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Discovering the Arts Outside Your Doorstep

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“If one was too wise, one would never had left England,” replied Miss Honeychurch, when questioned if it was wise for a single female tourist to walk the streets of Florence, Italy alone. This is a quote from E.M. Forester’s classic novel, on which the wonderfully romantic film, A Room with a View, is based.

The lesson of course is that one must be brave in order to discover. We need to take chances in order to experience new things, expand and broaden our tastes. It’s far too easy to settle for what is comfortable.

In order to expand your musical horizons, why not listen to listener-supported and funded radio like CKUA (which fuels our studio). You can listen though local frequencies, through satellite, through the web, or search for your local alternative. Stations like CKUA introduce you to a whole new world of music waiting to be discovered.

La Cara Italiana | Oil on Canvas | Eva Soukoreff | Copyright © 2006 Underground Art Project. All Rights Reserved.Be sure to also check out Pandora where you can enter in a band you like and it will stream Internet radio stations that feature similar music. It's interactive, so you can fine tune it and find what you like. Best of all, it’s free.

Support community projects like Art Walks, Shakespeare in the park, Jazz and Folk festivals. Every city has free or donation-supported ways to enjoy the arts. A recent revival is outdoor Cinemas, which play classic or independent films. All you do is bring a lawn chair or a blanket and a small donation.

Miss Honeychurch is telling us is to be brave, get out of the rut, rent less movies, listen to less commercial radio, kill your TV (or at least sentence it to more solitary confinement), go for walks, try new cafes, and discover something new. Never pass by art without taking the time to appreciate it. Even if it’s not your taste, you can still appreciate it for its contribution to culture.

Be brave, don’t settle. The little things make the difference. Stay original. Discover.

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