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Disturbed – Ten Thousand Fists

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Ten Thousand Fists

Say what you will about Disturbed! Say that they are a nu-metal band that has no substance to their music. Say they are one of the “main parts of the plague” that has been nu-metal. Lump them in with Limp Bizkit, Korn and whomever else you haters want to classify them with. Do all of that, and continue to be wrong. Since they burst on the scene with SICKNESS in 2000, Disturbed has continued to make their brand of hybrid metal in a style that is all their own. Sure, it has a lot of melody, and yes, it’s drum-driven instead of guitar driven metal. But there’s no denying that it’s catchy, somewhat heavy and a decent listen.

Disturbed is back after a somewhat disappointing showing with Believe. All we heard from frontman David Draiman between Believe and now was that this album was going to be very experimental, and different from the past. Somehow, I’m not seeing that. This is a heavier version of Disturbed, granted…but it’s Disturbed. It is what it is – if you liked them before, you will like this. If you didn’t, then Ten Thousand Fists won’t be your shot of Jagermeister. Ten Thousand Fists again finds the band with some thick, heavy guitar and bass, powerful drums, Draiman’s unique vocal presentation, and brilliant production from Johnny K. After several dozen listens to this release, there is NOTHING here that will surprise you. But, like other Disturbed albums, it’s a very good, energetic listen.

From the beginning, the lure to Disturbed has been Draiman and his vocal delivery. That continues here. The songs on Ten Thousand Fists feature what has become the patented Draiman sound – a hybrid of clean vocals, grunting, screams and miscellaneous noises. If there is any change on this album from past performances, it’s that Draiman uses his actual singing voice a little more throughout. Songs like “Deify” showcase this. Like always, Draiman can be counted on for a very solid, unique experience.

As for the rest of the band, they are rock solid as always. Guitarist Dan Donegan is outstanding once again. While I continue to wish for a solo here and there, there’s no denying that his crunchy riffs drive each song as they lead the rhythm section on songs like “Stricken” or “10,000 Fists”. Sure, he does throw in a few Zakk Wylde-esque squeals throughout, but ultimately Donegan continues what he’s done on the previous two releases. Donegan recognizes his place within the music, and really doesn’t do anything to expand it from the last record. The rhythm section of drummer Mike Wengren and bassist new bassist John Moyer (formerly of Union Underground) drive each and every song. Tracks like “I’m Alive” and “Son Of A Plunder” are completely powered by the bottom end, which has been the way Disturbed’s music has been from the start. That continues here.

RATING – 7/10 – Back in April, David Draiman told MTV, “”We don’t want this one to sound anything like what we’ve done, and it’s always hard to reinvent yourself and come up with something that doesn’t borrow elements from what you’ve already created. It can be very taxing.” Well, that seems very true here. It is hard, and they didn’t do it. However, this is a Disturbed album with a little more heaviness. No one is going to hear this and go, “man, they’ve reinvented themselves.” More than likely though, listeners will go, “man, another good record from start to finish”. This one’s worth having.

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  • Brian Garrepy

    Well Chris,
    Not to say that I don’t like them…There were a few songs that I thought were listenable compared to the Shit running amuck on the radio and TV nowadays,but I could’ve guessed that they wouldn’t be able to push the envelope. Besides the singer, there isn’t any real work going on here. Yes, they can be heavy but so can’t SlipKnot. That’s not the point when so many people critique Nu-Metal, It’s that the music doesn’t challenge the listener anymore. It’s too straight forward and that’s not what the metal I grew up with was all about. My friends and I embraced difference as long as there was musicianship. There is always something that hasn’t been done. Ofcourse, as Mr. Draiman said(paraphrase),”it’s always hard to reinvent yourself and come up with something that doesn’t borrow elements from what you’ve already created.” What he didn’t mention is that it is tougher not to fall back into the same old routine.It takes brilliance and preserverance to re-invent and I would suggest that Disturbed should try listening to more metal of all genres before pumping out another “predictable” album! I don’t think I would buy any Disturbed CD’s because I feel SevenDust and SlipKnot have run that straightforward attack right into the ground.

    Just a MetalHead’s opinion…


  • YES! Finally, someone who agrees with me. I preach the good word of disturbed and everyone says they’re nu-metal trash– I can’t stand it. I even liked Believe, and I REALLY like 10,000 Fists… it has the same melody and feeling that’s always been there.


