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Disturbed: Believe

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Disturbed is back and is definitely not suffering from a sophomore slump. The new album doesn’t exactly pick up where they left off with The Sickness, but takes the band into some new and exciting territory.

Instead of playing with redundant sounds that they covered on the first album, they experiment with newer sounds and rely more on the power of David Draiman’s vocals and strong rhythms. One of the main reasons I like this band so much is the raw power they display in the songs and they didn’t sacrifice that on the new disc. Even the slower songs have the same amount of power of the straight ahead riffing and drum fills of the first album. The sound is updated, but they have lost none of the pep that made The Sickness such a perfect example of how heavy metal should be. The real catcher on this disc is that the songs sound different. While the first disc was an overall fresh sound, the songs themselves sounded almost exactly alike throughout. Here, they’ve varied the overall sound and the individual feel of each song.

Check out the solid, straight ahead aggression of “Prayer” or the muted power of “Believe.” Just about every song on this disc is strong and varied. I’m not sure they still had to prove it, but this disc shows that Disturbed can REALLY PLAY. The use of subtle electronics to accent the playing is masterfully woven throughout, although much less than on the first disc. I think the electronic accents aren’t really necessary on these songs, though, so it’s no loss. The trademark of Disturbed is Draiman’s snarls and sneers. While less prominent than on the first disc, the snarls and verbal sneers are still there, reminiscent of Billy Idol. He also proves in several places throughout this disc that he is a top-notch front man and a damn good singer to boot. The melodic singing on songs like “Awaken,” and the acoustic ballad “Darkness” really let his talent shine through.

I would rate Believe a MUST-HAVE for anyone who likes heavy music, but has gotten tired of the rap-metal (nu-metal?) sound that all the clones out there are mass-producing. This disc has barely left my CD player since I got it.

1. Prayer
2. Liberate
3. Awaken
4. Believe

5. Remember
6. Intoxication
7. Rise
8. Mistress
9. Breathe
10. Bound
11. Devour
12. Darkness

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About Jim Schwab

  • I’d grown quite weary of the current metal offerings, but one listen to “Prayer” turned my fatigue into excitement. “What’s that? Could it be actual vocal melodies instead of just neanderthalic growling? Cool. Thanks for the tip!

  • True Metal is all about melody and composition. Disturbed has done a terrific job on their new album on showing this, and attempt to return that element that has seemed lost back to their music. Prayer, is a song that I can play over and over again.

  • Tim

    There 1st CD The Sickness was plain great.

    Most groups lack in there 2nd CD But Disturbed isnt one of them.

    They put so much heart and feeling into each of there songs and David Draimen shows that for sure in the way he sings.

  • Neyon

    I was not a big Disturbed fan at first. I liked “Stupify” off “The Sickness”, but that and the title track were all I’d heard. Then a friend lent me “Believe” two days after it came out. I was hooked. This CD has everything you could want in a metal band. You want hard-core, blast-your-brain-out lyrics and music? Look no further than the intro track, “Prayer”, or maybe Track 10, “Bound.” Something more meaningful? Try track 5, “Remember”. Melodic? Track 4 – the title track, “Believe”, or even Track 11, “Devour”. They even have something for the metal ballad fan – the closer track, #12, “Darkness”. Disturbed’s sophomore album is a required addition to any metal fan’s collection.

  • Billy

    I like Disturbed

  • Mephi

    All I have to say about this is WOW, And good luck on the tour David…

  • Btari Kirana

    Powerful lyrics and melodies! It has never left my CD player! “Remember”‘s melodies engulf me in ways I’ve never thought a music could do. The rests are just staggeringly overwhelming. And David Draiman’s voice… goosebumps and shivers are all over me.. His voice…astaga…mighty, angry and alone. His voice stands out and become the essence of the band, not only because of his (physical) capabilities but also his (non-physical) inner outcries. So honest, so full with despondent yearnings, so fierce, so insecure… Materializing his inner self through his voice is his ultimate achievement… getting people to understand and embrace it is another thing.. I hope he finds his true love..

  • Vickie

    I saw Disturbed live and completely fell in love with them. I didn’t even like heavy music untill i heard them for the first time. If you have the opporunity to go to see them live they put on an amazing show.

  • Jamie

    Hell Freaking yes dude. Disturbed is all there is to life !!

  • Jocelyn

    Dave Draiman is soooo hott!! i love him so much!! xoxo to you Dave!!

  • andy

    wait…is this that “nu metal” band that opens the song up going, “Woahahaha”? hahaha! what a joke!

  • DisturbedMistress_Tx78155

    Being uninterested at the first sound of DWTS, I never thought that today I would be a devoted fanatic of Disturbed. The music is awesome but the lyrics are what grabbed my complete attention. Draiman has a way of being straight up real with the words of their true to life songs. I consider it an almost religeous experience just to listen to Disturbed’s music – and Draiman maybe even being our new resurrected modern messiah… may have a few things to teach us all… who knows.


