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Dissecting The 2009 Pittsburgh Steelers Schedule

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Last year, the Pittsburgh Steelers had the toughest schedule. Playing the Ravens (twice, three if you count the playoffs), the Chargers (twice if you count the playoffs), the Eagles and the Giants is not easy. Next year, the schedule seems a lot better.

Week 1, Sept. 10: vs. Tennessee — This is probably one of the toughest games of the year. The Titans obviously want to prove they’re the best and Pittsburgh wants to redeem themselves after losing to Tennessee last year. The Titans (13-4) had a better record than Pittsburgh (12-4) in the regular season last year. Their only real competition in the AFC south last year were the Colts. It’s true that the Titans lost to the Baltimore Ravens in the playoffs last year (Who the Steelers beat three times last year), but that was a pretty close game. The Titans had a great team last year. Kerry Collins had an amazing year, despite his age. He only had seven interceptions the entire year. I doubt they will have any trouble being a serious threat to the Steelers next year.

Week 2, Sept. 20: at Chicago — The Steelers have ten days until their next game, which is huge. The Bears just got Jay Cutler to be their new quarterback. Is it a good deal? I think so. Cutler carried the Broncos last year and went to the Pro Bowl. Check out these stats: Cutler ranked third in the NFL in passing completions (first in the AFC), second in passing attempts (first in the AFC), third in passing yards (first in the AFC) and seventh in passing touchdowns (third in the AFC). The Steelers defense (First in the league last year) is going to have to work on shutting Cutler down. If they can, the Steelers will win.

Oh, and Cutler’s a total baby. Just sayin’.

Week 3, Sept. 27th, at Cincinnati — The Bengals suck. They have two Hall of Famers since when they came in the league in 1968. The Steelers only real competition in the AFC North last year were the Ravens. This game should be a lock for the Steelers. Maybe I’m being cocky, but I mean … it’s the Bengals. They’ve only been in the playoffs once since 1990 and they lost to the Steelers. Something is wrong with the organization and I don’t see them getting any better next season. I say three years for the Bengals to get good. I looked at the 2008 draft and their draft picks don’t sound very impressive. I really think Carson Palmer’s gone downhill. He’s nowhere close to Ben Roethlisberger. They ended last season 4-11-1. It’s hard to recover from that.

Week 4, Oct. 4th, vs. San Diego — Okay, the Chargers I have major respect for. I believe that the Chargers are just as talented as the Steelers, which worries me. This game could go either way. Last year’s two games were tough for the Steelers and I don’t seem them getting easier. Philip Rivers is a good quarterback. He had the highest quarterback rating last year.

Week 5, Oct. 11th, at Detroit — Man, the Lions have too many problems to count. This should be an easy win. If the Steelers lose this game, maybe they shouldn’t be Super Bowl champions.

Week 6, Oct. 18, vs. Cleveland — Two easy wins in a row? Sweet! The Browns should be more focused on whether or not more of their players drive drunk and kill someone. Donte’ Stallworth. Lame. I hate the Browns. I really do. By the way, have they decided on a quarterback? Derek Anderson or Brady Quinn? Who cares … they won’t win the division. But their kick returner, Josh Cribbs, is pretty good. And the Steelers special teams, although they have gotten better, still leaves a lot to be desired. I went to the Browns/Steelers game a couple years ago and Cribbs is an amazing player. I really wish he was a free agent and have the Steelers take him. Him and Fitzgerald. I love Fitzgerald.

Week 7, Oct. 25th, vs. Minnesota — If the Steelers can stop the Vikings’ run, they will win. Bottom line. Stop the run, you will win.

Week 8, Bye — Good time for a Bye week. Right in the middle of the season. I hate having it early like Week 4. It sucks to have it then, because then you have to play a lot of weeks in a row, especially if you get in the playoffs.

Week 9, Nov. 9, at Denver — I’m not quite sure what to expect from the Broncos without Cutler. We’ll have to see. I won’t be surprised if the Broncos completely fall apart. It will be interesting, but I assume the Chargers will win that division and the Broncos will fight for a wild card.

Week 10, Nov. 15, vs. Cincinnati — Sweet. This sounds like a fun game to go to. I predict a great massacre.

Week 11, Nov. 22, vs. Kansas City — Then, the Steelers play the Chiefs. With a schedule like this, the Steelers can easily make their way back to the playoffs.

Week 12, Nov. 29, at Baltimore — This game will be tough. Yes, the Steelers beat the Ravens three times last year, but those really close games. Plus, Ed Reed. I mean, really. The Steelers could definitely lose this game.

Week 13, Dec. 6, vs. Oakland — This will be an exciting game against the Raiders. It should be good. I don’t think it will be too tough to win this game.

Week 14, Dec. 10, at Cleveland — Yay. I like playing the Browns. Something about it makes me really happy. It’s a good rivalry, especially when the Steelers are dominating. But like I said, watch out for Cribbs.

Week 15, Dec. 20, vs. Green eBay — The Steelers have another 10-day wait to play the Packers. I don’t think Aaron Rodgers is ready for the Steelers defense. I think the Steelers will win, but only by a touchdown.

Week 16, Dec. 27, vs. Baltimore — The Ravens are in Heinz Field two days after Christmas. Boy, that’s going to be a blood bath. What a great rivalry. Yeah, this will be one of the toughest games of the year.

Week 17, Jan. 3, at Miami — The Dolphins are okay, but not as good as the Steelers. The Steelers will probably win, but it won’t be easy. Probably they will just grudge it out.

I will be pretty surprised if the Steelers don’t make it in the playoffs. Now, winning the Super Bowl is a whole different story.

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  • Maddy Pumilia

    Wait … wait … wait … how many Super Bowls have the Bengals won?

  • steeler killer

    Quote by Maddy…
    “This game should be a lock for the Steelers. Maybe I’m being cocky, but I mean … it’s the Bengals.”

    [personal attack deleted]

    Quote by me…
    “it’s the Bengals…that gave the steelers a PhD in Cardiology 🙂
    and that’s a fact!!!

    BTW did you see wines hard almost crying on the sideline before the Bengals even got the winning score. That was great!!!

  • joseph p hammer

    I’m a 71 year old fan of the steelers have been since 1947 when I use to sneak into the pologrounds to watch them play. the only had a leather helmet for head gear and not much else for protection.Win or lose the steelers are the best…