    “YES! Finally, someone who agrees with me. I preach the good word of disturbed and everyone says they’re nu-metal trash– I can’t stand it. I even liked Believe, and I REALLY like 10,000 Fists… it has the same melody and feeling that’s always been there. ”


  • aaron ruger

    i cant wait till it come out.im actully ordering it right now so yaaaaa.

  • This album is excellent.. been listening to it for the last couple of days off and on and I have to say I like it better than Believe, some excellent cuts on here..

  • Cory

    YO! disturbed is awesome! i’ve only heard 1 song (i forgot the name already) two times and i gotta say, it’s metal to the PETAL!

  • Stacey

    I think 10,000 is an ok album, it isn’t as class as The Sickness (something they will probably never beat) but it is a good album. I do actually love all 3 albums. Major fan of theres.
    Tracks like Stricken, Guarded, Sons Of Plunder and the album title track 10,000 Fists are fantastic. I’d say its an all round good effort from Distubed 😀 Well done boys !!

  • DisturbedChic

    A very fair review…I’m a big fan of the band but despite my perhaps tilted view of their work I found nearly the same opioin. An excellent CD that really doesn’t push them much outside the walls they’ve already created. I found Overburden to be an EXCELLENT track, possibly the most original one on the disc but then again, one track doesn’t make an album. Its basically a superior Believe with the great hard elements of Sickness. Next disc needs to showcase more Danny as a driving force cause I think we may have seen all of what we can get from Dave thus far.

  • Thanatos

    Well, this album is a real hybrid of “the sickness” and “believe” records.
    This music is awsome !! But you’ll be maybe a little disapointed if you wanna hear a new “the sickness” record.
    In fact, the staf who are important in DISTURBED is not really the music, even if it’s important, the MOST important are the lyric which deify everything you’ve got left in your mind. DISTURBED is not only full metal, big sound etc… that’s not only it. The “soul” of disturbed has been made by the lyrics, by the meaning of them, by the meaning of life Dave give us.

  • Jesus

    No solos? Are you kidding? I counted 5.

    And, hands down, this was the best CD I have ever heard. I liked every single track on it. When the cd was over, I was left wanting more.

    If I were you, I’d have given it 10/10.


  • Sammy

    Actually the CD does have guitar solos. Not a lot, but they are present in some form.

  • Roopesh

    I fully agree with the reviewer as well as the views expressed by the others.They have created another great album but th tunes/vocals are just similar to their previous ones.The experimental promise by David is not found here though but anyway its a great album for me atleast. ( kinda appreciate all kinds of rock music ).
    Songs of the Album:
    Son of a Plunder

  • NightBlade

    Well I have to agree with the fact that this isn’t really “the sickness” or “Beileve” it’s really actually both. Which In My opinion is awesome. Most bands make another album with maybe some new things in it but, Disturbed’s like “lets take our two albums which all the fans like combine them, then make the elements within both albums even better than before.And as for the lyrics wow, just wow man david draiman to me and this is a huge statement to me is the next John Lennon people. And I mean that in the fact david always as some sort of message in his music like the beatles or John Lennon, most bands just do it for fame or to try to be the best, ironically he actually expresses this in Sons of Plunder. Speaking of this he also has a great voice, and unlike most bands david can sing very very good and really expresses his feelings of what he’s singing about in his lyrics, he just really stands out in metal when it comes to vocals period. And as for Dan with his guitar, Dang man you wonder why they never gave this guy solo’s before he tears it up man I really can’t wait what he’ll do on the next album considering he’s now gotten a taste of it. My mind just wonder’s bout what he’ll come up with. So overall I would give it a 8 or 8.5 so all in all I’m proud to say Disturbed is my favorite band.

  • Alexis

    hey I love the new CD, but i have a dumb Q… in the song Deify what are the talkin about?

  • heat

    How can a metal band re-invent itself nowadays? If you take away the bass, then you got metallica, its been done. take away the vocals and you got Joe Satriani. Everything balanced, and you got AC/DC

  • Rocklover

    I agree with several on here, disturbed has taken a new toll with this new cd, i agree it is not as hard as the sickness but the rhythm is pure to the bone, i expect no less from them.


  • Brenda Lee Diabo

    I must say that I really enjoyed the album “Ten Thousand Fists” along with “The Sickness” and “Beleive”. I am a really huge fan of Disturbed and I think that this last album deserves a 10/10. Vocals, Guitar, drums, bass, lyrics are all amazing, they all work together to make awesome music. Disturbed is right up there with my favorite bands, one of the top three. I love them. Thank you.

