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Dismissed – Taking the Good with the Bad

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Dismissed are fine gentlemen, really. With many shows with big names under their belts, and a catchy sound on their backs, they’re going to be carrying a burden of big things to come. Explaining this record must first be shown in the light of their label/distributor, Indie Vision
Music/Records. Brandon, the fine owner of this fortress of rock and roll, is a sure-fire music critic. He knows what he likes, and knows what he doesn’t, and knows exactly how to market what he has to sell. With that in mind, with the recent signing of Dismissed, the glory
of this band is shining.

With a sound comparable to that of Taking Back Sunday and Thursday, which is all the rage, this record leaves me with some interesting if not downright bizarre emotions. I love the record, but I hate to love it. It’s everything a solid release should be, but it’s too short, leaving me sitting just wondering where the rest of the record is. It’s just short. Ten songs weighing in at under thirty minutes for a band
of this caliber will definitely hurt the process in which many think of them. I’ve sat through a punk record longer than this, and when it’s something so enjoyable, I can’t wonder as to what is left.

The quality of music on this release is all there, the songs are all there, just a little growth and length in the songs is needed. A fair catch for IVM, which will undoubtedly put them on the board in the underground scene for years to come.

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