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Direct From Dell: Strategies that Revolutionized an Industry

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“If you want to capitalize on cyberspace, you should read this book.”
Bill Gates Chairman and CEO, Microsoft

This is very interesting, I cannot remember Michael Dell even mentioning something like “capitalize on” in the whole book. He narrates in a very humble way, always speaking of things having to do with customer satisfaction and their benefits. Maximizing profit seems to come only secondary.

Whatever you may think about this (I guess it’s not evil to make tons of money), the fact that Dell Corporation is still in existance makes me think they haven’t done all this just for for satisfying their customers or suppliers (yeah, Dell even talks a great deal about making them happy).

If you just can’t stand altruistic talk by multi-billion-dollar-company-owners (what a mouthful) this book is not for you. If you’re ready to read between the lines and accept some parts of the story as simply out-of-date (something like a website is not that spectacular anymore) you can learn a great deal about how Dell made a fortune.

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  • rob

    Great book. Makes you see how one can grow with lots of hard work and luck..