  • I have been a disturbed fan since i first heard them and ten thousand fists adds so much to the bands already phenominal sound. ya this album has lost a little heavy-ness but it still rocks hard.

  • al’Lan Mandragoran

    Incredible CD. Been a Disturbed fan since The Sickness first came out, was a bit dissappointed with Believe, but this album certainly makes up for that dissappointment and more, it’s more or less become a part of my truck’s CD player lol, havent taken it out in 2 weeks.

  • al’Lan Mandragoran


  • Pete

    This 10,000 fists rocks.
    Disturbed appeals to me as a more refined verison of Rush. Stricken, Sons of Plunder, great tracks!
    The more you listen, the better the album gets.
    It rocks!

  • V

    I bought this album without hearing a single track on it – that’s how much I love this band 🙂 My fav tracks are
    “I’m Alive/Overburdened/Deify” But overall the tracks from 10 000 Fists to Forgiven are incredible, then after that I think they lost some creativity and just slapped some bad beats together… But David still has the most powerful voice in the industry!
    Rating: 9/10, only “The Sickness” can get 10/10.

  • rackDemon

    My taste has always been more song oriented, versus how theoretically “heavy” the band is. I’m totally confused by some ppls lukewarm reception to “Believe”.. caz “Prayer” is definitely a Great Metal Song. “10,000 Fists” continues Draiman’s excellent approach to melody. Rating: RIPPIN!

  • Larry

    Nu-Metal? Puh-lease… this shit rocks!! Huge fan of these guys, and they’ve come out with another great offering with Ten thousand Fists. How can anyone even think to compare this with Limp Bizkit??

  • socialcockroach

    I for one really enjoyed the album. And while it is true that it is not as heavy as The Sickness, it still does have one thing that sets it apart from a lot of the music we hear now: lyrics with a meaning. I think that even if the music style does seem some where in between their two previouse albums, it still does seem to hold more substance to it.

  • Rarrell

    Bit late on this one..
    But its never too late to sing Disturbed’s praises..
    For the record, I adore Disturbed, always have.. I personally don’t get the whole ‘they’re nu metal trash’ tripe either.. as I hear a meaning to their music that I don’t from alot of other metal..
    I loved The Sickness, I really liked Believe and I adore 10’000 Fists.. by far the best album I’ve heard this year.. period..
    EVERY song has a purpose and a meaning, I have no problems with ANY of the tracks.. they are all there for a reason. As Draiman put it.. and it applies to me and my metal listening career here.. “..the time has come” 11/10

  • chad

    um, i just got the cd, and listening to it i dont notice anything that jumps out.

    stricken, just stop & a few others r pretty good songs, but for the most part almost every song sounds exactly the same. buy the sickness, definately their best album still. if u really really like that album, go ahead and buy this.


  • Curtis

    I’ve only been listening to disturbed for a little less than a year and i’ve heard tracks from Believe and every track from 10,000 fists.Some excellent solos from Donegan,but i think the best song on the album is Deify hands down.i give this album 10/10.

  • SOADFanboy

    10000 fists and Sons of Plunder, great album, do you recommend the others compared to the other albums. I am thinking of getting the others. There are better nu metal albums (i.e. mesmerize and hypnotise by SOAD and others but this is pretty high)

  • Shawn

    Well for one thing they are not nu-metal, and you cant even compare system of a down to disturbed, disturbed blows system out of the water!

  • bluack

    personally, as both a music enthusiast and as a musician, the best music isnt the one that has the most badass guitar solos, or the earthshaking drums, or even the singing. the best music comes from a band with not only raw talent, but the ablility to mesh together and create songs that every part serves a purpose…the evoke feelings. disturbed has this down to an art. every song, to some shallow fool, might sound the same, but if you are in tune, each song creates a powerful aura of pain, sorrow, anger, or regret from start to finish.

  • JM

    Listening to this album after discovering Disturbed in the middle of 2010 and holy sweet mother of Jeebus this album is raw awesomeness. Bluack has hit the nail on the head. Disturbed have this way of bringing out the feeling of the song in you. I feel sorry for anyone in the car with me when I’m playing Sons Of Plunder, I send myself hoarse and I’m a very calm person normally but this song makes me want to jump on top of the car and sing. Stricken is brilliant, Just Stop, TTF, Hell, Monster….. oh f*** it, I just love this entire album.