    I saw Disturbed as the opening band on a bill with Hatebreed, Six Feet Under, and the petite Danzig. It was amazing how fast they jumped from that level to where they are now. But that’s not amazing as how short Glenn Danzig is!

  • Eric Olsen

    Are you the same as regular Bricklayer? And is Danzig like 3’9″ or something?

  • Blade_Hms

    Im a fan of disturbed from Malaysia. Though they arent so famous here, im still a Disturbed Loyalist. All i have to say is that they are not like any other cliche band that turns all mushy on their second CD (examples unnecessary). Also, as some other people have said, they arent of the mass-produced genre of rock, and yet they still maintain their Disturbed-ness..ROCK ON!

  • Raymond

    Hi, Ive been playing set for 6 years, and have been playing in and out of bands. Disturbed is my life and ive always wanted a band just like theirs. I know all of their songs on drumset. I’d kill just to be able to talk to David Draimen for an hour. Im told im like him sense I myself am called alittle disturbed. No other band is like theirs. And David Draimens voice is one of a kind. My AIM screen name is Siris615…..GBU you all…AND ALWAYS LISTEN TO DISTURBED!

  • andy

    I got a nasty little hate mail for my post above. The kid told me I probably listen to rap. Is that an insult? I’m not sure. I just wish these kids had a clue about this crap and realized that Disturbed is to hardcore/metal today as what glamrock was to heavy metal in the 80s.

  • Martin Enblom

    I never thought i would start to dig a band like Disturbed. But now i do. I WHANT DOES FUCKERS TO COME TO SWEDEN AS SOON AS FUCKING POSSIBLE!

  • Ky

    Just look at the name……….. Disturbed is AWESOME and david draimen is VERY hott but um their music is great liberate is the best and well they KICKED SO much butt in concert so that made me like them even more but yea

  • Luvegeta

    Anyone who knows me well knows for a fact that I love Disturbed.^-^ Except sometimes I get anoying when I bring the CD to school and start singing…. out loud.O.o hahaha.

  • luke

    DISTURBED is the best! I had the sickness and loved it and then a friend borrowed me Believe and i was blown away. It’s got so much feeling to it, but at the same time has some hard stuff to bang to! On my list, it’s the best cd ever!!!

  • frost@work

    one of my buddies got ‘the sickness’, but he just went to the doctor and got some anti-biotics and now he’s back to normal. No more groupies for him.

  • Chelsea L

    Daid is my dream man! i love him and the music. Belive is a great CD. Also a big shout to the other hottie Fuzz!!

  • diturbed is the best cant get enough of them their best song is shout 2000

  • diturbed is the best band. cant get enough of them. their best song is shout 2000.

  • Shannon Keely

    I love Disturbed! I have both their albums and I’m very much in love with their music. “Meaning of life” and “Fear” are my favs, I also drew a portrait of David Draimen, and if I HAD A SCANNER, I’d post it for all to see.

  • Snowkone

    I love DAVID DRAIMEN! He is very beautiful, and the only person ne this planet that can sport the double librate with the spikes! He’s a great musician and I wish to meet him one day…AND I WILL!!!

  • disturbed is awesome!they are evrything in my life.i like every song.ihave both albums.iwillget the third one as soon as ti comes out!

  • ben

    one problem with the new disturbed cd is the damn protection copy right on it. i blew 10 bucks on this cd and i cant even burn it to a cd damn i tune fags the can go suck a fucking horse coq

  • pam

    i love disturbed, they are my all time favorite rock band. when they came out with “the sickness” i listenend to that cd everyday and blasted number 9 and number7 of the cd.

  • Luke

    Man, lots of disturbed fans here, I find it strange though that people talk shit about current metal and refer to bands that get played on the radio, do people not know about the orgy of quality metal out there? Literally hundreds of great bands to be heard, and I’ll say that if disturbed is your favorite band, then you probably don’t know about any of them, having said that, I haven’t heard this CD so I’m in no position to judge, I just think people who’re suppose to be metalheads should know more about metal.

