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Disturbed – “Liberate”

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Let’s get this out of the way right now…I don’t know jack about Disturbed except that:

    they’re playing Ozzfest this summer
    there are no guitar solos on the song “Liberate”
    they’re fricken’ loud

Not a lot to go on. I’m listening to the “Liberate” promo cd single (which lists Ozzfest dates on the back).

This is where I begin to feel old and start complaining about how today’s metal just isn’t the same as when I was a kid. I’m event tempted to visit with the “it all sounds the same” gambit.

But here’s the thing…is that being fair? Is it valid (useful, maybe?) criticism to say that I don’t like something just because it’s not like my old favorites? Maybe none of that even matters. Heck, the whole “not like it used to be” angle is kinda worn out in the entire world of arts criticism.

…and these guys are make a living grinding out this stuff (their last album, The Sickness sold a boatload of copies). So why would it matter if some old fart (who grew up on 70’s metal) can’t deal with the new (nu?) thing?

I don’t know.

What I do know is that I like the song “Liberate”. The rhythm section is scary tight and the guitar is crushing. I’ve heard plenty of stuff like this live (Mudvayne being the most recent) and it is fun in a cathartic sorta way. But if I had to listen to seventy minutes of it?….I dunno, it kind of lacks in the dynamics department. Sorry, but the slow/quiet-to-loud-as-hell transitions just can’t take the place of guitar solos.

So what I’m getting at is..well, I guess bands like Disturbed make me wonder what the future of metal is going to look like.

Is this it?

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  • The Theory

    oh god, I hope not… I wouldn’t even call them metal. *shudder*



    Brother, the future of metal is:

    Lamb of God
    Nodes of Ranvier
    Darkest Hour
    In Flames
    Cattle Decapitation
    From Autumn to Ashes
    The F!%$king Champs
    The Blood Brothers
    Point of Recognition
    the Mighty, Mighty HATEBREED, and oh yeah, the revitalized Metallica!

    I know some of these bands aren’t considered metal and that they and they’re followers would be loathe to associate with us heshers, but they’re more metal than your momma’s kettle!



    And also:

    any talented and heavy Christian/Straightedge/Vegan acts incorporating metal. Enough of the hate and gore lyrics already, it’s so 1980’s.

  • The Theory

    bricklayer, you’re cool. Not many people can say what you just said with a straight face.

    And I agree.

    And props to you for mentioning The Blood Brothers. Woop!


  • Bricklayer, I don’t know all of the bands you list, but what I have heard I agree with – Lamb of God, Meshuggah specifically. I would also add Opeth in, as well, although their future remains questionable – will they follow their black metal past, or stretch out into more Pink Floyd-y psychedelia? Another impressive band, though maybe not in quite the same vein, is Pain Of Salvation. Check ’em out, Remedy Lane is one of my favorites . . .


    Yo, Theory,

    Have you heard the new Poison The Well? If so, what do you think? I haven’t got it yet, or heard anything. Thanks.

  • The Theory

    i have not. Haven’t listened to much by them, really. Saw a cd by them used at CD Warehouse once. It had a red and black cover, if I remember right. Listened to it but wasnt impressed enough to shell out the money for it.


  • Eric LaRue

    I think the new symphonic metal bands are going to be making a difference, too, like Lacuna Coil, Nightwish, Theatre of Tragedy, Sonata Arctica, etc.

    BTW, Bricklayer, who are some of these Christian Metal bands you hinted at? I’d be curious at checking them out.

  • Pat Oriley

    OK Disturbed is not the greatest band ever (i like it) but Christian Rock? “Rockin for Jesus” is just propaganda for the weak minded who rationalize their irational fear of dying by posturing and acting tough. Oooh you guys are so hardcore. I hate to flame but you guys are dorks.

  • Glyph

    Guys. I personally think Disturbed are quite good (though I’d be the first to admit I have an unusual taste in music). I suggest that before you make a desision you sould try to listen to a couple of the other tracks from their lastest album. Especially Mark. The tracks don’t have any real solos as such but some of the guitaring in Remember is close to godly.

  • Scarlett

    OK Pat, I agree with the whole “Christians are delusional” bit, but that doesn’t mean all Christian metal bands suck. Seriously, check out a band called LIVING SACRIFICE. They’re heavier than most bands and really talented musicians. Nothing beats good ol’ devil music, though. And all you nu- metal poseurs, Disturbed is not NOT metal, neither is Mudvayne, SOAD, or any of that metal core crap. METAL UP YOUR ASS!!!

  • Heather

    I like Disturbed, but I must say that most of their stuff sounds the same. They are actually kind of good live. For the person who says that Thrice is the future of metal, I got news for you: Thrice is punk not metal.

