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Dimmu Borgir Radio Interview Gone Wrong – More To The Story?

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Norwegian metal act Dimmu Borgir made news earlier this month after they were escorted out of the studios of Cleveland rock station WMMS F.M. for using profanity during a live radio interview prior to the band’s performance at the Cleveland, OH date of Ozzfest 2004 at Blossom Music Center. The band cried foul, and the radio station has taken a lot of heat for their alleged handling of the incident, but according to Bo Matthews, the program director at WMMS, you’re only hearing one side of the story.

Matthews offered the station’s side of the story in a recent posting on the Cleveland message board of the Radio-Info website:

The band WAS told that they were not allowed to use that language on the air. They DID.. we used the delay. A couple minutes later, they used foul language again. We again exercised the delay and asked them to stop.. they THEN thought it was funny and continued to swear so we had no other choice but to protect the license and escort them OUT of the studio.

Maxwell did NOT tell people to throw rocks at the band. HE did NOT gay bash. The question was “A lot of people that are at Ozzfest… I imagine are anti-gay.. how has the response been towards Rob Halford of Judas Priest?”
WHICH *I think* is a good interviewing question that perhaps listeners would be interested in knowing. He was in no way slamming Halford, or GAYS.

SO… try and UNDERSTAND what you are talking about before you TRY and BASH anyone… or a whole company about a situation.

The band meanwhile, has commented on the recent situation in an interview with Dimmu Borgir frontman Shagrath posted at Metal-Exiles.com:

Metal-Exiles.com: You guys recently had an incident with a radio station. Can you elaborate on what happened?

Shagrath: “Well, we went to this radio station and this guy basically kept on talking, asking us questions and answering them for us.”

Metal-Exiles.com: Like how?

Shagrath: “He was kind of negative from the start, he asked a few questions and we barely had time to answer them before he moved on to the next question. Then he started talking about homosexuality and American politics. Then I was asked something else and I said stupid with some other words so he said we couldn’t do this so we were told to leave. As we were walking out he was telling his audience to throw rocks at us while we are onstage playing.”

In other Dimmu news, the band recently announced that following their Ozzfest stint, they are planning to take a 2 year break from live shows.

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  • debra

    I live in Cleveland and Maxwell DID say to throw rocks and garbage at the band. I heard him say it with my own ears and it is the TRUTH. I think that was totally irresponsible to incite a riot that way. I think what Maxwell did was a lot worse than a few cuss words.

  • HW Saxton

    I don’t see why this guy Maxwell would
    even bring up the fact that Halford is
    a homosexual. Since it has been a well
    known fact for years amongst metal fans and has not detracted from Judas Priest’
    or Halfords popularity this seems like a
    moot point to me.

    It seems like in the a-typical fashion
    of these radio “personalities” he was
    just trying to be provocative.

  • Viking

    HAHAHAHA HHAHAHAHA!!!! Americans…. 😀

  • Greno

    Lmao if anybody threw rocks at them, all the hardcore fans would ruff ’em up!

  • TurmionLilja

    Well, urging to throw rocks at a band sounds a lot worse to me than cursing. Besides, whether or not the radio station told the band not to use profanity, this kind of thing can be forgotten easily. In Scandinavia no curse words are censored and people think the American way is kind of a joke.

  • Overdose

    Shagrath should have like bashed Maxwell in the head with a bass guitar or some other heavy object. What an ass hole throw rocks at a band for cursing… so not cool

  • Shit

    Lol, its truly absurd, matthew started talking about homosexuality, he PROVOKED them to say bad words…..