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Discontented and Mad as Hell in Cheese Whiz Land

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“I can’ts takes it no more…got-sta eat me spin-itch-gah.” Gulp, gulp, gulp! (Dan-danhh-danh-dannnneh from Beethoven’s fifth.)

It now appears as Madison is besieged, so goes the nation. But should, ought or must this be so?

Nevertheless, I must confess that the highly thoughtful, well-reasoned and articulate argumentation of the liberal-left, of the liberal media elite and the liberal progressive media as well; and of Richard Trumka and the rank and file and entire leadership of the Wisconsin public sector unions – I must truly admit is quite compelling.

Oh yes, I am thoroughly persuaded by them that Governor Walker is a dictator, a nazi, is utterly worse than Hosni Mubarak by magnitudes of worlds and is the literal second coming of Adolph Hitler. Well, so much for liberal civility. And where’s Keith “the rabid, mad dog” Olbermann and former representative, Alan “the foaming-at-the-mouth, mad dog” Grayson when you really need them?

“Oh, what fools these mortals be!” Correction, make that what fools these libs and commie-lib/simp, lefty pinko, union thugs and leg-breaker, commie-loving Marxists be. Sorry ‘bout that, jess couldn’t help mah self, jess had tah get that out of the system. But to continue.

To be sure, one must ask the question, why do these rather civil, open-minded, tolerant and unbiased, scrupulously fair and balanced, disinterested and impartial, utterly objective liberals hate Walker so much so that they have to personalize their invective against him in the most sordid, childish fashion?

Why? Aside from the fact that they are intellectual, philosophic and ideological leftist scumbags; because they feel threatened by him to their very core, in particular, to their sense of power and entitlement. Furthermore, because they believe and feel their right to strike and collectively bargain is a constitutionally protected, inalienable human and civil right. In addition they feel they are protected by the rule of law and in particular, by contract law.

Of course no one on the left is willing to admit even remotely that all this spin, sloganeering and propaganda of theirs about the rule of law and again, in particular of the sanctity of contract law – is fundamentally flawed in its intellectual premises and inherently corrupt in its actual practice. In a word, the liberal politicians and leftist ideologues have RIGGED the game in their own favor.

It’s like negotiating with yourself for a raise in pay (or in your allowance or in your entitlement benefits) while your boss, the taxpayer, doesn’t have a seat at this table. But sits idly by and then is handed the bill for what you have decided, for this fait accompli. Which I must contend is eerily and maddeningly reminiscent of the negotiations which would take place between the Madhatter and the Queen, down that magical rabbit-hole of liberal-progressivism; of how they ought to double their crumpets’ allowance and have Alice pay for it.

And then declare two crumpets per person to be a fundamental right, but not just an ordinary right, but a fundamental, inalienable human and civil right. And if one should demur, well then, “it’s off with (your) head.” All of which Milton Friedman has likened unto and equated with outright ‘thievery!”

Or allow me to address it thusly (of course, in my inimitably superfluous manner): The right to association is a fundamental right, but even that right has its natural limitations. I maintain there is a great deal of confusion and conflation at root core here between what a right truly is and what I maintain is a potential optative, and the twain are simply not equal nor equivalent in any shape, manner or form – never, never, never!

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  • Alan Kurtz

    I liked the part about throbbing dipsticks and honeypot vaginas.

  • Ruvy

    The problem in Wisconsin is that the Cheez Whiz is rancid – like the teachers who are such incredible role models, and the union carpetbaggers, and all the other shit….

    Yep!! Wisconsin – with an economy built on cheese, beer and toilet paper! The land of the Joe McCarthy School of Liberalism!

  • Ruvy

    By the way, I slogged through this entire essay to find the “swinging dicks”, “throbbing dipsticks” and “honeypot vaginas” just so you wouldn’t have to.

    Now, say “thank you” to Uncle Ruvy for having gone to the trouble.

    Oh darn, I fergot the page!