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Dismissed “Taking the Good with the Bad”

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Punk rock has received a bad name as of late with more Blink 182 and Green Day clones than you can shake a stick at. Thank God for the occasional burst of creative, insightful energy that bands like Dismissed bring onto the scene.

Dismissed’s debut album, “Taking the Good with the Bad” is a hybrid of hardcore, punk rock and emo. The end result is a mix akin to the bands Thrice and Atreyu making a baby. With hooks so catchy and lyrics so powerful, it isn’t any wonder that this band has created quite the buzz already. Yes, “Taking the Good with the Bad” may be one of the most honest, self-reflective albums this reviewer has ever seen. With lyrics that touch on suicide, relationships and self image, not only is this album unbelievably heavy and talent-filled, it is also a positive experience that parents everywhere can feel comfortable letting their kids listen to.

Overall, this disc is an aural delight. Whether you are a fan of hardcore, punk rock or just plain good music, check this album out.

Lyrics- A
Objectionable Content- A+ (Nothing even remotely wrong with the content on this disc. In fact, this disc is a prime example of positively charged lyrics in a negatively charged world.)
Overall Album- A (Wow. Unbelievable! )

Buy this album now at Indie Vision Music.

Jeff Petermann
Action Attack Helicopter Magazine

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  • Jef Petermann

    That is freakin awesome! Brandon over at IVM is a good friend and I am sure that comments like yours Esteban make his week! I am taking a spanish minor at my college. I think it rocks that you are doing music reviews in Spanish. Shoot me an email when it gets done: namelessface777@hotmail.com

    I will make sure Brandon at IVM gets it. I am sure he will be just as excited as I am!

  • i just got the cd from IVM, this is a really good band and i know that both Dismissed and IVM are going to be blessed. Good lyrics, good songs, good singing (and occasional screaming). I liked the last song “taking the good with the bad” a lot because it was had good honest lyrics and a great acoustic guitar.

    Soon Ill put up a review (in Spanish) on http://www.punkcristiano.com