  • Mark

    Try mortal treason – they have good instrumentals, and they are christian metal

  • Haplo

    Well… I very much do NOT agree with the part of christians being delusional, mostly because i’m christian myself, and listen to a lot of rock without needing it to keep my selfesteem up.. Mostly i think that people who likes to criticisise christians are people who’re afraid of sticking out, therefore they adopt the belief that everybody has: Atheism..

    BUT.. Back to Disturbed…
    I think it’s a really cool band, and Mark: Liberate can get tiering and i see why u dont like it in the first place.. but have you heard their new album: Ten thousand fists?? (There are some really good song there, and they seem to have changed their style a bit towards power-metal)

    But. If you want guitar, drum and so on. solos i have some bands that you will love
    In (Christian) Heavy metal: Turniquet
    Power metal: Dragonforce, Kamelot.

    And you can of course try slipknot though i don’t like it much (but their drummer is really good)

  • Gregorz

    I just have to say, Haplo, that your opinion is hilarious. You know that most people are Christian, right? Atheism is only slowly becoming more prominent, as more people shed the established beliefs that were pumped into our families’ heads back when not believing in Christianity would get you shot.

  • Garrett Orahood

    one day i was listining to disturbed and got a christian “feel” about them so i started looking into it listen to the song deify and tell me there isnt anything Godly about it there is alot look at lyrics first then listen to it yes most disturbed stuff sounds alike but there a really good METAL band for those who think there not metal sure they are its more NEW AGE metal but its meatal…

  • J

    Gregorz, I doubt you realize what Christianity is all about. Do you really think that it is prevalent simply due to tradition? Surely you are more intelligent.

  • your mom


  • Dancecommander

    LOL Gagorz… I find your opinion hilarious. You tried the common “LOL AT U” comment to bash christianity. Im sayng this as a third party too. You failed. Dont say a word about how it isin’t because im the third party buddy.

  • see/hear for yourselves…and then make up your own Minds

    who cares what “category” you label it with, it’s Music and subjective…

    way to dig up olde Threads for irrelevant reasons


  • liberated

    u know, i get really tired of little pussies bitiching about the category that music fits into. “no thats metal, thats punk” blah blah blah… as gonzo marx sed, music is subjective, and its wrong to compartmentalise it to compensate for narrow minds.

    disturbed is an awsome band btw

  • N8is

    … okay to begin with… on the whole little debate thats started up here, why cant you just be more tolerante and just leave your opinion about disturbed…ill keep my own opinions to myself on an open forum..

    secondly, the reason people post bands as metal is because to us its more than music, its culture.
    we do this because we dont want our music to be viewed incorrectly. and if you dont know that then your not a “metal head.” not that you were saying that, just so that you know, nothing personal.

    finally, disturbed, they’re alright. sorta sorta. theyre original in a first expresion, but extremely repetetive, dont really have the right spirit or position of mind for metal (as i listen to their songs) but are still “catchy” enough to listen into the car or something. but definetely not as good as metallica, cob, dimmu borgir, blind guardian, or any of the real metal gods.

    also… dont forget the “underground” or less known metal types and bands.

    try Empyrium. “Whwere at Night the Wood Grouse Plays”… i think
    dont listen to weiland by them it sucked… idk about the other albums

    (forgive spelling)

  • ha! I love disturbed!
    and idc what type of music it is. seriously. if i hear a song and like it, then someone tells me its a christian song, im not gonna be like ew well then it sucks. cause that would be stupid. And what difference does it make what people believe? i mean come on. does it seriously matter if im athiest, christian, hindu, budhist, or whatever the hell else there is? its just a believe. Come on pat oriley. you have better stuff to do with your time than to flame about christians just because of what they believe. get a life and pull the pmsing stick out of your ass. and haplo…your comment was just hilarious. get your facts straight.

  • Luke

    Disturbed are fucking crazy cool. I know this post was done in ’03 before TTF and Indestructible but Believe remains my favourite album reguardless. Unbelieveable solo’s on the newer (TTF and Ind.) albums. Also they have an unrivalled presence live, (They upstaged Korn at the Melbourne concert, that’s for sure) anyone thats lucky enough to see them will know this, even metalhead friends of mine have said this. BTW It’s not metal, It’s hard rock. If you want metal go to as mentioned above, Opeth, LOG, COB, COF, KSE or something along those lines, we don’t stock what your trying to buy. Disturbed rules!! \m/

  • Luke

    Disturbed are an unreal band. A metalhead trying to write a critic piece on hard rock is like a binge drinker trying to critisise a fine wine. Disturbed is not metal, at least, not the thrash/hardcore/death/black/grunge metal that your trying to compare them too, and they’re not trying to be. Now, in my honest opinion I would rather listen to 70 minutes of Disturbed than one of the dime a dozen screamo production line bands that have been o-so-passionately mentioned above (or below, im not sure how this post reads…), but to each his own. Don’t shit on my music and I won’t say that metal nowadays should only be listened to by deaf people. BTW future of metal? I think we can all agree that while there are a few glimmers of hope for each branch of metal, depending on what kind of metal your into, metal today is facing extinction. I mean, I understand that many people like the talentless shouting and screaming like a gorilla having a fit, but personally, I don’t, and I don’t think that many of the other million disturbed fans worldwide do either. Leave SOAD, Mudvayne, Rammstein, Disturbed, Tool and the other real bands to us, and keep your toneless noise to yourselves.

