a dixie and a dickee. Of course they make more money then I. Only in America can you become rich and stupid at the same time. What a country.

  • Wendy Teer

    As Ron White would say…”you can’t fix stupid, and stupid is forever.” Why won’t they give a concert at any VA Hospitol, I’m sure they would get a warm welcome. All hail to the Chief! Remember the term armed force means you and me!

  • Patrick, obviously I’m no fan of the Dixie Chicks. I was the first guy to cuss the Dixie Chicks out on the internet after The Incident. I hate the Dixie Chicks.

    Still, in fairness this foolishness does not seem to in fact have destroyed their career. They’re certainly far more famous than they were before. Most specifically though, their new album is already the #1 seller at Amazon the day before the official release. They’re still pretty popular.


  • Patrick Jackson

    The treatment of the chicks is related to how their fans feel about the comment(s) made.I agree..

    The sales of the newest record is further evidence that the fans have not forgiven them. I agree..

    Comments that they should not be treated like this because of a statement, then they need to be aware if you make comments be prepared for the responses from former fans..

    I will continue to show my lake of support for the chicks by not buying their records.

  • Andrew

    Hello, im a 15 year old. And this is what I have to say, im not a dixie chicks fan, i havent listened to their music much. Whats really disappointing is somepeople feel they can attack people for saying how they feel. I like George Bush, but what i dont like is people attacking others for speaking their feelings in the supposed “Land of the Free”, if you disagree with their opinions or music thats obviously acceptable, but the fact people are immature enough to attack them and insult pathetically over the internet with irrelevant comments. In my opinion these girls are role models, knowing that there would be people who would so wrongly attack and insult them, they still stood up for what they beleived in. Sure they may have harshly said it, but look at what you all are saying. Freedom of speech works both ways. But if you look at it in a general form, They disagree with a politician they publically say so, and people insult them with total irrelevant comments. I think we all have some growing up to do, and you should find it rather pathetic that a 15 year old is far more mature than a lot of you. So in the end, all i have to say is, its great your defensive of George W. Bush, support whoever you beleive in, but when you attack someone for using their freedom of speech and using these hilariously pathetic comments, just say you disagree, i think by that, perhaps you could get an ounce of maturity and class.

  • Steve Metzger

    These bitches are un-American Dikes who murdered Stevie Nicks’ Landslide and said Bush was a poor Texan. They deserve to burn in hell, asshole stuffers….

  • Mr Friedman is playing live and selling his salsa at Central Market here in Austin on May 31st. Hopefully he’ll be keeping his clothes on, especially around the salad and cold meat counters.

  • Eric Olsen

    Speaking of Kinky, it’s hard to beat “Waitret, Please Waitret (come sit on my fate)”

  • Kinky Friedman is great. The author of The Love Song of J. Edgar Hoover is also the singer who made They Don’t Make Jews Like Jesus Anymore. And this little gem. Which is, as Al mentions, WRONG.

    It’ll be interesting to see how that pose is copied and used in the media. It’ll certainly be in some ‘the year in review’ magazine articles. It’s just striking.

    I note the Observer felt the need to explain it by putting a miniature version of the EW cover up with the Friedman pick.

  • Oh Michael, that’s just WRONG.

  • Al, there’s always Kinky Friedman