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Dip In to Something New: A Review About The Melting Pot

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Do you ever just get tired of going to the same American restaurants? You walk in to a sports themed bar and grill-like atmosphere and see dozens of flat screen TVs, lots of loud casually dressed people, and a small bar in the middle. Your party sits down in that old familiar booth and everyone orders burgers, fries, and a slice of chocolate cake for dessert. What if you went somewhere extraordinary and different, somewhere where both the food and the atmosphere were above and beyond your average day-to-day dining experience?

That’s exactly what The Melting Pot strives to give you! The Melting Pot excels at giving customers an amazingly unique experience with each and every visit. Dim lights, upscale dining, and supreme service give this restaurant a mood of fun sophistication. The Melting Pot was established in Maitland, Florida, in 1975, and the restaurant became an instant hit with the locals. In 1979 a college-boy waiter envisioned the restaurant doing big things, so with the help of his two brothers the Johnson brothers bought all rights to the company. By 1981 the Johnson brothers opened The Melting Pot in a second location in Tampa, Florida. The Tampa location became yet another success, and the franchise quickly took , building a chain across the United States. In 2010 the company celebrated its thirty-fifth anniversary by opening two additional restaurants internationally: one in Mexico, and one in Canada.

Of course the fondue-style cuisine is what captures customer’s attention at first, but it is the whole package that keeps them coming back. A complete course at The Melting Pot features a full four-course meal which includes: a cheese fondue appetizer complete with your own sauce pan of cheese, a salad, your choice of entre, and a sauce-pan full of chocolate-fondue for desert. Each course is prepared with the finest ingredients, each picked with the utmost care. Many of the courses are themed, such as “Big Night Out,” or “Alpine.” The service is also a big plus at The Melting Pot. Waiters and staff members are excellently trained to give the consumer a night to remember.

The Melting Pot however has had many critics for its expensive prices. For instance, one pot of chocolate fondue is twenty-six dollars. Critics fail to recognize that twenty-six dollars covers four plates of rice crispies, brownie bites, a cheesecake sliver, marshmallows, bananas, strawberries, graham crackers, and a sauce pan full of hot, melted chocolate (taken from “S’mores” plate.) Furthermore, if dessert is split four ways between friends, each customer ends up paying about $6.50, not too bad of a price for a nice dessert.

Overall, the service, culinary expertise, and atmosphere of The Melting Pot make for an unforgettable night and a unique dining experience. Cheese and chocolate fondue, salad, and an entree are a nice break from the norm of most American restaurants. The nearest Melting Pot in the Oklahoma City metro area is located on 4 East Sheridan Avenue in downtown Oklahoma City. Reservations can be made by calling 405-235-1000.

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