  • Luke

    Oh yeah, and old Metallica pwns. New Metallica is shite to those that call them the “renewed” metallica or whatever. If thats the future of metal methinks it’s about time you all jumped ship.

  • Gabriel Jones

    Grow up. If it’s good music then it’s good music. You don’t call a good plumber who has Christian beliefs a Christian plumber. No you call them a good Christian plumber…so why must we have different reactions when it comes to music?

  • mad wookiee11

    I love how none of you have noticed the “NO personal attacks” banner at the bottom.

    That and don’t hate on christian metal just because one guy asked for a christian alternative. I’m a christian and listen to a lot of christian metal. DEAL WITH IT!

  • Dana

    Disturbed is a phenomenal band. Indestructible was an awesome album. With the band producing it themselves, they were able to really put their entire selves into it. I had a hard time taking it out of my cd player for about 3 or 4 months. TTF, Believe and Indestructible are three cds I keep in my 8 cd holder case in my car at all times.

    Whether or not they’re a “Christian” band, I haven’t figured out yet. I love music and try to incorporate it into every aspect of my life that I can and I keep an open mind when listening to music and lyrics. However, when it comes to genres, whatever the band wants to call their music is what it is. If Disturbed says “we’re rock” then they’re rock (or metal or whatever they want to be). Disturbed has put out lyrics of a religious nature, certainly, but does that make them a Christian band? No. Their decision (if they’ve made it) to accept Jesus as their savior is what would make them a Christian band. If you have something against Christian music, then stick to your “devil music” as someone earlier labeled it. That sounds kind of crazy to me though… “devil music.” Whatever.

  • qewrtyuioplkjhgfdsazxcvbnm

    shut the freak up guys disturbed is disturbed metallica is metallica christian metal is christian metal ‘devil music’ is wait wait wait…’devil music’ is only behemoth fuck….

  • TheJadedSoul

    Frontman David Draiman stated: “We probably have too much melody going on or we’re not quite as turbulent or caustic. While I really love that type of music, it’s not what we try to do. If we have to place things in context, we’re more hard rock than heavy metal these days.”

    Source: Ultimate Guitar.

  • Schwanksta

    it doesnt really matter if they are metal or not… if theyre good, well then that’s that… the future of music is already being undermined by youtube and limewire and the like… so pretty much, there is literally something for everyone.
    i also dont think it really is biased to dislike something just because it doesnt sound like your favorites… theres a reason why they are your favorites, right? i mean… you like the style and the style went in all kinds of directions… its not unfair at all to like the new style.
    it is, however incredibly childish to say that music is any better or worse based on the lyrical message and the beleifs of the band. just because the singer isnt talking about sacrificing babies and burning slashed-out entrails or what have you, doesnt mean the band sucks. they CAN be good musicians AND good people. (or the other way around, i suppose … not saying anyone is a bad person)
    for example:
    i dont wholly agree with alot of the lyrics in disturbed, mostly because i dont like swearing much, but i do like theyre music a HECK of a lot. what can i say? the man sounds GREAT!

  • thatonedude

    good chritain hard rock/metal/screamo bands; Demon Hunter
    Impending doom
    Inhale Exhale
    A Plea for Purging
    (on hte screamo side): the devil wears prada
    killswitch engage is not labed christian, but their songs and band members are, ie, “rose of sharyn”

  • Brandon

    What the hell are you all talking about Christianity for! Draiman is Jewish, and Disturbed is far from a “Christian band.” He speaks to God, (it’s your choice whether this god may be Jewish or Christian) But he also speaks as if he were the devil. A religious them does not make you a Christian band, nor does it mean that the members are any bit religious themselves.
    Look at Tool. Their song Opiate is about religion. It shows that they as a band were tired of people blindly following something without understanding it.
    Just a little side note for all out there:
    OZZY SAYS DISTURBED IS THE FUTURE OF METAL, AND DIO (R.I.P.) HAS BEEN KNOWN TO FREQUENT DISTURBED SHOWS! Two people who belong in the Mt. Rushmore of metal love Disturbed! What does that tell you!