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Dish Network: Just Say No

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If you subscribe to DishNetwork and like to watch CBS, Comedy Central, BET or any of the other Viacom channels, you’ve probably been wondering about those occasional messages that scrolled across the bottom of the screen over the past few days. Generally, the message read something “Attention Dish Network / EchoStar customers: EchoStar is threatening to…,” only to be abruptly cut off and covered with a big black spot designed prevent Dish Network / EchoStar customers from figuring out what the company was threatening to do. Well, wonder no more, they’ve pulled the plug on all of these channels, citing a six cent per viewer fee increase Dish considers unreasonable.

A telephone call to Dish, at (800) 333-DISH (3474) yielded nothing but automated, smarmy excuses over how they are doing this out of the goodness of their hearts, to save their consumers from costs they would have to pass along to us. None of them bothered to ask me whether I would prefer to see my bill increase by six cents rather than do without an integral part of the product I am paying for and not getting. In fact, they went out of their way to keep consumers in the dark over the very existence of this dispute, by blotting out the messages from Viacom intended to alert us to it. So what do we have to show for it now? A generous credit in the amount of a whopping $1.00 per month until the dispute is resolved. Thanks, Dish!

UPDATE: Apparently, Dish also thinks they have the right to hold customers to commitments they themselves are unwilling to keep. From the FAQ on their site:

Will I be allowed out of my programming commitment if these channels go dark?

All programming commitments will remain in effect at this time. DISH Network will monitor the duration of the loss of channels for further decisions made for this.

FINAL UPDATE: Well, that was quick.

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  • Disappointeddishnetworksubscriber

    DishNetwork is lying through their teeth…

    They got us subscribed and scheduled for an installation. Installation dates have come and gone several weeks now…was told they have run out of Dishes in Houston, Texas. My friend experienced the samething. Guess it is all over this region.

    If they had told me beforehand, instead of signing up unsuspecting public, I would not have felt so bad. So no more dishnetwork for me…I would say stay off dishnetwork claims!!!

  • disappointedsubscriber

    Dish Network Runs out of Dishes. Do not sign up till they stock up in Houston, Texas

    Watch out. They will tell you that they will install and set up within a week and it will be months or weeks (we are yet to see ours) before it is done..Apparently, they have run out of dishes…or so the reason. Looks like the company is going donw the toilet…

  • Carol

    I am so very unsatisfied with your customer service! To get a DVR with dual tuner (adding a 5th TV to my home), I had to buy a DVR myself, then found out I need a new LBNA (dish 1000), then after all that, the installer that showed up does not speak English and could not understand what I needed done! The second installer that called me to come, I could not understand on the phone so I cancelled that appointment too.
    I had to find an installer on my own to come and install that speaks English!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Why on Earth would you need five TVs???

  • Raj Samy

    Their charges are funny and expensive.
    they call DHPP : which is a protection plan…not onyour home or appliances, but for thier own dvr. and eventually if you dont have it in your account, then your dvr will fail sometime and you pay $100 for repairing thier own system…at the end you have to return the dvr anyway….the bottom line is they want to make sure thier dvr is safe at your cost. !!!!

    the other thing is Programming access fee..!!! You will pay DVR Fee of $5 and additioanl $5 for not having the phone line hooked up…

    This is one of the worst customer service they have and they dont bother abou it too. The customer service response is extremely poor….may be they talk from malasia or something…..

  • angry dish network user

    little word of advise, NEVER GO WITH DISH NETWORK. i’ve never delt with more shit in my life than i’ve had with dish network and it’s by far the worst cable service i’ve ever seen. we want to upgrade to a DVR to put in my room. right now they have a promotion for a free upgrade and free installation up to 4 rooms. right now we have 2 rooms hooked up. so even though everything says free, of course they charge $75 to come out and hook it up. you can’t just go pick up a box like time warner cable or any other cable company, they have to come bring it to you. on top of that, there is no dish network offices anywhere. everything is an 800 number to reach them and you can’t just go in a store and talk to them, and calling them takes about 5 minutes each time after the automated junk asked you a hundred questions, then it keeps saying it can’t understand you, then when you finally do reach a human being,if you can even refer to them as human beings, everyone that works there is a gook and can’t speak english even though they are in AMERICA. but we were going to get the DVR and pay the $75 to have them come hook it up but you can’t just rent a DVR without signing a 24 month commitment to service for it. they will not just rent you a DVR box per month or give you one for any reason without signing a contract for their service unless you buy the DVR which is close to $400, then you still have to pay the monthly service even then to use it. if you break the contract, it’s $10.98 per month till the contract is up, so if we end up selling the house and moving 2 months from now, to break the contract is $10.98 times 22 months, just to rent a DVR box for 2 months. then on top of all that, the boxes are shit. they are impossible to hook up. we can’t get the VCR hooked up to it to record because it’s not like a regular cable box and it’s not hooked up the same way. i tried moving the receiver we have into my room, it won’t work. i’ve tried hooking up the VCR different ways to get it to record, the same way i’ve hooked up any boxes in the past to a VCR, it doesn’t work. with the time warner cable boxes or any other cable box, you can glance at the tv guide part a week in advance, not dish network, you’re lucky if you can see a whole 2 days in advance. then on top of it, everytime you look at the guide to see what’s on tv, the satallite has to update itself which blocks out what you watching and you can’t do anything till it finishes updating which takes about 2 minutes or more. when it rains or even if there’s a lot of wind, you might as well forget about watching tv. the service will go out and the tv will be blank till the weather is good again. hope to god you never have to get dish network for any reason. i’d rather have no tv at all than deal with that company and we will never go through dish network again. with any luck they’ll go out of business and do the world a favor because the world would be a better place without dish network on it.

