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Dimebag Darrell Public Memorial Service and Foundations

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A public memorial service for guitarist Dimebag Darrell will take place tomorrow night, December 14th, at 8 p.m. at the Arlington Convention Center in Arlington, Texas.

Those wishing to make a donation in Dimebag’s name, two special memorial funds have been established. The Dimebag Darrell Memorial Fund has been set up to cover bereavement and medical expenses for John “Kat” Brooks, Chris Paluska, and Jeffrey “Mayhem” Thompson. Please make checks payable to “The Dimebag Darrell Memorial Fund.” Donations can be sent to the mail-only address:

Dimebag Darrell Memorial Fund
110 SW Thomas
Burleson, TX 76028

A special fund has also been set up through VH1’s Save The Music Foundation. Save The Music purchases new musical instruments to restore music education programs that have been cut due to budget reductions in the past or to save programs at risk of elimination due to lack of instruments. The Foundation also conducts awareness campaigns, musical instrument drives and fundraising events. Checks can be mailed to:

VH1 Save The Music Foundation
1515 Broadway, 20th Floor
New York, NY 10036

Or you can use your credit card and call 1-888-841-4687

Helping the less well-off who were killed and injured along with Darrell and helping to keep music in schools are beautiful ways to celebrate a life of tremendous success in music – I highly commend the decisions and those who made them.

Comprehensive coverage of the shootings and aftermath here.

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  • HMan666

    I can’t, could’nt, still don’t and will never believe the news about Dimebag – that HE is no more. First of all I’m not from America though I reside there and proudly call it my home….I mean to say that by not being in America or Europe during the 80’s and most of the 90’s I missed the first hand feeling of elation when awesome ‘worship-worthy’ bands such as Pantera made theire debut’s and presences known…all I got was cheap third rate bootleg cassettes of their music..which was..and trust me on this one……..MORE THAN ENOUGH TO MAKE ME FEEL ALIVE….!! I cannot believe that some one (let’s forget for a second that this bastard Nathan Gale is worthy of being called a human) who supposedly ‘dug’ Dimebag’s music (irrespective of being Pantera or Damageplan) and could still SHOOT HIM..!!

    I am not a benevolent person and am selfish as can be as req to survive in this cruel world but if it meant shooting Dimebag, I would’ve paused to consider if I could make a trade off – my life for his…!!

    I’m not ranting here..trust me…I’m as normal as most people are and I’m 39 yrs old and successful in life and never did get into drugs or booze for dependency…..merely recreation and I’m an Indian to boot(from India..the job-stealing country and not native american)..hah…!!
    But gosh, Dimebag’s music TOUCHED MY SOUL..and while I’m certainly a metalhead 4 life, Dimebag..the man and the music transcended mere metalhededness (if such a word exists in modern gammer)…It was an elixir for the soul..!! While no man can be a immortal, Dimebag transcends that possibily..! If anyone can touch and affect so many people’s lives so positively irrespective of race, religion, color and creed, HE IS INDEED A GOD. The most powerful human emotion is expressed and felt through music and Dimebag’s music was more purer and soul astisfying than any (in my humble opinion)…Why did he have to die..? Why did he need to snatched away from us ? The BEST EVER and the LAST ONE probably…!!! We metalheads (I think) or headbangers (if you tuned out of it during the tumultous 90’s) are not mindless people hell bent on gossip about our idols (at least sometimes) and looking at them as humas. We are normal people, saddles with our responsibilities to care for self, soul and family (loved ones), working to provide them with a good quality of life and fulfillment and (often) energize our tired bodies, indifferent of disillusioned souls and aching bones with a different/unique kind of inspiration..that helps us to persevere……music and esp..metal….and now a flawed mortal has killed our gods…!!!

    Why is this world so cruel..? Why dont the others just leave us to ourselves..? Why do you kill our Gods…?

    Dimebag..You are Immortal…You’ll never be forgotten…I never met you…never knew you..but cherish you…and ache at the loss of your existence..but know that forever….the flame of your brilliance and inspiration wil never ever fade until we as a race with memory and civilization exist no more..Rest In peace, you will be remebered forever..and you’re music will reign eternally….’Dimebag’ Darrell Lance Abbott..the best and most wonderful of them all………!!!……….

    Sobbing my soul out…


  • u.k pantera fan(and the world,dude)

    i write this,many days and many months after a incident i cannot forget.everyday it is with me……why?because part of my life has been taken,a band that KICKED SOOOO MUCH BUTT,A BAND THAT WAS BEING ITSELF,A BAND THAT DID IT THE WAY IT WANTED.personnell issues aside,maybe their was tention in the band,but i tell u this.it will never happen again,no more albums,no more shows,no reunion.each band member was a unique talent in itself(i dont care if anyone disagrees)its over…….and i cant accept that one of the greatest(dont care if u disagree wiv that either)guitarest has been taken….taken.to all those who support,play riffs.crank the stereo up to get the neighbours annoyed,let them know that their was a man….and band that stood alone.THAT BAND WAS PANTERA,AND THAT MAN WAS DIMEBAG DARRELL ABBOTT.R.I.P MY FRIEND(I MEAN THAT WITH MY HEART)

  • asd