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Disney’s Tangled and Boxing?

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I had the pleasure of watching Disney’s new release Tangled at AMC Theaters today. With me was my amazing and curious four-year-old daughter. While we arrived 10 minutes early to get settled, I was disturbed at the opening previews. One in particular featured a slow-motion boxing match with one of the opponents getting socked in the jaw. The blood and sweat, still in slow motion, flying off—followed by a chicken leg and a strawberry doughnut. I didn’t understand the breakfast pastry or the poultry, but the scene still made me angry.

I am not one to shelter my children from the world, but I also don’t feature pointless beatings with no regard for their emotional well-being. If they ever were to actually see someone fighting, I can only hope that they would be scared and not desensitized like the toddler watching MMA with their parents who are oblivious to the effect on him.

While Tangled was an awesome movie and I will certainly purchase the Blu-ray, I can only hope that Disney and other family-oriented production companies will start putting restrictions on their coming attractions.

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  • It sounds like you’re describing a commercial for Sprint called “Epic Punch.” I’ve seen this commercial before movies before at AMC Theatres but not before any family movies. In this case, you should take it up with AMC as the movie studios usually have no control over the content before the movie previews start.