  • Disturbed… Enough said! Not only are the lyrics powerful but they have meaning. Not just any meaning either. A meaning about the state of the world today. David doesn’t write about his past, his present or even what could lie in his future but he writes about all of those and how it could effect, is effecting or has effected everyone in the world. Disturbed is not *just* another band, they write about what people should understand. They write about meaning. Don’t just *listen* to Disturbed because you like the guitar riffs or the drum beats. Listen to the lyrics. Look them up! Follow a long with the songs. Understand what they are about. Read what they have to say in the middle of the CD booklet on their ‘Believe’ album! It is very touching. If anyone ever wants to chat about Disturbed and they lyrics, hit me up. dopey2003 on AIM

  • someone

    OH MAAAAAN. . . WILL YOU HARDCORE METAL OR OLD SCHOOL METAL or WHATEVER FANS SHUT THE FUCK UP ALREADY. . . All I ever hear is people dissing on the so called “nu metal”. . . SHUT THE FUCK UP U IDIOTS. . . Who the fuck put you in charge of what metal is. . . GOD DAMN you piss me off. Music isn’t about how much you know about it. . . If it really grabs your soul like Disturbed does and gives you that adreneline rush like SOULFLY does than it’s great. . . Mainstream this and mainstream that. . . SHUT UP. . . Everybody needs to escape into music like Disturbed or Soulfly. If you are human you feel angry at times and disagree and hate sometimes. That’s what that music is mainly about. And if you say you don’t feel any of that stuff you’re a fucking liar… Not everyone wants to escape into the woman like growls of Iron Maiden, They rather go into the destruction sound of metallica. . . As for hardcore people. . . SHUT UP. Great, the government sucks. I agree. But can’t you put your words in a way that we can understand them. Why the hell do you waste a good message in lyrics by covering it up with a bunch of noise and the same goddamn drumbeat in every song. Soulfly talks about war, government, etc. all the time but there is also music in there. And you can understand Max Cavalera even though he is Brazilian. . . All these american hardcore bands just make a bunch of noise and let their message wasted. . . Sure, I’m angry too, but I don’t hit random chords on guitar that sounds like shit and do random stupid drum rythms that all you can hear is the constant torture of the snare drum. . . To put this very long message in words you can understand. . . SHUT UP AND LET’S ALL HATE ON MUSIC THAT DISERVES IT. LIKE THE FAKE STUCK UP RICH KID MUSIC ALSO KNOWN AS EMO OR THE RETARDED 0 TALENT OF RAP THAT THE MAIN IDEA IS ALWAY yo ima bust a cap in yo grill dan ima holla at dem hos den ima buy some bling wit ma money flow… YOU WANNA TALK SHIT ABOUT MY OPINIONS. BRING IT ON. YOU’RE PROBBABLY A FUCKING IDIOT. . .

  • Luke

    It’s not so much that I specifically hate Nu-metal or something, it just shits me that people discuss bands such as disturbed and crap on and on about the artistic deep emotional blah blah blahness of it like it’s the greatest band on earth, and just about every quality metal band worth talking about never gets mentioned, it’s almost like people are under the impression that there’re only about 5 or 6 metal bands in the world, which must be true because they’re the only ones that get played on radio, also, don’t say iron maiden or metallica to me, or mention anything about hardcore, those are just more catch phrases that come from people who don’t know what they’re talking about, there’s literally an infinate number of styles and subgenres in metal, but all you can say is iron maiden? metallica? hardcore?

  • someone

    SECOND….I’m picking on hardcore and Iron Maiden related stuff because their fans are the ones who talk shit the most. . . You can’t deny the talent bands like disturbed have. . . They’r not some dumbasses who talk about cutting their wrists or “RUN TO THE HILLS” OR BLAH BLAH HHFEJFIFWELOFWE BULLSHIT FIWEDFIEIU OEIOJWFWJE down with the system all the damn time. . . Sure they got songs about this piece of shit country but they don’t just have that one thing and a bunch of noise in the background. . . As for Iron Maiden, Judas Priest or whatever. . . I don’t give a fuck about them. . . The days of hairy men with girly squiling for a voice and pants so tight you can see their bulge are over… AND YOU DON’T TELL ME ABOUT METALLICA. I COULD TELL YOU BECAUSE I’M A BIG FAN AND I KNOW WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT SO DON’T TELL ME IT’S JUST A CATCHPHRASE. DUMBASS. BEFORE YOU GET ALL ”OOOO LOOK AT ME I HATE ALL THIS TALK ABOUT DISTURBED” REMEMBER TWO THINGS: THIS IS A DISTURBED RELATED AREA OF THE WEBSITE AND MOST OF ALL, YOU NEVER HEARD DISTURBED IN YOUR LIFE. GO PICK UP THE ”TEN THOUSAND FISTS” CD AND THEN TALK. THE AGGRESSIVE MELODIES AND RIFFS WILL BLOW YOUR PANTIES AWAY LUKE… YOU’RE SAYING THAT I DON’T KNOW ABOUT ANYTHING, WHEN YOU’RE THE ONE WHO IS JUST TALKING WITHOUT KNOWING SHIT… WOULD YOU LIKE TO NIBBLE ON MY SACK?

  • mater

    it isn’t even disturbed that has made the song ”shout 2000” it is covered….. but it’s still a cool song…. my favorite is hounted i think… got it stuck in my head!! =/ 😛 😀
    that you’r saying is true:
    Disturbed rocks