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A directory is a source of knowledge designed for reading or research. Internet directories can be broad sources of information; or narrowed to specific area/areas of interest. The directory can be used for a specific purpose or to expand knowledge in a number of areas. For the Internet user, a directory may provide enough information on one topic or another directory may be required in combination.  Examples of some popular directories include  the Google directory, Ask.com and AOL.

If for example you are planning a wedding consider looking in a regional directory for local vendors, venues and other services to create the perfect day. For a spot, like Mexico; the Directory is likely to provide links to other vendors, gown locations, tuxedo vendors and venue recommendations. In most cases a Mexico Directory will be bilingual with site options in Spanish and English.

Technorati itself is the single largest blog directory on the Internet, and offers a wealth of information and quick resources on almost any topic.

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