  • Enraged DISH subscriber

    Daaaaaaang. We HAD been faithful and happy customers of the DISH Network for over 12 years, until December of 2007, when we got a letter from DISH explaining that if we wanted to continue receiving our local channels that we needed a service tech to come out and upgrade our DISH antenna for free, and according to the letter this needed to be done soon. Okay. So, we call DISH to schedule for this free antenna upgrade, and guess what?! The earliest we could get it done is in March 2008! Outrageous, especially since the letter made it sound like we would lose our local channels after January 2008. So, we waited til our scheduled appointment in March and, guess what?! The installer calls and says they can’t do it that day, and it will have to be in May!!! Ok, whatever. May. This is still outrageous, but at least we still have our local channels and all the channels are working well. May finally comes and the service tech gets to our house late in the afternoon. Does the upgrade, but leaves before the switch installation verification is done, as it takes 35 minutes to finish, and says if there’s any issues to call him. Ok, whatever (that was my hubby talking there). Guess what?! 35 minutes later there’s an error in the switch installation with the middle transponder–WTF! Now, every other time we want to watch DISH, we have to wait for the switch installation verification–believe me this is getting old fast. We call the installer, and he says its probably an aiming issue and says he will come out and aim it right when he’s back in town in a couple of days. Ok, whatever. The evening after he said he’d re aim the antenna, still the switch installation verification must be done and the same error comes up on the middle transponder (is this DISH’s middle finger–I’ve got a finger for you too, DISH). We’ve called DISH customer service several times, as the installer can’t come out again to “repair” this without a service order from DISH–WTF?? Well, the installer won’t be able to fix it until the middle of July! Daaaaaahhhhmmmm! Just to get local channels?? This is really bogus. I really hate DISH right now, because not only did I have to sit through another stinking 35 minutes of their crappy switch install verifucation, now it doesn’t want to acquire a satellite signal at all. No matter how much I hate local cable, why, oh why is DISH pushing me to cancel their service and subscribe to crappy local cable??? Don’t push me too far, DISH, I’ll do it…. I’ll subscribe to crappy local cable, because right now I have NO SERVICE from DISH. I hate DISH!!!

  • echo emp

    Seriously? you people NEED tv lol… i deal with whiny people like you all the freaking time…. “I need 4 tvs” or “I NEED bet”. Get over it, there exists the same problems with every television service, you’ll never find that “perfect” provider you all have wet dreams about… we don’t control when installers can get to and fro, thats all through local area dispatch, and on top of it all most of you call in and complain that you can’t get “free” crap….. that 4 free tuners+install is a NEW CUSTOMER PROMOTION!!! and finally Raj, a dual tuning receiver is essentially 2 freaking recievers in one, that phone line makes our job a bit easier so we waive the 5$ fee, and YEAH there is a cost to be able to record programing…. i’m soooooo sorry that adults feel the need to whine like children when everything isn’t just given to them…..

  • dishmenot

    First and last encounter with Dish network. Their product is not competitive and their people skills at the central office has much to be desired. Rude, condescending, and not at all helpful. Never again. Go the wau of Washington Mutual & others and do us all a favor. Saw hello to Direct TV or anybody else…Dishmenot!

  • I

    J/K…DISH blows so I am more than willing to pay the cancellation fee. I had Dish a few years back which was fine then but it’s still the same with increased customer service issues. Thanks Dish for helping me realize that you suck.

  • vermonique

    dish network is garbage run by morons who can not speak their own language never mind english close these bustard down and deport them to a thirld world country and im sure they can not make it over there



  • Dish Crap

    Worst service after an year they increased my price saying some wired reasons and i m waiting to finish my contract and cancel the service with them